Charlie Murphy Has Died! ???

Charlie Murphy is Dead

Charlie Murphy, Eddie’s older brother, and a successful standup comedian in his own right … has died from leukemia according to his manager.

Charlie died in a NYC hospital. His manager says he’d been going through chemo.

Charlie was 57 when he passed and was most recently seen starring as Keyflo, along side Mike Epps, Lil Duval and Bresha Webb in the Purge parody, Meet the Blacks.


  1. Sorry to hear about Charlie….I was thinking now Eddie will probably be even more nasty & bitter over the loss of his brother. 🙁

  2. Charlie always seemed to make us laugh because of his own persona. Seemed like the kinda dude that anyone could shoot the shit with. A real one.

  3. R.I.P Charlie Murphy… You will be missed!
    This one totally came out of nowhere man. I didn’t even know he was sick!

  4. Pray for his children because now they have no parents! Cmon now everybody on this site is going to die, let’s leave that illuminati bs alone for now.

    • naw we moved servers and while the dns finishes propogating… it bounces between the old and new. Sorry bout that.

  5. Why do you have an exclamation point and question marks at the end of the title? You’re making a statement AND asking question which doesn’t make sense and is grammatically incorrect. Proofread before you post!

  6. I hope this wasn’t a blood sacrifice. I didn’t know Charlie Murphy was sick. That dude was funny as hell on Chapelle’s show and The Boondocks.

  7. What is going on? How come so many black celebrities end up dead in the month of April? Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Marvin Gaye, Prince and now Charlie Murphy? There is something weird going on? I’m sad and angry at the same time! Rest in heaven Charlie Murphy! This is so devastating!

  8. So there is talk of a sequel to Coming To America; then Charlie Murphy dies. Like I said, I hope this wasn’t a blood sacrifice.

  9. Is is true that Eddie Murphy had something to do with a bunch of hookers getting killed in Vancouver? We all know about the trans hooker that got killed when the he/she was going to write a book about he/her and Eddie Murphy.

    • I saw those reports its was documented a shitton of hookers got murdered and they did find that the cops out there was involved with stuff. I see murphy strangling a bitch to death then having some twisted pigs clean his shit up.

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