Beyonce Pays Homage to Shawty Lo at Atlanta Concert

beyonce shawty lo atlanta concert

Beyonce’s Formation world tour stopped in Atlanta last night, and the Queen Bey took the opportunity to pay homage to late rapper Shawty Lo during the concert.

Bey’s song “Diva” was mixed with Shawty’s most popular track “Dey Know.” Bey and her dancer got on stage and did what they do best…dance their azzes off!

She ended the dance sequence by kissing her fingers and raising her hands to the sky.

Peep the video:

Shawty, an Atlanta native, was killed on September 21 when his white Audi crashed into a tree and burst into flames. The rapper was ejected from the vehicle and died at the scene. Two women who were in the car were treated for injuries.



  1. Man….RIP to the one & only Kashif.
    Your music made my teenage years way too much fun! I know Heaven is jammin' for sure today.

      • YES….he died this morning & not a single word was mentioned on this site yet every irrelevant piece of shit topic was headlined here. If it were not for artists/musicians life Kashif many of these fools in today wouldn't have ever existed in the music business.

    • More than likely it has a double meaning, she doesn't do anything nowadays which doesn't have some sinister or ritualistic meaning, if you watched this video pray and reverse her demons back to her

      • Thank u so much but I dont listen to Be y once or any new artists music/videos anymore
        I really appreciate u telling me though in case I did 🙂

  2. somehting about his death just don't sit right with me when i talk about this stuff people want to get mad don't get mad at me LOL. i believe his death was no accident man think about

    • Especially with this chick paying homage to him
      Did she even know him personally or ever did a song with him b4 ?
      She is usually kind stand offish with d list artists

    • Forget that stick to what you believe is true and f*ck everybody else. I too believe that Shawty Lo's death is suspicious and the fact that he died just a week after he buried his dad is even more weird. At first they reporte that someone ran him over then they said he crashed into a tree and anytime the report has more than one story that a sign of f*ckery. Look up the CIA having the power and technology to be able to control cars by remote control. Some believe that is how they offed Paul Walker.

      • I agree somethings not right
        They know most blacks are so dumb down today that they dont look into anything and accept everything that is reported

  3. shawty lo played the game too go back to his music videos he throwin up the 666 the and all seeing eye

  4. like people in the industry give too shit s about shawty lo like whitney, aaliayh etc. that nigga death was planned i really care if you get mad at me or notLOL

  5. I know exactly where he got killed at. He was coming from the stripped club and took the infamous Spaghetti Junction. While he was trying to exit off to get on Cascade Road, he drifted and hit that guard. That is same Spaghetti Junction that killed Debra "Dame Hurd of Damian Dame. Also, if I'm not mistaken, I think Tiny got in that bad car accident on Spaghetti Junction too. Spaghetti Junction ain't no joke in Atlanta! I travel that freeway only in the daytime. That's how serious it is.

    • You would think they would try and fix that to make it less deadly? But I would be then asking politicians to do the right thing with money and well, that ain't gonna happen!!

    • I know . Does she even know him personally?
      I never heard him on any of Jay's records

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