Uh Oh, T.I.’s Side Chick Ana Montana 4 Months Pregnant??!!

ti ana montana pregnant

Remember a couple months ago when T.I. was put on blast for cheating with Tiny with “video model” Ana Montana? Tiny reportedly moved out of their home when she found out, but the two have since kissed and made up.

But now, sources report that T.I.’s creeping may have cost him…because Ana is allegedly 4 months pregnant!

According to Media Takeout, Ana’s personal trainer, Trish Ignacio, continued her “extreme workouts” up until she found out Ana was pregnant. She said the extreme workouts wouldn’t be “good for the baby.”

“The extreme workouts will not be good for the baby. I hate to do this but I will have to do this for the baby’s health.” – Trish Ignacio

Considering Ana’s “profession,” the baby daddy could be anyone, but the timeline definitely matches up to when she and T.I. were gettin it in!


  1. Oh no!…A pregnant side chick is never good!…Hopefully it isn't his, because we don't need anymore unloved children, with mommy and daddy issues, and a bunch of siblings, that don't recognize the child! Lawd!

  2. Still mind boggling as to why these ppl are still having unprotected sex.

    TI will never stop cheating. If Tiny is ok with it, who am I to criticize.

  3. The way pregnancy becomes the new 'it' factor is interesting. Then the kids become the 'it' factor and on and on it goes.

  4. Wow! How selfish can TI be? He is a married man screwing hoes unprotected! Bringing diseases back home to his wife! I realize that Tiny has low self esteem, but she needs to look under a rock and find it. AIDS is real. They all need tests, immediately.

  5. Sometimes it takes aids for a person to stop. It stopped magic and maybe it will stop t.i. Tiny will still be with him.

  6. These lazy ass women using these kids as a ATM machine. Just as soon the get here, here comes the nannies. These helfas want money but not the responsibilities.

    • @DaRadiant1!…Nuh uh!…T I has about eleventeen kids!…Once you give birth to the twelfteenth, ain't no money left!…You're child support will be about $29 a month!???

      • It's the tenth child down here in the South. And she still can get it. Cause Domain and Deja are grown. So that leaves Messiah from the other baby mama King, Major and Heiress from Tiny. So technically she still can get the support.

    • Those lazy ass males having bare back sex using kids for pubicity. Just as soon as the kid gets here, here comes the male talking about he don't wanna pay child support. These males want the publicity of fatherhood but not the responsibilities.

  7. Uggh! I hope not. The last thing the world needs is more DNA spread around from TI

    On a serious note, in about 30 years, look for genetic diseases to grow due to consanguinity among black folks cuz of fools like TI. Folks will be marrying their second cousins and not even know it.

  8. Tiny is one pitiful sad woman for letting him do this she gets no respect do start letting ur men have threesome wit you this is the result.smfh

  9. I don't think that Tiny is the poor little innocent wife in this. The real tragedy is T.I. who thinks that making babies is going to detract from the reality this he is very actively BISEXUAL.

  10. I didn't know about TI being BI, I did know he was f*cking puffs baby mom for many years. her BFF is hannah. and you can see puff and TI don't get down. And she is used to fucing a queen. pull out the strap on.
    and call a trans. like chyna did.

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