Beanie Sigel Gets Knocked Out By Meek Mill’s Goon

beanie siegel meek mill fight

Beanie Sigel got more than he bargained for when he decided to link up with Meek Mill for his Game diss track called “OOOUUU.” Beanie claimed he helped Meek write the track, which set Meek’s goons off!

The incident went down at Puff Daddy’s Bad Boy Reunion Tour stop in Philly. Video shows Beanie lying on the ground.

The goon who’s taking credit for it goes by the name Teefy Bey – Do4Self CEO and Dreamchasers affiliate, and he went on video to explain why he had to lay hands on Beanie.

Peep the video:


  1. Well, if this is true, good!…They alll need their ass beat!..Beanie swivel is a big, gay, goon, and a fake Muslim!…All of these devils are going down!

        • @Dasradiant1!…Nah, this Ninja is always in something, based on how he's supposed to be reppin Philly!…If he ain't in some kind of beef, he's doing a prison stint!..please Chile!?

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  2. Honestly, I kind of wish I understood what he was saying.. I lost count how many times he said "ya know what I'm saying". I literally was actually counting it, but lost count smh after that I was like ok this is confusing..

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