Rob Kardashian Blows Up on Twitter, Leaks Kylie’s Phone Number

rob kardashian leaks kylie jenner phone number

Rob Kardashian lashed out at his youngest sister, Kylie Jenner, during a brief Twitter rant on Monday night.

Rob was apparently upset that his family through him a baby shower, but they failed to invite Blac Chyna to the party.

rob kardashian leaks kylie jenner number

The reality start then leaked Kylie’s phone number and assured everyone that he had NOT been hacked. The number has already been confirmed as Kylie’s real digits because it is the same number linked to her Instagram account.

Do you think the K-klan was wrong for not inviting the mother of the child to the baby shower?


  1. This family's publicity stunts are beyond ridiculous. Anybody who "keeps up" with these losers should kill themselves.

  2. Yeah! This is a straight stunt!…This is further proof, that the devils of the industry need our attention, and our energy to survive!…Without us they're nothing, they'll be reduced back to the single celled amoebas, that they truly are!✌✌

  3. Who is behind the party? This is just the beginning of parties and celebrations and holidays for them. Someone is getting paid to bring him back to the world. Did they fail?

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