HSK Exclusive – Some say Faith Evans​ “must’ve forgot she had gone commando and opted not to wear panties” … others believe the original First Lady of Bad Boy Records might’ve “given the audience a peek of her p*ssy to prove that she still got it” … but no matter the reason why Faith Evans flashed her kitty kat during her “You Used To Love Me” set, one thing’s for sure …

Faith’s set of the Bad Boy Reunion Tour stop at Boston’s TD GARDEN WAS MOST DEF NOT A WARDROBE MALFUNCTION! Don’t believe me? Take a look at the video to see for yourself …

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  1. No she didn't!…Concert goers on twitter, stated that she had on those old school, nude colored, granny stockings, with the crotch sewn in! LmBao!…???? Even If she did, soooo! You can't have your sanity, and tour with badboy!

    • Lol right? It's more ideal to wear nude colored panties underneath white attire, because it won't show through like other colors.

  2. Prob was high out her mind hell who else would f*ck with Stevie J coked up ass my point exactly #facts

  3. Oh no. Not Faith. I liked her back in the day. She did deliberately do this though so I guess she was trying to get some love.

  4. Aww a little Kim in the making .she on her way now to bigger and better things isn't that how it starts.

  5. Yay! Jacky's back. Am I the only one who excited?? ( no offense, Sasha R.– cause you're dope too:)) Even if it's just for an article or two:)

    • Jacky has been cloned. This is not the real Jacky… LOL.

  6. This is to negatively influence the young or their still stupid-azz parents to negatively parent so that the young are corrupt.

    This is to diminish womanhood. Remember Sharon Stone?

    Faith is one coked-out crazy whore who lost who sanity years ago. Not even Lil Kim and her knifed up azz would do that shit

  7. I heard lil Kim allegedly was walking around exposed too
    I wouldnt be surprised if Puffy probably had it written in their "tour contract" Lol

  8. The eff os wrong with this heifer? I mean I know it gets a bit hot on stage and the cat needs ventilation….but this is a bit much..invest in floor fans.

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