LAPD Launches Criminal Rape Investigation Against Derrick Rose

derrick rose criminal rape investigation

New York Knicks’ Derrick Rose is in the middle of a $21.5 million civil lawsuit filed by a woman who claims the baller and his buddy raped her. But now, the LAPD has launched a criminal investigation, and D Rose could be facing jail time!

The LAPD confirmed they have an open criminal investigation against Rose, and the victim “exercised her right to confidentiality” when filing the report. This is a big deal because in case you forgot, Rose is trying to get his victim’s identity exposed during their civil proceedings. But the LAPD has confirmed that Jane Doe’s identity will remain anonymous throughout the criminal investigation.

The 30-year-old accuser says she wants to remain anonymous to keep the rape a secret from her family. She also said she didn’t initially pursue criminal charges because she feared she would need to reveal her identity.

“I didn’t know the difference between civil and criminal and all the different concepts and language of the law. But I knew that if I came forward to the police, my identity would be revealed and I would have no control of the case and what was required of me,” – Jane Doe

As for this new case, Knicks President Phil Jackson says Rose is aware of the civil suit, but “it’s not keeping him up at night,”

Rose claims the woman was a groupie who hung out with many celebrities, and she also had sex with Los Angeles Lakers Nick Young. The woman claims she was traumatized after the alleged gang rape with Rose because she’s “prudish” and sexually inexperienced.


  1. If the allegations and evidence are legit, the Derrick Rose should have the book thrown at him; but once again, I have my serious doubts he'll spend more than a year to 5 months behind bars. :/
    This is also why these young groupie women, "thots" really need to think long and hard before chasing after these celebrity men. What you may think is a come up and looking to have a good time, could've very well turn into something so far dark and twisted that you may dearly end up regretting. I'd stay as far the f*ck away from these celebrity men. Most, if not all are extremely f*cked up
    if not downright psychopathic, as the result of participating in sick rituals that force them to compromise their manhood.

    • You are kidding right? You really don't believe Derrick Rose is about to spend a moment of time in anybody's jail for this case do you? OMG and especially in LA? If it appears to gain any legs and momentum at all his legal team will get her to agree to an out of court settlement which she will gladly accept because at the end of the day that's what she really wants anyway, a nice size cash settlement and to keep her name clean so to speak. She may not get $21 million but if she gets only $5 million and her legal fees covered she'll be happy.

      No dollar amount offered would be worth what she alleges to have gone through… IMO.

      • If I were a rape victim I'd be happy with money too vs being dragged through the mud and being labelled a whore because some guy couldn't respect "NO". A rape trial is never worth it for the victim. Its like being raped again.

      • Did you even read what I said? I stated my doubts about this actually going to trial. Both and Sarah are despicable for that one. God forbid if this were me, I'd want justice. Fuck a settlement. Better yet I'd exact revenge. He ain't untouchable. When corruption goes unchecked, you have tyranny. And if this had been my daughter or someone I love and care about, even if acquitted, he would never step foot outside that courtroom.

  2. Yo! These Negroes don't have any perks! Big White daddy, isn't allowing his Black's coons to suckle on his dick for free anymore! They have to pay to be tortured! They finance their own dispair!???? Well! Fuck him!

    • Have u checked out the white daddy raping a teenage blk girl in a cell…on youtube NYPD for that y'all hate blkmen like that?

  3. once they were going to reveal her name her team had to take this from a civil court to federal. all it is.

    • In the civil suit it was already revealed. She has also been doing interviews. She didn't want her family to know but, she was exposed last year.

    • Even professional whores can still be raped and brutalized. These guys are just rapist who are f*cked in the head and don't give a damn about right or wrong. Whether the woman is a high paid whore or a low ranking one, this type of shit is still wrong.

  4. Funny how the media ain't said .much about that kkkop raping a fifteen yr old blk girl.YouTube cop rapes black girl.but of course the white men always gets a pass.not condoning wat rose did but white kkops been rapping minorities for Eva..but nothings Eva said..

    • White men do go to jail for rape too. The cop in the video committed suicide last year so what do you sugget they do?

      • I didn't condone wat derrek rose did..can u see when white males commit crimes magical things happen.. Like them disappearing without proof or they got mental issues.u seem to trust these White Institutions with ur lives.they lie to protect their evil.I don't think that pig died maybe he's been banished.
        all I'm saying is white male rape incidents involving minorities are somewhat hidden to save face for the white devil.native women get raped every time by white men ..I was told this by some native girls…u don't hear ish bout it..why's that?..a negro rapes he's crucified..( note..all rapist must be punished I hate men who rape).why's that?..white racism

      • Nope but bw generally have Stockholm syndrome and subconsciously over look their massa crime.a whiteman could rape and some bw will somehow spookily blame the blkman that's preconditioned damage.

  5. All rapists are sick f*cks, that need to be dealt with accordingly!…My reality isn't based upon how a rigged, racist, Court system, abuses their given power!…Why are Black men vying for a rapist, to get away with a crime, simply because Caucasian men, get away with crime? That's stoopid!…What kind of logic is that?….Fuck all rapists!…These little industry how's are always getting away with shit, but the Black ones can't suckle the white dick for free anymore, like I initially stated!.Get your life asap!

    • "Why are Black men vying for a rapist, to get away with a crime, simply because Caucasian men, get away with crime?"- I shake my head at this as well. It's another reason why black folks are f*cked and why the black race will likely be extinct within the next 100 years.

  6. Big white daddy been rapping bw and little kids for half a millennium.. Maybe bw they now conditioned to it.

    Rape is rape..@brkqueen..don't take ur anger on just blkmen damn.

    Stockholm syndrome is real. Don't forget these most women go party with these players knowing what these men are.

    • @UncleTruth!….What are you talking about?…..Really!…I don't hate Black man, first of all!…I was simply talking about "industry Negroes", that feel as if, they assimilate into the Caucasian mans world, they'll be exempt from prosecution, if they commit a crime! Black men aren't getting away with crimes, simply because they're in the industry anymore, obviously!

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          • No !
            blk ppl are their own traitors u have pent up anger against shows in your posts..
            Blk women date out and have sex outta the race same as blkmen.blk women do porn with racist white men…insult blkmen in equal measure
   syndrome is subconscious.. Those who act it.. Don't know.

            • Okay! I have anger against vincible ignorance!…. I have anger against The Black race as a whole, because we're so f*cked up towards each other!… I don't care about most of you simple minded ass Negroes, because you're a waste of time!…All Niggas do, both male and female, is waste f*cking time! I really don't bother with people much, especially Blacks!

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            • This post is about a black man , derrick rose, raping a woman. Why are you bringing up white men every 2 seconds right now?

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                Of course if you ain't blk tell me so I don't keep chating .

              • Sarah! He obviously doesn't like my commentary, and you know that I don't give a f*ck!..But C'mon, you must admit that this dudes logic, is all f*cked up!…My so-called hatred for the Black men is irrelevant! He wants Black rapists to get out of jail free, because white ones do, and Black women must support that decision! No nigga! No!

            • Dude don't try to use the typical "pro-black" deflection of placing 100% of the blame on white supremacy. Black women dating outside the race has jack shit to do with this. This nigga likely committed a crime, and needs to face harsh consequences for his actions. Shit like this cannot go unchecked.

  7. My anger isn't pent up, because I let it be known!…To know me, is to love me!…The people that know me love me, and I them!….I go hard for mine, soooo, f*ck what you think!….I will always have a soft spot, and love for my people, but I'll be damn, if I take your shit, or anyone else's for that matter! Y'all have a blessed day!✌✌

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  8. By the way I don't support rape. I think rapists are the I don't endorse wat rose did..but the girl partied with him with drugs involved.. Typical Stockholm sufferers.. Don't wana blame the FEMAle for her choices

  9. You dumbasses should research the full story and realise she was a drugged up..celeb chaser..a groupie.. She put herself at risk..still dsnt condone rape..but she shouda played safe.


    • You're a victim blamer, rape apologist & possibly a rapist. Hand yourself into the cops #smh

      • @Sarah! Facts!… I tried not to go there on this site, but Niggas will take you there, won't they?…Most of these men today are off, and real men know it!…He just bypassed, everything that was stated, tells Me that I'm a Latina woman, and that I hate black men!…And he got all of that from my commentary! Chile!???

      • Typical dumb blk women response ..a girl uses drugs to to party with another drug user she gets I'm a rspist lol.dumasd bitch..I bet u can't get a decentman that's why u mad.

  10. Corporate owned network news is not heavily covering this incident. Why? Because the chick accusing Derek Rose of rape is not white!

    • Also because she chose to be anonymous. They don't have enough info to paint her as a slut. Much like how when a black person is shot by the cops they wait to get past criminal records and other bad info to report & paint the victim as a bad person.

  11. Please ignore uncletruth (NOT). All he wants is the same perks, privilege, noblesse oblige and benefits as a white man has. Black men like him don’t give a f*ck about black women, black children, hell, even other black men. It is why Toya lost her two brothers at once in a shooting, why numerous black children are hit by stray bullets, why black women are more likely to suffer death and serious injury at the hands of another black men, why the dope and the crack got into our communities, were sold by black men and ultimately destroyed the black community. You should have seen those “street cats” in Harlem lick the boots off those mafia pieces of shits. And these same street cats would insult black women and threaten to kill each other. Fuck uncleuntruth and his uncle ruckus azz. There is no debate here. Just turn on the news on any given day or in my case, just look out the window.

    • Sad fuk…

      The raped woman was a drug user and knew derrick rose.
      They arranged for a group sex romp (what sane woman does that knowing thrse men ate animals )and also arranged for drug to be used..unfortunately she got raped due to wrong choices she made.
      But as usually blkmen haters like you won't research to see the full was even posted on this very site

      Of course White cop raprs blk teenage girl but you won't say shit.
      Crabs in the barrel hating ass negros. I doubt half of y'all are even blk. Silly fuks talking about I'm a rapist for researching the full story..which was even posted on this site some time ago.

      • The fact that you think drug users can't be raped is the very reason why I insist you are a rapist. You've raped a woman on drugs before and now you're doing your very best to convince us & yourself that you didn't rape her. Men like you disgust me.

        • Look Sarah I hate rapists with a passion.I'd rather watch someone get killed than get raped.the woman in this case agreed for a fouresome with four hood guys wat u think the outcomes would be if she said no. U can't deny she let her self slip up there.

      • "Of course White cop raprs blk teenage girl but you won't say shit."

        That is why most of the protests against the cops are full of BLACK WOMEN on the front lines.

  12. I don't support these athletes but the truth gotta be told.rape is bad but the victim in this instance gave her self to sharks.what you think gonna happen when you a range for a gangbang with a 6foot plus athlete and his ghetto ass loser drug using make it worse she uses and abuses drugs..even with them that same on night.

    • Some women absolutely play a role in their demise!…As a women, I'm very aware, and I know that it's unsafe, and irresponsible, if we put ourselves in sticky situations, like the one you just described, absolutely!…. But Uncle, you missed our point completely!… We wasn't worrying about the woman!…We as Black n women, are tired of the Black mans, particularly the Black athletes, inability to keep his dick in his pants!….When he gets in to some bullshit, for the umteenth time, you !UST admit, that they bring this on themselves!

      • I don't give a damn if the woman has a reputation, I don't care if she's drunk or high, I don't care if she's agreed to an orgy of sorts!….Women have the right to change their minds, and men have the capacity to move on to a willing participant!….Men must stop these behaviors, and these silly notions of entitlement! Its making you look bad, and you won't die without sex all day! Gimme a break!

        • Oh and just for the record brother!….Women that engage in those tyutyupes of behaviors, have most likely been brutalized already!…Countless children have been raped, and sexualized, before the age of 5 years, its an epidemic of epic proportions! So, before you throw them dollars at a stripper, think about that, before you look down at a ghetto gaggers, think about the atrocities they they must have suffered, at the hands of another human being! Peace!✌✌

    • And what do these black athletes think is gonna happen to their reputations and bank accounts when THEY engage in this type of behavior.

      As I have always said before, athletes of all colors need chaperones. The white ones for the most part have already figured this out.

  13. Well if yalk put it that way I guess I'm have to agree with y'all women do have a right to change their mind when they bout to have sex..thing is many men lack self control..iv been at a party when i was 19..this chick an escort she was the only female there almost got raped only me and another dude stood our ground and refused..we got kicked out the bachelor party..wat I noticed then and there is some men are so sexed crazed that they don't consider the consequence until they bust a nut so women outta take more responsibilities if I offended anyone or any rape victim reading this I'm sorry.



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