Azealia Banks Files Police Report Against Russell Crowe

azealia banks police report russell crowe

Azealia Banks has officially filed a police report against actor Russell Crowe after an incident that took place on Sunday night at the Beverly Hills hotel.

Azealia claims she was kicked out of Russell’s hotel room, choked out and called the n-word. But according to Russell’s reps, Azealia came to the hotel with the Wu-Tang’s RZA and was being disrespectful about the music choices at the party. She then allegedly threatened to stab guests.


Azealia says she has “receipts” which she promised to share with the world on Wednesday, but now that the police are involved, we may have to wait to see her proof.


  1. What took her so long? I would advise this girl to get somewhere far away and shut her damn mouth. Does she realize wtf she's at? Her report won't go anywhere but in a circular file. It will come up missing and so will she if she's not careful. I had no idea this girl was that stupid.

  2. She needs to STFU you were invited as a guest, you need to act accordingly.. If his music is not your taste, then STFU, it's his party.. We all don't like the same music and that's a fact.. You need to learn as a guest, to respect your host or leave peaceful.. One day you will go off on the wrong person and get hurt badly.. He should have showed you the door, you have no respect for others.. It was his party..

    • Azealia's a ratchet, messy bitch. Hopefully this situation will put her in her place, and perhaps make her re-evaluate her behavior. Even the RZA came to Russel's defense.

    • RZA is NOT going to say a word regarding this matter…at least not on behalf of Ms. Banks & not until the fixers have a workable spin for the public. It won't matter how people in & out of the industry tell him otherwise. There are too many unanswered variables that would come up for question & RZA won't dare spill the truth as to why he was there & brought that mush-mouth ghettobuster broad to Russell Crowe's hotel room dinner party.? ????????????

      • Of course RZA going to stay silence. Something went down in that hotel room for AB to act the way she did.

        • It doesn't take a lot for 'AB' to act out her ratchetness, so many incidents, from biting bouncers tits, to attacking everyone on Twitter. It's not TPTB doing this to her because she's never been a star, she's just a ghetto troll with no manners. I actually don't care if Russell Crowe called her the n-word & choked her, she had it coming

          • IF this chick turns up dead in the near future please don't be shocked or in anyway surprised. She's needs to stop, shut her mouth & let this thing blow over…I'm very serious.

            • I agree completely. She's far too small to take on Russell Crowe. She shouldn't have said a thing from the beginning.

  3. I read the official report, and this bitch was just straight up out of line. You don't go to someone's residence, and run your mouth; talking a whole bunch of shit. She needed to be checked- it's been LONG overdue. This was the RZA's bad right here. He should have gotten her a manager, or someone within A&R and schooled her on how to f*cking conduct herself. Why is it that many black women think they can just walk around with their ass on their shoulders, being all kinds of disrespectful, and expecting people to tolerate that shit? Then when they get checked, oh then it's a problem and they want to cry victim? And there's a LOT of back women who act like her too.

    • TTS,
      ?Shhh, don't tell anybody but…NOBODY will work with her. The few that will agree to take her on want too much in upfront fees. She has no label or backers to cover her because they aren't guaranteed to recoup ANY of their money. I got an earful about her today from my guys at BMI. We had a 42 minute flight together & let me just say… Ms Banks is quite the bad actress & apparently she's had "an alternative profession" long before now & part of why her music didn't fly. They pretty much solidified what I had been thinking. ? ??

    • True, like Barbed wire, when this story broke, instead of taking a look at Azalea Banks as the ill mannered individual she is, she kept attacking Russell Crowe & The Rza, which I thought was retarded. Whatever flaws they have, doesn't take away the fact that Azalea Banks is a foul, savage bitch. The fact that there some black women who even defend her, is the reason why black women are a joke & no one takes them seriously. That's why people generalize when it comes to them & Hollywood has helped spread the stereotype that they are loud, irrational creatures.

      • Of all the things white people defend on this earth and you have to conclude that black women are a joke because you saw all of 3 or 4 of them defending her? Jesus what is it with you people?! I'd respect someone who came straight out and said honestly "I hate black women and will badmouth them every chance I get without provocation" over this "reasoning" a lot of you attempt to give all the time.

      • @Who cares – Your intelligence is unrecognizable. You are undeserving of even one drop of black blood. Please breed out and advise your succeeding generations to erase EVERY gene code connection to AfRAkan DNA. Good riddance!

  4. Azalea Banks stays on the bullshit. I think she is mentally deficient. She is the product of real old sperm, I think her father was like 60 when he had her. We are moving into a different time which may not necessarily be good for black folk. There will come a time when a big white man will have no problem slapping the shit of Azalea or a shit-starting bitch like her.

  5. who in their right mind takes a nigga female anywhere but to a motel . RZA needs his ass kicked . Crowe should have put both of their asses out , the fact RZA stayed proves AB was dead wrong

  6. Azealia is like chris brown. She's done so many bad things it's really difficult for anyone to defend her even when she's not wrong. At this point you'd think knowing that their reputation is shot, they'd stay indoors and out of trouble.

  7. Ab said she wanted to see a bunch of Sarah Palin gangbanged by a bunch of black dudes

  8. Azealia Banks files a police report against a rich white male celebrity, nothing happens. A ugly white woman calls the police on Chris Brown and it’s top story on every single television news network in Amerikkka. The corporate owned news media says nothing about Azealia Banks, but the media go out of their way to defame and destroy Chris Brown’s image and legacy. This country really hates us. This country really hates black women!

    • I doubt it. He REFUSED to apologize to her publicly or otherwise & most level minded people agree would agree with him. I'm fairly certain there was not & will not be any money exchanged other than the cost of a fixer & the fee for proper media suppression which is oftentimes is no more than a favor for a favor.

      Like the "Great Kim Ktrash Robbery Caper In Paris"… we're about to NOT hear anything pertinent or relevant about this incident & the whole matter will be as if it never happened.

  9. Would somebody please explain WHY she filed a police report? Di she claimed her hit her?

    Because, as ugly as it may be, I don't think that calling out the n word is against the law.
    And I don't even believe he said it with his friends there. The police probably didn't even write it down.

    • I'm starting to believe her because RZA seems to have been her very last chance at a career. Why would she f*ck that up over a lie?

  10. According to D Listed, they were drinking moonshine martinis an smoking weed. She called Russell Crowe a "has been" at his own party and she threatened to cut his face with a broken piece of glass. She called TMZ as soon as she left the Beverly Hills Hotel and told her story to them.

    And one of the guests said that he would take a polygraph test to prove that he is not lying with his account of the story. He said that Crowe did not say the n word and she was a complete jackass to everyone at the party.

  11. Not just think about it now. In order for anybody to pop off and go bazerk on a person how they way she did, something ain't right. I don't care what anybody say, something went left and she wasn't haven't it!

    • Exactly. And in RZA's statement he talks about how he has a mother, sister, daughter and "females" who work for him & wouldn't want them to behave the way Azealia did. Any man who calls women "females" in an official statement raises a red flag for me. I watched Azealia's TMZ interview and her story is consistent. Doesn't seem rehearsed. Her only problem is that she's like the boy who cried wolf. She's f*cked up so many times people are hesitant to trust her now. Also how would Azealia of all people find herself at a russell crowe party? Why would RZA have thought she was the most appropriate person to bring as a guest? None of this makes sense. She also said RZA isn't defending her because he doesn't have the clout to go against those people who were in the room. She's right. NO ONE who goes against hollywood power survives.

      • What is it in particular about the word "females' that sets off the red flag for you? Just curious.

  12. I believe Azealia was picked very carefully for whatever role she was supposed to play at that party. They knew if she didn't go along with it, no one was going to believe anything she says. She is exactly like Chris brown in that her reputation and public scandals have left her vulnerable to vultures.

  13. After reading the updated reports from this situation, as well as the fact that Azealia has now cut all ties with RZA, all I can say is Yep! There's a 98% chance that this was a tricking event, where she was brought in to hopefully close some sort of "deal." I don't put anything past anyone in the industry, especially someone who's been in the game as long as RZA has. All of these respected names have many deep skeletons in their closets, as well as being morally and spiritually bankrupt. It's best that she lay low, and stay out of sight, out of mind for the time being…

  14. I definitely believe her rza outlasted every member of Durango clan and went on to become a star in his own right,let me rephrase that he ripped off every member of wutang by using 5 percenter metaphors.this one eye sailing soilder took advantage of this messy bitch,and she did not deserve to be dissed like that by a Ozzie vegamite sandwich eating russel crowe.

  15. Azalea ran off at the mouth if she made threats talking bout cutting folks then I can see a white guy getting paranoid but Russell should have called security and was Russell arrested sorry you choke any woman that's domestic violence

  16. You guys, no matter what side you choose to believe Ms. Banks was involved in this incident because she was expected to "provide certain services" if you will. The problem arose because like I said more than once already even though ^^THIS^^ is not her first rodeo in tricking…I'm not so sure she was actually AWARE of why she really was there & what was expected of her. This pretty much indicates RZA basically "set her up" so to speak which is despicable if true. Either she didn't know until AFTER a few drinks, weed puffing & whatever else was going or more was asked of her than she was willing to do. She was most likely doing a bunch of name calling & flipping out because she didn't want to openly sex Russell, other men & women in attendance. Furthermore, from what I hear it sounds like "they THOUGHT getting her high & mellow enough would be the ticket to her doing what they wanted & NO money was offered or exchanged. If any of this is true can you just imagine the visual???? Imagine for a moment she didn't know until they approached her catching her completely off guard…

    If under those circumstances Ms. Banks should have pulled RZA to the side, had HIM make the excuse for her having to leave & got out of there quickly, quietly, safely & inconspicuously without any altercation.

    Likewise, if any part of this is remotely true I've lost all respect for RZA & will never look at him the same again. Now, I won't be surprised if it comes out later that he's "set up other women under same or similar circumstances."

  17. You all know that AB is the star of a new film that RzA directed called "Coco", due to be released any day now? It seems that RZA knows Russell cause he directed him in the movie "The Man with the Iron Fists" and that's why AB was the +1 at the party. It seem that "Coco" was due to be released in March of this year, but it has been held back by the execs at Lions Gate, for some reason. This was a pay for play party (some unmentioned exec at the party wanted some gross shit from AB, is what was said) that went south. You know, AB was suppose to be the insurance that the film would be released and not sit on some shelf. Whole thing sound like an initiation gone bad.

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