Denzel Washington Headed for Divorce?

denzel washington pauletta divorce

Denzel Washington and his wife of 33-years, Pauletta, just can’t escape those divorce rumors. HSK already gave you the low-down on Denzel’s dirty ways, and you would think that by this point, Pauletta would just deal with his cheating, right?

Well, if you believe these sources, the Washington’s marriage is all but over, and they’re ready to throw in the towel.

“This marriage is on its last legs,”

Source also claim the marriage is “just for show,” and Denzel is not even trying to keep his cheating under wraps anymore. He has been caught by Pauletta multiple times!

Do you think Denzel and Pauletta will really file for divorce, or is it cheaper for Denzel to keep her?


  1. He may not be bringing women into their house, but could be possibly be bringing STD's to their bed. You make a vow, you honor it. Otherwise, why even tie the knot. Not all men cheat, and it sounds as if you're trying to justify polygamy. And what do you have to say for the women who cheat as well? And women actually cheat in higher record numbers than men. Also, men's sex drives lower as they get older.

    • That's right. Usually if you can keep them at home until they reach 60-65, they slow down sexually and are starting to settle down in their old age. But then Denzel is in a profession where he is surrounded by young beautiful women who would love to grab a piece of that, so all bets are off.
      But it would suck to have put up with his womanizing for 30+ years only to end up alone in your elder years.

      • Shiiiiddddddd!!! That's a lie! I personally know this for a fact! ???????? Who told U a man's sex drive slows down in their kid sixties? Bawahahahahahaha!!!!! Now that's a lie! ??????? If anything that horny behind men in that age it gets worst!

  2. Denzel is the luckiest black celebrity ever! His skeletons have never been heavily exposed to mainstream media. So many other black male stars have gotten the n***er wake up call except for Denzel. Yes I believe the rumor that he has been back doored. No black celebrity reaches the level that Denzel has reached without getting their ass stretched out. Is the rumor true that Denzel used to use heroin? I heard that on listick alley.

  3. Publicity for the upcoming movie Fences. Don't believe the bullshit. Do believe that Denzel f*cked Sanaa Lathan, Julia Roberts, Eva Mendes and Paula Patton. Is the rumor true that all of the leading ladies that have acted with Denzel had to f*ck him to get the role?

    • So what? Everyone f*cks everyone else on set. That's why they get into the business in the first place. He's no different and Pauletta knows all about it.

  4. I'm sorry but if he's cheating on me, I don't want him.. It doesn't matter how much I love him, I don't want any sexual diseases at all.. He needs to clean up his act or take half of his net worth..
    He is still a father and husband, he's a grown ass man that can't or won't control his behavior..
    It's a shame to say, but I would call it a day, because if he's checked out if the marriage, there's no use being abused by him..Yes cheating is a form of abuse, as well as mental and physical.. Heal thyself and let him go, it's obvious that yes not faithful at all..Know that you deserve better than you are getting..IJS

  5. I wish you butter for brains people who support adultery would just stfu…really I do. they are together for whatever reasons they are together. But Dennie need to get himself together, he aint getting any younger or prettier … or being offered that many movie roles any more …and he better wtfu…. the way they did Bill …they will do him and any other limp dick negra who thought he was golden dick in his hey day.

    • I know a woman, her husband wore her out so much that she wanted him to cheat just so she could get a break. no lie.

    • Thank YOU for defending the sanctity of MARRIAGE?????? Seems most people nowadays have zero concept of what that is. A lot of them view having an illegitimate baby &/or living together as the substitute for marriage but I digress…smdh.?

      Denzel has been cheating on his wife for a very long time. From getting a BJ in the back of limos on his way to meetings to being caught by his wife with white women to Denzel being so careless that he isn't trying to hide his infidelities at all which is completely disrespectful. He wife has life the home several times but not the marriage in spite of what's been going on. I can't say if they're going to divorce this go round or not but my coworker saw Paulette at her client's event two different times, two separate events, both times without Denzel. She also overheard her tell a lady she was living there. The family home is in Toluca Lake CALIFORNIA…so that in itself says a lot.

      I hope like hell they can work this out together & stay together. Couples can simply grow apart but I'm not so sure that's the case here. I hope Denzel doesn't believe there is any other woman in his corner more than his wife. We won't bother to discuss finances. That needs no discussion after 33 years….better not be anyway!

      • *his wife left the home*
        Multitasking & gossiping don't go together always?

      • Ms Reg I've always respected your response and the wisdom in them.. But you are dead wrong in this instance… If Denzel is not working to change his behavior in their marriage, then it's time for Paulette to stand up for herself.. Do you know how much this strong woman must feel, that she not enough for him? He's doing a number on her self esteem and herself worth? She deserves better and he's not changing, so she needs to stand up for herself.. I know it will be hard and she will feel lost and not knowing what her future hold.. People must know that cheating is also a form of abuse, as well as mental and physical abuse… You know how worthless this beautiful woman must feel, because she still loves Denzel.. She needs a good therapist and find herself.. She needs to just take half of his assets and future earnings and find a new life.. I have witness the effect cheating have on the other spouse and I have a degree in psychology.. Her whole being is out of line.. Meaning her mind, body and soul is not one, and she needs to move on because it takes two to work on a marriage and marriage is hard work.. No tea or shade just some truthful facts.. Self esteem is a SOB..

  6. I hope she goes back to her theatre career which she sidelined for him and the appearance of the marriage. She has a really nice voice.

  7. P Pauletta g getting tired of Denzel messing around and he's been cheating since the 80s

    Let's not forget Denzel said he used to go to the church if satan back in his younger days

  8. I think folks need to stop doing the countdown to the demise of his marriage and LIFT UP this beautiful black couple in the name of Jesus! We have too many broken homes in our communities.

    Let's pray they can work things out and rediscover the love that brought them together…and committment that kept them together…all these years.

    Black love is a precious thing.

  9. People keep saying this shit because:
    -They hate that he's married to a black woman.
    -They hate that his black wife is 100% black, no cream or milk added.
    -They hate that his wife is good looking.
    -They hate that his wife isn't an idiot.
    -They hate that his wife was there from the beginning.
    -They hate that his wife doesn't care about the random thots he messes with on the set of a movie.

    Whatever. They're still together. You will deal.

  10. ..yet no one has mentioned the college age girl he impregnated while tricking when he was out visiting his son at morehouse. Got the chick pregnant- she had he baby. Now lives in a house he bought raising the kid in Atlanta.

    • When Denzel walks outside his home, women come out like Thriller. I'm surprised he doesn't have 50 children.

  11. Denzel sees so many beautiful women, maybe hes not sexually attracted to his wife anymore

  12. I don’t think that i could live with a man like Denzel. Wouldn’t. Care how much money he has. What happens that there r a lot of women that r afraid to be by themselves Cuz they feel unsecured .. Women should. Stand up to there man n tell them how u really feel it’s either a two way street r none at all. Mrs P Paulette stand up four ur rights ur a beautiful woman n there r a lot better fish in da ocean. God bless u!

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