Ed Hartwell & Keshia Knight Pulliam Get the Cops Involved

ed hartwell cops keshia knight pulliam

These two have been too quiet…so we knew it wouldn’t be long before they started acting petty again!

Ed Hartwell went to pick up his belongings from the home he rented with his estranged wife, Keshia Knight Pulliam.

According to Page Six, Keshia wasn’t at home when he stopped by…but her mom was.

Ed’s things were boxed up in the garage, but he wanted to be let inside the home to gather some items he says were missing.

Keshia’s mom didn’t like that idea, and Keshia had given her strict orders not to let Ed inside the house. So Ed decided to call the cops instead.

When the police arrived, they escorted Ed around the house so he could gather the rest of his things.

A source told Page Six the whole incident “hurt his feelings,” and he felt Keshia was being petty about the entire situation.

Do you agree?


  1. Well he should come back when she is in so she can see what he is taking out the house. How you going to turn up and expect someone who don't even live there to let you in the house? Sound like he is being petty.

  2. He needs to jump in a lake because he knows he didn't pay any rent and that isn't his house! Broke ass bitch calling the police because he won't be let into a house that isn't his. #smh

    • @Sarah!…Yesssssss!??????? I haven't heard that term in soooo long!…Yes, go jump in a lake, ole f*ck nigga!…In tears, Chile!

    • Sarah & BQ.
      I tell people to "go jump in a lake" to avoid say "go f@*k yourself" on a regular basis. I'm glad to know I'm not alone!!!?

      • @Ms.Reg!…No you say Fuck, you know you want to!…just don't say it around the babies!… Lmao!…You're entitled to a release, every now and again!…????

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