Ralph Tresvant’s Baby Momma Hits Rock Bottom

Shelly Jean Tresvant - Homeless Drug Addict

Using Drugs To Mask Pain of Divorce?

HSK Exclusive – It’s said to have come to shacking up in seedy motel rooms – while delving deeper into drugs – for the 39-year-old mother of Ralph Tresvant’s children. That’s the latest word on the ex-wife of New Edition’s leading front man, Shelly Jean Tresvant, who’s said to have initially snapped after her ex-hubby did what he had to do “and break her heart”.

You may remember the pair divorced back in 1996, after six-years of marriage — and reports the singer was cheating with Lisa Wu. Sources say the split left Shelly Jean Tresvant distraught, leading her to encounter a string of arrests from a slew of drug-fueled doings. Now, the singer’s estranged ex-wife is reported homeless in Atlanta and addicted to alcohol and crack-cocaine.

Here’s what our friends over at LSA had to say about the situation:

“Shelly snapped years ago, she lost it when Ralph divorced her.”

Shelly Jean Tresvant - Pre-Divorce Bliss

Originally Published on: Jan 2, 2013 @ 04:20


  1. Let those people have privacy. Whoevers’s perfect then cast the first stone. It is all about being positive in life. Let’s get on with N.E. Heartbreak the Movement. NE4Life seen them 5 times in concert .

  2. Hey Ralph my mom Kristi used to be friends with your mom we use to hang out when we were little in Stockton my mom would love to here from your mom if she's ok

      • It’s so sad does anyone know how this beautiful lady left this world so young.

  3. Damn the first episode of the New Edition movie just went off on BET. I wanted to see how Ralph and his girlfriend love story ended. This is a sad ending I hope the kids turned out ok.

  4. LISA WU is still a home wrecking bitch although ralph is solely at fault for choosing to mess with her sorry tired azz knowing he had a wife and kid or kids at home Wu was destroying families back in the day wow LOW LIFE I pray that his ex wife is doing well today as this was so devastating she turned to drugs etc. my heart hurts for her. Materialistic things can never replace the love and emotions and the bond that another has with his or her mate. Don’t get me wrong its life shit happens but Ralph is the last one I though would cheat as he showed lots of compassion and love and unselfishness but he is human and of the flesh as well.

    • You seem more compassionate towards Ralph who cheated on his wife than you do Lisa Wu. Was she wrong for messing with married men? Yes but at the end of the day he was married to this lady and should have respected his own marriage. He doesn’t get a pass because he’s a man or famous singer.

    • You ‘re so dam STUPID, they divoreed in 1996. Over 20 years ago, what the fuck. W ho m has his ex-wife been with since then. Grow the grow up.

  5. Yes she is nasty. She know that he was marrried. But females do shit like that. Cause their jealous. But i give prayers to him and his family. Lesson Learn.

  6. No one knows how there home life was.sometimes a relationship just runs it’s course.Ralph is an unbelievable singer one of the best in the world.

    • U sound like a home wrecker! What women speaks about relationships running it’s course; if, that’s the case the relationship should be ended before a person seek interference from the outside. Also, it’s usually interference from others that help relationships run it’s course

      • Only God can judge. Stop judging people. He without sin cast the first stone I am sure none of us are sin less that’s why we must learn to forgive.

  7. There’s never a good break up, someone always gets hurt.ralph u did what u had to do life is too short to b in a relationship that your not happy in.people should focus on how great your music is & not your relationship problems.her self destruction is not your fault that’s a choice she made on her own.I feel for her & hopes she gets better but that’s not your doing. Ralph u have an amazing voice u are my favorite singer.I really hope NE tours again soon, im looking forward to seeing you guys.

    • Actually some breaks are good for people who are unhappy in their relationships and decide they want to move on. People make mistakes. All unions are not mistakes. Things happen. The break is worse when there are children involved and when a third party is involved, specially when the spouse marries that third party who tries to co-op the kids. Look at LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian, the worst.

  8. It’s tough when you support someone emotionally for so long (while building his career) and then that person dumps you with no regard. A breakup can totally devastate someone esp when you still love the fucker.

  9. Shelly deserves everything thing that comes her she a liar and a thief her and her crackhead boyfriend.She put tthrough hell and back.

  10. Shelly deserves everything thing that comes to her she a liar and a thief her and her crackhead boyfriend.She put tthrough hell and back.

  11. Pray for she’ll ralph look like he on cracking common is a mother and ralph going to get his too and her children should look after their mother what kind of children she have

    • If you know anything about addiction you know damn well drug addicts don’t get help until they’re ready to…Her kids and no one else can make or keep her clean and sober.

  12. If they were married in 1990..for 6 years and divorced in 1996..she has to be older than 39 yes old. This story states that as of Jan 2017 she’s 39. They got married in 1990. She would have been around 13. Sometimes wrong with that detail of story

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