Keshia Knight Pulliam Wants Ed Hartwell Locked Up!

keshia knight pulliam ed hartwell locked up

Keshia Knight Pulliam and Ed Hartwell are back at it again…

Just days after Ed called the cops because Keshia’s mom wouldn’t let him in the their house to gather up the rest of his belongings, Keshia is now looking to get her estranged hubby locked up!

According to Keshia, Ed owes her money that he agreed to pay shortly after he filed for divorce. He was supposed to cut her a check, but…well…does he even have a job?

Keshia says she never received the money – an amount which is confidential.

The actress is so fed up with Ed, she wants him to be locked up for failure to pay!

Do you think a judge will agree?


  1. She knows this man is broke! I have second hand heart attacks on behalf of women who decide to take on a broke man then act surprised at the outcome. Women do this thinking the guy will appreciate them more for supporting him and it never turns out that way! Keshia should've known that its not her job to "build" a grown man, then she wouldn't have gone for a man who needed "building". Hers is to raise her kid & look after her home.

  2. Keshia knight Pullman, is a manipulative, vindictive, little bitty bitch!…She just won't loose huh?…Ed Hartwell, as simple as he is, has won this battle!… He used that ass for a few dollars, and then bounced!…She allowed that fool into her life, and she used bribery tactics, to get that man to claim her…Now he was willing to f*ck on the side, but Niggas like him, are always trying to come up off of a woman, she knew that!…Now that she's embarrassed, and ashamed, of her foolish choices, that "she" made late in life, she's on a campaign to redeem herself, by trying to prove that Ed is this monster…Maybe he is, but that's her bad!…She went out of her way to trap that simp, and everybody knows bitch, but little bitty bitches, like Keshia, only care about saving face and you wonder why no one wants her tired, big teefus, having ass!…Rudy Huxtable had game, she kept Bud in check! Keshia Puliam is a Buster, and got played as such! Hey keshia, take this L please, and sit the f*ck down bitch, rest your swollen feet, have this baby, and shut thee f*ck up hoe, please!

    • I agree. She is doing too much! She got Ed exactly where she had him and now this shit. She keep right on that judge is going to rule that money as a gift, not a loan.

      • You guys….
        I love little Ruddy & all but I've grown real tired of this saga. Enough is enough & none of this is at all news/blog worthy. BQ, hit it on the proverbial head….

        "…She allowed that fool into her life, and she used bribery tactics, to get that man to claim her."

        "Now that she's embarrassed, and ashamed, of her foolish choices, that "she"
        made late in life, she's on a campaign to redeem herself, by trying to prove that Ed is this monster." (which he might not be)

        "She went out of her way to trap that simp, and everybody knows."

  3. She could had any man in the world. This is what happens when your so desperate to be married and have a family.

  4. Why is it ALWAYS the woman's fault if a relationship doesn't work out? There are men (and women) who misrepresent who they are and what they want all the time. So I'm not going to lay the complete failure of her relationship at her feet because the truth be told, NONE OF US were a part of her equation with Ed.

    Just because she's a celebrity doesn't mean that she's any different from any other woman out here that wants to love and be loved. And for all you perfect women that act as if you've never made a mistake with a man…whether it was trusting or sleeping with the wrong one is telling a LIE.

    Stop being so damn sanctimonious. Her marriage didn't work out. Shit happens. It ain't the end of life.

    • I agree 100%. That's why some men will never change the horrid and shitty ways they treat women because they know they will always get a pass and the poor woman will be blamed for the relationship not succeeding and be called a failure who cant keep a man, as if having a man in one's life is the alpha and omega. But I think Keshia should let this bum go and focus on her baby and herself.

    • Mama,
      It's good to see your wisdom here…it's been a while. I miss you?
      What I want you to tell you is this…it's not that none of us have "gone through." It's not our intent to come off as "sanctimonious" so much as some of us (me) feel "it's a private matter & Keisha's every next move should not be in the media." It's not a good look as it is. The fact that we know about it via a gossip blog is more than enough.

      Keisha's business is out on front street for sympathy sake but judgment & ridicule came along with it. By Keisha being in the industry as long as she has she learned how to keep her business a secret from the Janet & Michael Jackson & how to suppress media coverage from Prince…or she should have.

    • @Mama! Its not always the woman's fault, when shit goes down in a relationship, but this female knew what she was doing, like most of us know what were doing!….We only know about this haphazard ass relationship, because Keshia told everybody!…Women go through a lot of crap in relationships, as do men, but come on, this particular incident is about a manipulative woman scorned!…This is why men are winning in court now, because having a uterus, doesn't negate the fact that, some of us are trouble making, selfish, miserable bitches!…Most of the time when relationships fail, its because some female spread eagle, for someone's husband, or man!…Women have the upper hand, and more power than we care to admit, but so-called women, choose to abuse it!…Men shouldn't be blamed for everything either, I'm disgusted because,she's "acting" like a victim, getting cops involved, and just straight chimping out!…When you broke up with a dude, did you go on TV and bash him?… Fuck keshia!…✌✌

  5. Okay, I get it. Keshia was in her feelings and went public. BUT, she IS PREGNANT…which her so-called husband called into question PUBLICLY as being his child. I don't know 'bout yall…but THAT would be enough for me to put a scarf around my forehead and go commando and that bitch!!!

    Much love to Ms. Reg and Brooklyn Queen!


    • She tried to buy a premium american dyck by hook or crook. She is so foul all her money couldn't keep him there.

      There are a million men in jamaica, her own kind, but she dont want them because they're all no good just like the women.

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