Kim & Kanye Snubbed from Beyonce’s 35th Birthday Party

beyonce kim kanye soul train birthday party

Beyonce celebrated her 35th birthday with a Soul Train-themed birthday party in NYC that brought out all the stars.

The Dream and his wife, Usher, Alicia Keys and Swizz Beats, Solange, Carmelo Anthony and LaLa, Kelly Rowland, Diddy and Cassie, Chanel Iman, Kendrick Lamar, Janelle Monae and a bunch of other celebs were there to celebrate the Queen Bey’s special day.

But noticeably absent were Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. According to sources, the Wests were also in NYC for Kanye’s “multiracial women only” Yeezy 4 casting call and his Life of Pablo concert.

You know Kim and Kanye’s thirsty azzes would never miss an opportunity to party with Bey, so that only means one thing: they were snubbed from Bey’s event!

According to Rhymes With Snitch, Swizzy and Alicia were backstage at Kanye’s Life of Pablo concert, but they dipped out to head over to Bey’s party.

You think Kanye cried himself to sleep that night?


  1. I don't blame beyonce I wouldn't want that hoe and Kanye's dumb ass at my party either.

    • Pretty slick! Plan your bday party on the same night as Kanye's Life of Pablo concert?? Hmm… killing two birds with one stone. JayBey have and excuse not to go to his concert and they don't have to worry about Kim at their event cause she has to support her man… Y'all know that every time Kim goes to an event with Bey, she snitches to her media sources confidential information about Bey and Co. that is very unflattering.

  2. Please! Bey & jay were chilling with that crazy duo after the vmas. Now they're "too good" for them? As far as I'm concerned they're both two fake money hungry couples. One just happens to show us more of their nonsense. None better than the other.

  3. ??Hells Naws Did Yu See The VMA's How Desperately Kim Was Trying Get Beyonce Attention While Beyonce Was Given A Speech On Accepting Her Reward PRICELESS ????? !!! Bitch Bey Doesn't Hang With Witches Chile ?She Doesn't Consider Kim As A Celebrity Only An OPPORTUNIST ? Get Your Life !!!

    • Kim ass wants sooooooo much to be Beyonce, that she's actually surgically morphing into her, I'm no super Bee fan, but NOT in this life or any other will that used h@e be anything close to Beyonce….

  4. Beyonce didn't want Koonye to stink up her party!….Hello, it's a celebratory moment, and she didn't want no stinky booty as diva's, besides the ones she probably hired, to funk up the joint!…???

    • Now all that shit Kim and Kanyé well especially Kim does for attention, why in the hell U want to go to a party where U and Bey don't get along? Now they get along with Kanyé, but not her Stank atrious attention seeking whoring ass!

  5. Beyonce needs to give these blonde weaves up. That shit ain't doing nothing for her, or her complexion.

    • It was a costume party(Soul Train in the 80s) so she was intentionally styled to look tacky and outrageous.

    • Give up the blonde and walk further away from a white woman aesthetic? No ways! She is never giving that up.

  6. Is it me or is Beyoncé been always been turning 35 since 305BC? This woman has been turning 35 since forever.

  7. I doubt they were snubbed, remember they all had dinner after the VMA's. I think Kanye was over the fact that he show was an epic fail and he had a concert which Bey attended.

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