Mary J. Blige’s Estranged Husband Begging for Spousal Support

mary j blige husband kendu spousal support

Mary J. Blige’s estranged husband Martin “Kendu” Issacs has plans to drain the singer dry.

Kendu filed a response to Mary’s divorce petition, and he’s asking the singer to pay him spousal support. Mary wants to court to block him from getting money.

Kendu, who also worked as Mary’s manager, lists their date of separation July 25th, and he wants all of their assets up until that date to be split between them.

On top of that, Kendu wants Mary to pay his lawyer’s fees.


    • @Freddie!…He probably was beating that monkey up!….But that ain't got shit to do with my coins though!…Right after my toes curl, I'm gonna get right back to counting my own chips, and he better have the dip!…shiiiiiit! Dick whipped indeed!????

  1. That Kendooky is out of his rabid mind man!…This is all Mary's fault though, I guess she had a blonde moment!…Marriage is a business arrangement, and she was too much about the love aspect of it, Which is cute and all that, until you ain't in love anymore Chile!…He might get it too, alimony and all, ole stankin nigga!…Hope that the love, and the subpar peen was worth it!

    • @BrooklynQueen, u maybe be right, in that he may get everything he's asking for. He saw an opportunity, took it, now she's going to pay.

      He better be careful, he maybe her sacrifice. Lol

    • Can't believe she didn't have a prenup. And to think a lot of women bashed Kandi on Real Housewives for making Todd sign one. Just goes to show folks turn into beasts when a dollar is involved.

      • @Mama!…Khandi knows the game!…Noice how Khandi has video documentation of the whole process, and she wouldn't budge, until those papers were finalized!…Todd was trying to be slick!…She was stoopid for marrying that Harlem nigga!..They stay trying to come up, on somebody else's dime! ✌ ✌

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