Meek Mill’s Cousin Killed in Philly

meek mill cousin killed

Tragedy has struck a family member of an entertainer once again. This time, it was Meek Mill’s cousin who was brutally murdered on the streets of Philly.

21-year-old Angelo Colon died after someone shot him in the head outside of a take-out restaurant in the city. There are no suspects in the case.

Meek Mill went to his Instagram to express his grief. He posted a photo of his cousin, who he called Lo, and said his plan is to get his entire family off the streets.

meek mill cousin killed


In 2016, family members of T-Pain, Janelle Monae and Dwyane Wade have all been murdered.



  1. Why of course!.. Another family member, of a industry hoe bites the dust!…No foul play here, it's just the way of the world, I know that people die violently, all the time sooooo, RIP!

  2. another sacrfice indeed it's his time to give one damn these industry people family members are dropping like files shit.

    • I was waiting for The Sacrifice' and you people never fail. That's the only reason I came on, just to see how many comments I could read before getting The Sacrifice comment, LMMFBAO!!!!

      • Next time we'll.add the rams, sheep, bills, and cows and have babies burned up in the fyrnace

    • what a shame, these foreign devil worshippers have brought this people sacrifice to get fame nonsense into our conversation. LISTEN!


    • FUCK that coon he was crying over a Russian slut who banged his friend IN TC'S BED. He was crying like a bitch ass punk over that white slut who played him. SEND THIS THREAD.

  3. A lot of people related ti famous people seem to be dying over there. It is like a epidemic.

  4. Interesting….on a side note, it didn't take Mayte long to write a book about Prince.

    • @Freddie!…It's as if the book was shelved until Prince died!…Mayte probably couldn't get a deal initially, but now that he's dead, there's interest in the book!…I'm not interested, but I'm sure some people are curious!

      • Nope! Y'all knew how Prince was. But lil did y'all know he was helping her on the low. Why did think Hollywood Exes was cancelled?

  5. might of been some regular street shyt this time no sacrafice but then again who knows

  6. Ok is folks dying because of personal lifestyles I doubt the elite is concerned about somebody cousin getting shot or do you consider this a sacrifice for fame and fortune they'll never have seems like everybody famous had some personal tragedy going on a few examples my

    The temptations Paul so called shot himself, while David was so called murdered over a drug deal a year later Eddie Kendricks died followed by melvinnfrankkinn while Otis Williams lost his son

  7. This is not a celebrity sacrifice. This is the result of fatherless homes, broken homes, neglected childhoods, learning disabilities, untreated mental illness, physical ailments to parents and/or siblings and economic strife. Our communities have become killing zones.

    TPTB don’t need to do any sacrifices; all is set in motion and unfortunately, men (and many women) in the black community and take the ball and run it into the end zone.

    I saw this on a blog and we all need to take note on this “warrior gene”. The repeat 2R allele occurs more frequently in Black men. Could this explain the senseless violence coupled with American institutional racism?

    If so, the elite blacks need to fund the research and the cure.

    And no, I ain’t hardly white and I am no troll!

    • You believe that bullshit fake science aimed to once again disparage black people by saying we are inferior and biologically prone to violence? GTFOHWTS! Who is more violent and vile then the White man, who has shown more vicious and disgusting behavior over all races for centuries? Western Civilization has countless examples of the mentally deranged behavior of White folks. Once again the revisionists are trying to rewrite history. BP live in a system that they mostly don't respect because it it oppresses them every day- sometimes in tiny increments, other times in grossly inflated examples. Black and White crime is not portrayed in the same way. Everyday the media talks about the black on black crime in Chicago, but they play down those stories about those little White boys and girls killing each other in record numbers over meth and heroin in New England or the Midwest. Or the sexual violence that are an epidemic on White campuses and date rape the happens behind White fraternity doors. So spare me the "science" that comes from their doctors and is spread by their media- I don't buy it. Get it together, Sis, and realize the truth– the mental warfare that BP are under is trying to break some BP better than slavery every did.

  8. Rumor has it that he was due a sacrifice (allegedly)
    Nikki was straight bcus of her brother (allegedly)

    • @Anon22:11! Nikki's cousin was murdered last year in Brooklyn!…He was shot to death!

      • @Anon22:11! It wasn't last year!…He was killed in 2011, my fault! But still, same scenario!

  9. One Who Knows!…You're obviously an enlightened human being, and I applaud you for that!…Just know that they'll be scoffers, and people that just refuse to see the facts, that are in plain sight, for all to see…These people are laughing now, but we'll get the last laugh!…They can never say that, they weren't warned, or that they didn't hear rumors, because that's a blatant lie!…This isn't for everybody, only an elect few, so enjoy the perks of being apart of the chosen people!..The most high is smiling on you, no worries, let them scoff, you'll get the last laugh though!…????

  10. I am so goddamn sick of these black industry devils blaming the hood/street violence for the death of their blood sacrifice. And don't tell me this wasn't a sacrifice. Now some innocent, impoverished, troubled blk teen is going to be arrested for this while Meek and his handlers enter a new salary bracket. ugh

  11. A shame that you think that some of us aren't deep thinkers…Look at the actual studies that are listed in the the "Thug gene" article and some of the Drs. involved and you will see that it is funded by eugenicists and white supremacist machine. If you dare to go down the rabbit hole and really search. Research is my bread and butter, Ma. I didn't earn several master degrees and my PHD for nothing.

  12. Actually, in the study, white men had the 3-repeat allele of the MAO-A gene and that stated that they were more violent in groups.

    That sounds about right.

    I knew this would be very unpopular, however, the wanton crazy violence in our community can no longer be ignored, dismissed or passed off to societal and institutional racism (which I am NOT denying exists). Maybe weed does calm some black men down; if that is the case, we need to be pushing for decriminalization of marijuana.

  13. Please Sis don't drink the Kool-aid… There are actually 6+ studies about this genetic anomaly. My Prof for one of my master programs was involved in one of those studies, so I am very aware of the Drs involved in those studies and who they are affiliated with. Plus I did my master thesis on this–in part. In your first statement, you said that BM are susceptible to this issue and then you backtracked. The issues within our society have nothing to do with genetic susceptibility but rather systematic environmental influences. Don't blame BP issues on faulty science that was designed for an agenda by Drs funded by nefarious organizations.

  14. Imaging you actually speaking these words got my dick hard as pumice stone !

  15. Boom bye bye–I love it:) You are too much! LOL! Intelligence is the one of the best defenses that we have against this gross system that seeks to drive us to the most base levels and confuse us about our true history, identity, and achievements:) I encourage you to expand your brain power and if you have a sis, gf, or wife in your life encourage her to expand hers. We come from kings, queens, architects, master musicians and artist, engineers, and creators of civilizations. The Most High is watching. No need to devalue ourselves because of lies.

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