Kanye Gets Rid Off Cell Phone After Yeezy 4 Runway Disaster

kanye yeezy season 4 cell phone

After his disastrous Yeezy Season 4 runway show, it looks like Kanye West is going off the grid.

The rapper received backlash after his models fainted and hobbled down the catwalk in ill-fitted shoes. No one from the Yeezy staff helped the models. Instead, attendees of the show came to the rescue to help carry exhausted models down the runway.

On top of that, Season 4 looked exactly like Seasons 1, 2 and 3 which leads us all to wonder…why the hell does he even bother releasing new collections?

Yeezy always talked about how he never used a cell phone, and he got his first cell phone to call Kim and beg her to divorce Kris Humphries. But it looks like Kanye is ready to ditch the phone once again. This time, he’s getting rid of his celly to let his creative juices flow.


Good luck trying to get in contact with your hubby, Kim.


  1. Damn that!….When can we dispose of him?…Uuuuuugh, GOD!…Why?…Abra Cadabra, be gone KOONYE!

  2. You have to give him at least a little bit of credit for what he's doing. How many black entertainers are doing this? I don't mean selling overpriced t-shirts, or buying someone's tacky line. He's exploiting his own brand, and he's trying to operate in Paris and Milan. Think about that.

    Other rappers are promoting those brands and making people millions while those same people insult them. Look what he's accomplished selling his goofy-looking shoes.

    • For the price of his soul
      This boy is miserable. Did u see the video of him holding food and acting like a table and slave for those yte boys? Google it or i think hsk have the story on here
      Its not worth it and i cant give him envy, admiration or credit
      But I see where u are coming from if it was some1 different or different circumstances though

      • I still say that black folks saw that picture through a different perspective than everyone else. I am not saying that you are wrong, because your life experience informs your opinion, but it never occurred to me and my friends that he was in any way being subservient to the dude whose plate he was holding. I would do that in a minute to help a friend out, just because it's the nice thing to do.
        Maybe he's been around white people so long now that he;s picking up our ways?

        • What ways? Looking like an albino trout? Having sex with 16 year olds? Being gross AF?

      • I'm not defending his actions, but most people in any industry will start at the bottom. It shows he's willing put aside his pride to make it happen.

        Think about the fact that he's not even a fashion student. He's a random kid from Chicago, and people are paying $200 for his tacky shoes across markets. Imagine if he becomes a black Ralph Lauren.

        You might not like his choice in women, but you have to respect what he's attempting to do. Russell Simmons and many others have not done it.

        Also, I don't think it's fruity for a man to dress a woman. Str8 men know what they like to see on a woman's body. They think certain features or details are hot. Turning those preferences into clothes and styling isn't fruity.

  3. He's such a petty catty and attention whoring queen. I might like him better if he came out as a gay man. Fussing with women's clothes. Please, show me a straight black male fussing with women's clothes who's not smashing men in a bathroom somewhere. The closet is a cold place for a fake-"genius".

  4. If he didn't have a cellphone how did kim send him her naked p*ssy pics while he was with amber? I am so sick of this lying ass kween and his plastic marionettes!

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