Lil Wayne Not Retiring, But Will Never Work With Birdman Again!

lil wayne not retiring

After a hoax phone call was placed to 9-1-1 saying someone had been shot at his Miami residence, Lil Wayne took to his Twitter to announce his retirement from the rap game.

But apparently he spoke (or tweeted) too soon, because Wayne is now backtracking. He appeared on the FOX Sports show “Undisputed,” and confirmed he isn’t retiring from rap after all.

He says his retirement tweet was sent out not because of the 9-1-1 call, but because of an argument he had with Cash Money exec, Birdman.

“This is business. Once business is involved – I’ve got a family, I’ve got kids, I have a mother, I’ve got bills to pay – this is business, and once the business is right, everything is right. I did feel that way [about retiring], [and] I didn’t take the tweet down because I still feel that way. When something is done about it, then things will change.” – Lil Wayne

When the hosts ask Weezy if he would ever work with Birdman again, the rapper replied, “No, Sir.”

“There’s nothing behind that: give me mine, and I’ll walk off free,” – Lil Wayne

Peep the interview:


  1. birdman is gonna sacrfice this fool and believe birdman can make a lot of money off wayne birdman is the devil birdman has had so many people killed static major, teena marie, magolina shorty,. everytime someone gets signed to cash money they end up dead except when you're making money for him.

  2. I hear ya stepen thats what I been saying they tryna scrafice wayne an he knows it too

    • Yup, And I wouldnt trust Toya either cus her and Reginae are on the come up
      I believe these folks love their family and friends but the love money and fame even more

      OT: Meek Mills cousin just got killed
      Whats with all these celebrities cousins dying?

  3. Yeah I remember magnolia shorty that was f*cked up how they shot her up like an then birdman payed for the funeral birdman got alot blood on his hands he will get his in the end.

  4. Told ya so!…I knew he wasn't gonna give up entertainment bread, and the stage!…I called it, he's full of shit, ole social media whores, tweetin ass mutha f*ckers! Bitch bye bye!??

  5. I hope that when Weezy is still walking the earth in 5 years some of you will remember all the predictions of his demise at Baby's hands.

    What is with all the sacrifice shit? I never see this anywhere but here? Why do you all think that everyone wants to kill everyone else?

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