Kim Zolciak Planning Baby #7 to Trap Kroy Biermann?

kim zolciak pregnant baby kroy biermann

It looks like Kim Zolciak is willing to do anything to save her crumbling marriage. The reality TV star revealed to Radar Online that she hopes to welcome baby #7 with her unemployed husband, Kroy Biermann.

“I love being a mom, I absolutely love it. Maybe when Kroy isn’t in the NFL and I’m not filming every day. It would be nice to have a baby and enjoy it,” – Kim Zolciak

Kim gave the interview in between attending runway shows during New York Fashion Week. Kroy, who was just cut from the Buffalo Bills, was also in NYC with her, but he hopped on a plane and left unexpectedly.

“He was supposed to be here with me right now. But he actually took a flight out.” – Kim Zolciak

Even though Kim has high hopes for Kroy’s career, the NFL is no longer knocking. I guess she expects their entire family to live off her reality TV checks.

“He’s got a lot going on with football. Kroy has been in the league for so long and he wants to find the perfect fit for him and kind of what works for him and our family. He’s been with the same team for so long so this is a big change, but he’s excited.” – Kim Zolciak

The strain on Kim and Kroy’s marriage came when Kroy moved to Buffalo after being signed with the team. Kim and her 6 kids stayed in Atlanta during that time.

Kim promised to visit Kroy and go to his games, and she even stocked up on a luxury fur coat collection to brave the cold Buffalo winter. But before Kroy could even step foot out on the field during the regular season, he was cut!

The couple was married in 2011 and they have 4 kids together. Kroy also legally adopted Kim’s two daughters from previous relationships.

Do you think their marriage will last now that Kroy is officially out of a job? Is Big Poppa still trickin’?


  1. Kroy should be sitting on STACKS!! He's just a country boy that really dont care about cash and flossin'. I hope he's been smart enough to keep Kim away from most of his post-NFL cash. Unless he was stupid (like some men are) they should be OK. Not rich like the Joneses but they should be able to hold onto what the have plus Kim is still banking. I'd bet she makes CASH MONEY from appearances. She is funny and sweet and I could see her fans supporting her for a long time.

  2. I don't know about her trapping Troy with baby number 7, I think she already did that with babies 1234 just saying

    • Girl you ain't never lied, I hope just how she was freaking someone else's husband, someone will in turn take this dude from her…..

  3. I hate this phony, plastic white bitch. Famous for being a WHORE, she has no talent whatsoever. I blame her & Big Poppa in part for us not having Shannon Mall anymore. Years ago she was a judge on this fantasy hair reality show, & she criticized 1 of the stylists who was very creative. Just because her no talent ass couldn't relate or know what real creativity & orginality is. I hope she goes the way of Alexis Arquette-yes I said it!! 😛 May she end up BROKE & HOMELESS for all the shit she's done!!

  4. He saved all his money prior to marring her, he had a roommate. He is white he will have a career in broadcasting. Leave these people alone, another baby won't make a difference that is some ghetto ass welfare thinking.

  5. 4 kids together plus he adopted 2 of hers…ummmm He is in there hook line and sinker …

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