Tamar Braxton Cuts Off Monica & Toya Wright for Appearing on “The Real”

tamar braxton unfollows monica toya wright

Tamar Braxton is being super petty and cutting off all her friends who refuse to stand by her side.

The former “The Real” co-host was fired back in May, and when her friends Monica and Toya Wright both appeared on the show, Tamar quickly unfollowed them both from social media!

According to Fameolous, Tamar was good friends with both ladies, but she doesn’t want to be involved with anyone who continues to support the show that fired her!




Do you think Tamar did the right thing by cutting off her friends?


  1. its so sad these grown old ass women nowadays acting childish af from posting their business all over social media to stuff like this. Tamar needs to get over it and grow the f*ck up damn I'm not even half her age and I know that.

  2. She's a petty grown ass woman.. She's the same way with her family.. It's not cute at all
    Her face looks deformed and anyone with eyes knows she doesn't like Vincent.. There's no love in that relationship at all..

  3. Tamar is a loud, rude, obnoxious brat that is a legend in her own mind. She's super jealous of Toni's success and treats her other sisters like she's Michael and they're the Jacksons. She takes all the air out of the room with her funky, diva attitude and despite her material success, always appears so damn miserable. Did she actually think her "friends" would miss an opportunity to promote their projects on The Real because of her absence? It's way past time for Ms. E to slap the piss out of her.

  4. Oh Lawd, not again!….The Real was just a f*cking job, C'mon now!…Tamar can't control the business, or personal dealings of a grown ass woman!….Petty is right!…She can just get on with her Narcissism!… She's immature, low class, ungrateful, petty, and not worth the effort!…She's f*cking certifiable man!…

  5. Well go ahead and unfollow them then. You don't pay their bills or cook meals for their families. I cannot stand a selfish petty bitch trying to run shit and have no control over their own behavior. I'm glad she got fired she was corny and lacks pronunciation. All that teeth sucking and cheek knocking on my damn nerves.

  6. They are better off without her as a “friend”. Who wants her annoying ass for a “friend” anyway? They probably went on the show in part knowing that would free them from her ass! 😛

  7. The only people who is gonna defend Tamar will be her Sugar Water hive aka Tamartians

  8. She needs to grow the fcuk up, they have lives too, which just happens to be in front of the camera she can't forbid them from going on that show, if anything she should be supporting them as they did her!

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