Trouble in Paradise for Mariah Carey & Her Billionaire Fiancé?

mariah carey james packer fiance breakup

We’re starting to believe those rumors that there’s trouble in paradise between Mariah Carey and her fiancé, billionaire James Packer.

Last month, sources reported Mariah threw a laptop out a window after James played a Beyoncé song. The couple has been very quiet since that incident. Neither of them attended James’s sister’s wedding, and as for their own nuptials, sources report the wedding has been called off.

But Mariah’s social media activity has us convinced she may be on the verge of another breakdown.

She’s giving us crazy eyes and awkward behavior all over her Instagram. The singer has lost a ton of weight and is flaunting her body all over the ‘Gram.

She’s still wearing her engagement ring, but these flirty thotalicious pictures make us think the engagement is definitely over!

Just got home after a long night at the studio!!!!! New music coming soon yayyyyyy

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Bubbly times selfie ??❤️✨?

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#vegas i enjoyed ya ✈️?

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#vacation begins ?

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Greetings #Greece ?

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Goodnight ?

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Mariah going a little nutty after a breakup is nothing new. Remember when Latin singer Luis Miguel dumped her and she ended up in a psych ward? Well, let’s hope things don’t get that bad this time around.


  1. Oh please, these two were supposed to get married over the summer and nothing. They've split up but are keeping up appearances to make the announcement on their own time table. He is nuts for wanting to marry her. I bet she's having issues over the prenup, as in, she gets no money or a minimal amount if they divorce. Who wants to marry Lurch and not get money out of that.

      • Wrong! Wissam Al Mana said f*ck a prenuptial agreement! If the marriage last between him and Janet last at least five years, Janet automatically gets $500 million off the top! This came out of Wissam's mouth himself!

        • LOL that's why he had her old azz trying to tour??? Because he dont need money??? LOL LOL


          Already he has her giving charity to children in his country, while american children suffer.



    • You idiot they couldn't get married over the summer because Nick Cannon wouldn't finalize their divorce

      • Nick Cannon is not the one holding the divorce. She is. She could have gone to the judge for a summary judgment right there. You cannot be forced to stay married to someone. This thing could have been pushed along long ago if she really wanted to. The "Nick is holding things up" is her crutch. Also, her back up. She will go back to him when billionaire dude dumps her if he hasn't already.

        • Also if the billionaire had given her some ultimatum, the deal would have been done.

  2. Damn Mimi lookin' good again BUT its a front. When she gets in relationships she gets real 'comfy' and blows up into 'trailer' mode. Mariah you ain't fool ME!!

  3. 1. She's wearing too much makeup.
    2. She would rather be with a woman, but marrying or living with a rich lesbian would hurt her career.
    3. Is she wearing body makeup in the tub?

    • What makes you think a half billion is her cutting off point. The more you have, the more you feel you need or want. It's human natures. This is not to say she is struggling with what she has, but it's always about greed.

  4. he's her handler man he's there to keep her in line nick cannon was her handler as well

    • I think Mariah, Janet and Eve the rapper met their husbands and fiancees by tricking for high bucks oversees
      I think Mariah is advertising for a new sponsor in the above photos
      Or 1 of the sponsors took the above pics
      It looks like she is on a yacht somewhere and she looks a little high and out of it
      That hollyweird lifestyle seems exhausting

      • I think you're right. I also thought this about some recent pics of JLo, I felt she too was advertising. Some of these female entertainers are prostitutes (on the side).

  5. Mariah f*cked most of her industry admirer's in the 90's, so with that being said, no one wants that crazy, stretched out, Herpes infested puss!…Nobody is enamored with her, she's a desperate old hag, that's not getting the attention that she's used to, and she can't handle aging!…Can we say "NARCISSISM", its a sickness that plagues entertainers, most of them suffer from it!…She's not a stable woman!

      • @Freddie Mercury!…What?…I'm a work in progress!…I tend to shoot straight from the hip, especially when there's bullshit abound!???? Bare with me child, I'm worth it!??

    • Sure, I'm sure you were front row in Mariah's circle back then to see all of it. NOT!!! Up here acting like you know shit. You don't know anything but the same fake Panache reports from back in the day

  6. All those bubbles in the bath. I hope she isn't troubled with bv. I myself can not do bubble baths.

  7. She looks ok for her age her white side is showing with the oversexualized antics. Who cares about her and that man she has own period. She's one of the last major divas standing, credit to her.

  8. Poor guy he bite off more than he could chew. Mariah had been washed up and used up, the only thing she's seeking is fame and fortune. By any means I don't are who I f*ck as long as I see me. She doesn't realize his money is his fame he was born into it and he's actually setting for less dealing with Mariah at this point. She's damaged goods but still have too much pride smh

    • How can a relatively intelligent man (and I'm giving him some credit here) want to marry a woman who is so damaged as this one and knowing his marriage is in trouble the minute he says "I do." Makes no sense.

      • Kinky depraved bedroom antics.

        When you are that rich, you can get a sangin' diva trick

      • I like Mimi but she does have a big ego. She better learn to check it or it'll be her downfall. Looks like it already has. 🙁

        • Her ego is just one of her programmed alters. She probably isn't even aware of it.

  9. He is a super stan, like janet's husband.

    These rich men collect women, they had crushes on because they can and these has-been's accept because, who else would want them.

  10. She is doing massive quantities of blow, and she is laying off the booze. That's why she has lost so much weight. I saw her at a party in San Tropez this summer and she was high as a kite.

  11. Lol, at all the insiders they're on vacation together in Greece right now! And, she's the one that insisted on a prenup. He didn't feel like they needed one.

    • I've heard she can't f*ck him unless she is super wasted. Mimi's big problem is that she loves men who aren't suited to her. Like nick cannon. This billionaire dude is more of her cup of tea but she's still hoping to bag a hot young fox so she can't even get herself together and just make this one work. Every other man after this one is gonna be after her money.

      • Just like J-Lo wanting hot Casper but dude plays for the other team. She can't find a rich young hot dude net worth at least 1B.

        • @Scorpiess!…That's why she's happiest when Da Brat comes around!…She might be dumpster diving in that over priced cesspool!..LmBao!

  12. Poor thing, would rather DIE young, then face the fact that she's getting old…..somebody pray for that drunk old hag!

  13. Redemption lies within forgiving and helping her sister. Her Karma will change after that… but if she doesn't do that then her demise will be caused by her own doing. Vanity Kills.

    • Legally she owes her sister nothing. Bit morally, this woman is not right with the cosmos and yes, Karma will catch up with her and it won't be pleasant. People think they are invincible. She is worth $500M and her sister doesn't have a pot to piss in. I couldn't sleep at night. No way, no how. Her issue is beyond vanity.

  14. YOU bitter black baby mammas and your dusty section 8 government houses always hating on successful women that can choose up to a wealthy man instead of a dirty broke HIv infested c00n in the projects. Can't None of you touch Mariah NONE OF YOU and that's facts. Y'all would kill your own momma to live her life.

    • Then the bottom for them is when they get spit out from the bottom of the porn industry.

  15. I highly doubt they have had sex. That is how she got nick to marry her outside of the $$ factor. This is why he is holding up the divorce, he knows they haven't done anything yet and is making them wait.

    If they do have sex before the wedding, there prob won't be one. He would have gotten what he wanted w/o having to buy the mad cow.

  16. I also think she does not want to have sex with that dude and that is why she does not care how long the divorce is taking. She will prob try to get nick back at some point, they still care for each other.

    • That's what I'm thinking too. When they do call it quits, she will blame Nick. If I was married and my husband refused to sign on the dotted line after a fair settlement, the judge will give a ruling and it's done, otherwise people would never be able to get out of marriages. Who are these people kidding.

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