Stevie J & Faith Evans Go Public With Relationship


    stevie j dating faith evans

    Now that Joseline Hernandez has moved on and is reportedly expecting a baby, Stevie J is ready to move on too, and he’s officially going public with his new girlfriend, singer Faith Evans.

    The two have been on the Bad Boy tour together, and Faith just recently shared a picture of her and her new boo on Instagram.

    Back in January, Stevie and Joseline were involved in an explosive fight after Joseline accused him of having an affair with Faith. Joseline went into a “jealous rage,” and bleached Stevie’s clothes and complete trashed his house. Looks like she was right about these two hooking up though.

    Stevie later attempted to get a restraining order against Joseline after she accused him and his father of being child molester.

    Lets hope Stevie’s relationship with Faith comes with much less drama.

    Cuzzo @ogbabyjesus always on deck when we come through! @hitmansteviej_1 @warrensapp #Miami #BadBoyFamilyReunionTour

    A photo posted by Faith Evans (@therealfaithevans) on


    1. What the f*ck is wrong with her peace sign hand tho…shit I thought that was stevie's hand before I opened the post.

    2. well they have known each other for years, both make great music and are both grown adults
      So i hope they are able to comfort 1 another
      But i hope the rumors are untrue about her being pregnant

    3. She looks awful. Too many drugs and too many men have caught up to her big time. @Anon 19:47, I thought the same thing about her hand and fingers too.

      • @Anon22:59!…She's supposed to be working on a Biggie and Faith collaboration, using unreleased music of Biggie!….Its been in the works for about 2 years now!…So she's wearing his shirt as a respect thing, and as a channel!..She's showing solidarity! ✌ ✌

    4. Birdman/Toni, Drake/ Rhianna, Faith/Stevie…let's see who the next fake couple will be.


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