Alexis Arquette Cause of Death: AIDS


Alexis Arquette aids

As many have suspected, Alexis Arquette’s cause of death has been revealed as complications related to AIDS.

Sources close to the family confirmed to PEOPLE magazine that the transgender actress died Sunday morning surrounded by her family at age 47. She had reportedly been “suffering for a long time” and had been “sick for years.”

“At one point, she wasn’t able to leave the house; she was in bad shape.”

Alexis’s death came as a shock to many, and the timing is suspect as hell. She was reportedly writing a tell-all book to expose closeted gays in Hollywood. We can only assume she hooked up with more than a few of them…but we’ll probably never know the truth.

While we all speculate about the secrets Alexis took with her to her grave, her brother David shared a special message about his sister on Twitter.



  1. This is bullshit and if he did we all are not surprised here's what the government elite do they create a problem and cone in to save the day. They created the AIDS virus the kill us off and the agenda was to kill off gay white man and African Americans. The government and the elites all need to be shut down and go away forever.

  2. Welp, he's on a long list of gay men who've tried to "expose" men in hollyweird, & died the exact same way, it was most def a order2ex£cute!

  3. This guy was so confused. Bouncing between genders, drugs, risky sex. He came from a Hollywood family, but was going to "out" Hollyweird??? He was a fool.


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