Israel Houghton: “Adrienne Bailon is a Once in a Lifetime Woman”

israel houghton adrienne bailon once in a lifetime

Adrienne Bailon invited her fiancé, Israel Houghton, to appear on an episode of The Real. The two discussed their recent engagement in Paris, and Israel had some pretty interesting words to describe his wife-to-be.

In the segment, Israel describes how he planned a helicopter ride to take Adrienne to see the Eiffel Tower up close and personal. The lights on the tower go off every hour for five minutes. He told the pilot to make sure they were near the tower during the time the lights were sparkling.

Israel handed Adrienne white rose petals. When Adrienne threw the petals in the air to take a photo for social media, she turned around and noticed Israel was down on one knee and waiting to propose to her.

When the co-hosts of The Real asked Israel if he was nervous to propose, he replied, “Of course I was nervous. This is a once in a lifetime woman.”

Oh, okay.

Peep the video:

In case you forgot, Israel cheated on his ex-wife of 20 years, and many suspect Adrienne was the woman who broke up their marriage. Israel announced his divorce in February, confirmed his relationship with Adrienne in March, and the two were engaged in August.



  1. He looks like browser from Mario brothers game and harlots are really winning in 2016 getting rings like frodo and majority of good women can't even get a man! It's so sad

    • @xoxo!…Bwaaaaaah!….I forgot all about Bowser!…He does look like him the face, and he shapes like him too!…All he needs is a cube to sit on, and those damn hammers, that Bowser be hurling at Mario!???? Hilarious!

  2. They both look like ?
    Outta shape as phuck, those cheating fcukers deserves each other!!!!!!!!

  3. I met his ex wife few months ago, omg she is a gentle and kind soul. When we talked about the divorce she had no negative words of feelings towards him, instead she said "I pray he finds what was missing in our marriage in his relationship with her" call me stupid but in my opinion that's once in a lifetime woman.

    • I agree. When Adrienne finish using all his money up , trap him with a child and divorces him
      I bet he will want his ex wife then

  4. @Bee
    Wow, his wife really does sound like a kind and gentle soul. I just hope she separated her feelings from the legal and took him to the cleaners in the divorce. I don’t understand why she would pray that he would be successful in his sin of adultery, that seems odd and contrary to Christian belief.

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