Alexis Arquette Was Writing Tell-All Book to Expose Hollywood’s Closeted Gays

alexis arquette tell-all book

Alexis Arquette’s death came as a surprise to most, and it happened just eight months after the actress outed Will Smith and Jada Pinkett as homosexual.

And now, according to Page Six, Alexis was in the process of writing a tell-all book to expose every closeted gay person in the industry.

Those who were said to be the focus of the book are now “breathing a sigh of relief” after Alexis died on Sunday at the age of 47.

She was gearing up to “blow the lid off a lot of closeted gay men and women and their respective marriages.”

Alexis promised the info she had was so damaging, it would “uncover all the hypocrisy,” and Hollywood would “come to a stop.”

Now we’ll never know what was about to be spilled in that book!


  1. She should have kept her/his mouth shut and just write the book. I wondered with all the new medications how she/he died. Yet Magic is still going strong. Strange very strange

    • Magic is a serious anomaly when it comes to HIV. I'm starting to think he doesn't have it anymore or he found a secret cure. Barely anyone with hiv lives that long & healthy.

        • there is a cure for aids there is a cure for every illiness in the world not thorugh taking but herbs there have been doctors who were killed for telling the truth about pills. pills don't make you healthy they break pillsdown your immune system.

      • That statement makes no sense. Do you know how many people are living with HIV who have had it for 20+ years?

        And what I want to know is how would Alexis know everyones business because I can't imagine this person being in the inner circles of the highest echelons of Hollywood's elite. Not even close.

        • You would be wrong about that. He wasn't famous for being an actor, but he had very good connections, and he probably f*cked every gay man in Hollywood at some point. He was a big party promoter, and his drag and gender queer events ere huge and attended by everyone gay and straight.

        • I know many people who have HIV so I know making it to 20 years all healthy like magic is downright strange.

          • How is it strange when he can afford shit most people can't?

            There are a few high profile people w/ HIV who are just fine.

  2. This information is not new. It was rumored the book was being written by Alexis when she talked about the Smiths. No one knew about the AIDS and that one is still a rumor. I wonder what really went down.

  3. What makes you think they died of hiv. Or even had hiv. You can be straight have an s.t.d

    • Ansari, He had been living in the SAG Home for union actors with AIDS for two years prior to his passing.

      He was in terrible condition at the end. He was placed in a medical coma per his wishes.

  4. They killed him. Sad thing is if he just shut up and put the book out he would probably still be alive and they would say he was on drugs and crazy. They always kill the ones that are about to say something like Michael Jackson and pimp c they were about to expose the evils in Hollywierd. Roseanne Barr is still alive because she went on tv and talked about the government and such rather than say she was going to write a book. I'm sure they warned her but killing her after she went on tv would be to much of a coincidence

    • They killed him huh?? Then someone needs to explain why he has been dying in a AIDS hospice for SAG actors for years.

      You all and your stupid conspiracy theories and blood sacrifices.

      You can't twist this one. Alexis has been POZ for many years, and in the last 5 he could barely function. There is no foul play. But he was writing a book, and he did spill the beans on the Smiths because he didn't give a shit any longer.

      He was pissed off that they would complain about blacks not being nominated while leading a duplicitous life like half of Hollywood. He believes in outing others, in order to make homosexuality more accepted.

      • EXACTLY!! He was dying and freed him up he wasn't killed off. Back when AIDS was a bigger thing I knew a gay man that had the bug and before he died he became a super bitch doing all he could to hurt other people, same thing here.

      • What happened to all the posts that were in between this one and Barbed wire? Did family or friends pressure you to take it off because there was some really good information in there. I thought this was America and there is a freedom to post what we want? Come on, Jacky and Sasha!

        • That is Sasha's bitch ass…Jackie normally keeps all that shit up….good n bad.

  5. Didn't Wendy Williams write a tell all book too and expose people on her radio show they didn't lie her the way this world is now you favorite celebrity can come face to face to you and tell you all their dirty secret and people still won't believe it so a tell all book is not a big deal to had killed him it had to be for something else.

  6. The obit was crazy sounding. Man to woman to man again. Maybe Majic was misdiagnosed back then for a reason and now they won't take it back. Secrets should stay secret. I really don't wanna know about people's private lives. Takes away from their craft. Otherwise entertainment is all about someone's life not what they perform. Does this make sense?

    • That nig was NOT misdiagnosed. He was f*cking men in the ass and prob taking some dick too.

    • FYI you have seen his full blown queen of a son…who knows what he let happen to him.

    • Makes sense, and I think it's f'd up of this mentally ill person to want to out people because he's pissed off about something. I lost whatever sympathy I had for him when I read that.

  7. He died of aids iy was revealed today by those closest to him. He had been sick for a while.

  8. The problem was that this white trans was going to expose powerful white people in hollywood. There was another man who was going to expose gay white people. He wrote a book called, "You will never spa in this town again." That man disappeared. The book never came out.

    • Actually, that book did come out. But, because he was coming off as a stalker (for John Travolta), folks didn't really take him seriously. So, yeah the book is out, you can buy it over at

    • Uhm NBA, I have the book and the dude is still alive.

      You are as accurate as usual.

    • Nah, that guy is still alive and the book did come out. But he was beaten within an inch of his life and threatened before the book came out.

  9. A notorious madam name Jodi "Baby Doll" Gibson was going to write a book exposing all of the hollywood celebrities who buy hookers. The book never came out and she was found dead.

    • Good gawd NBA you are wrong yet again. Jodi is alive and well and living in West Hollywood.

      People who read HSK, please note that NBA has been dead wrong about two of his stories just in this one thread. And if you don't believe me, please feel free to Google the two people he claims were killed to shut them up.

      Take this in consideration when reading his outrageous claims in the future. He is as dependable as a broken clock.

  10. I don't believe anything conspiracy related. It is known that many male entertainers are gay/bisexual. There have been rumors about Will Smith, Tom Cruise for decades by the mainstream media why would they off this 1 person who's book probably wouldn't even be bought.

  11. Dr Sebi had a cure for all types of diseases but he was murdered last month in police custody.

  12. Very True about Alexis having the Monster, but things can be accelerated and have been for the last few months. Alexis thought his/her family name would protects him/ her but was about to out some seriously powerful people…a big no no. She shopped her ideas a while ago to snitches in the industry and was in trouble when names were read. The minute that you threaten the celebrity reputation, you actually mess with the Hollywood money itself and you become a target. The Monster was just a convenient excuse. I mean, do you think is was just a coincidence that she was died on 9/11?

    • Yes I do. He was HIV+ for 20 years. He had full blown AIDS for 5. There is nothing accelerated about that.

      This is why that the conspiracy theory that Eazy E was given bad blood which caused him to die of AIDS is so preposterous. He would have been poz for a minimum of 12 years before he died. Even back in the 80s, without any antiviral meds, it took that long for HIV to develop into AIDS. So he was poz even before NWA made it big.

      I know that many people here are convinced that every death is nefarious, but it just isn't. Eazy was infected back while he was just a drug dealer in South Central. You might not want to hear that, but it's true.

      • I'm not disagreeing with you about Eazy but I remember when the hiv pandemic started a lot of people were dying within one year of contracting aids. So Eazy might not have had it for many years. It could've been his drug weakened immune system that did him in so quickly.

      • Easy e was a booty bandit. HIV/AIDS was not even considered a thing in the black community when he was out there doing dirt, so he was caught off guard and wound up paying the ultimate price, for f*cking the wrong one.

      • Doesn't matter, these things CAN be accelerated. He was put a barbiturate induced coma, which slows the the heart rate and breathing capacity cause he was sick with a really bad infection. Alexis just wanted it to end and chose the date and time. I am sure were not there when Alexis Died.. only family and medical professionals were allowed in the room and really know what happened. That was the time was chosen- whether you believe it or not. As far as AID/HIV was concerned, before the powerful antivirals, in the late seventies and eighties, people lived with HIV for about two-three years depending on their health and with AIDS for a year or so, not 12 years. And Easy was given the Monster from Suge who has him violated with a positive individual when E got tough about letting Dre out of his contracts. It is certainly not true about E being infected while he was a drug dealer because before they all signed contracts with Jerry, and insurance co from the their new label tested all those boys for EVERYTHING.

      • My sibling is a doctor and I remember her clearly calling me 16 yrs ago to warn me about a virus killing people in NYC within 24 hours and they were saying on the NEWS channel 7 that it was a mutation of HIV/AIDS. I remember being frighten and as fast as it came it went. My other sibling was warned too but she was not hot on these streets like I was. All of friends and family remember seeing the report so I know I am not crazy- so evidently something that can kill you over night is out there and must have been a test release or what else can explain how something like that happened and went away. I do not believe this guy was murdered either I am 100% sure he died from complications of his illness but Easy E was set up.

  13. And I bet just like Jermaine Stewart's book, it was never to be, they (hollywierd) made damn sure of it!

  14. AIDS IS GOD'S GIFT TO SODOMITES !!! Galations 6:7-8 ~ The Illuminati Killed This Abomination !!!

    • Hardly. If that was the case it would be something that was only for them. Just as many hetrso die from it as homos. Flawed theory.

    • If men didn't stick their dirty nasty diseased dicks into anything moving it would have stayed mainly a homo issue.

  15. I hope whoever in the near future decides to expose the filth that goes on in Hollywood they'll just write the damn book and keep their mouth shut….

  16. ! Who was sleeping with this awful, mean looking beast?…That's the question!…Anyone with any sense, would assume that all of the UnHolyWeird players, and their constituents are Gay!…Soooo, what did he really have to tell hmmmm?…..Maybe, the times, places, kink, pederasty, pillow talk, industry secrets, and other things that could lead to ruin for some!…

    • He told the Advocate about his sexual encounters with Jared Leto, the Oscar winning actor with the huge dick. Believe me, everyone f*cked him.

  17. Much ado about nothing. Good riddance; although I liked some of the movies he was in, I felt this guy ran his mouth too much. Also was quick to get into fights over his gayness. Like others have said, he should've just came out with the book if he was serious. Again, this guy ran his mouth too much. Also, I doubt if the book was going to reveal what we didn't already know. If Arquette was serious about standing up for the gay plight, he should have been campaigning for real hiv/aids cures (it's out there), & other more serious issues of the gay community. Outting ppl doesn't address real issues; unless you know or deal w/the ppl personally, who cares if they are in the closet?

  18. Not saying that she wasnt but they always say this about transgenders when they die in Hollywood

  19. I knew it told you niggas under one of my many names .. They not gonna allow this trans to expose the many names of faggotry that goes down cuz it gonna shock the f*ck out you how some of you so called straight straight stars get really down !

  20. Alexis should have considered writing a book about contracting HIV and all those s/he had unprotected sex with before and after the diagnosis. It would have a better read!

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