Diddy Says President Obama “Shortchanged” Black People

diddy barak obama

Diddy didn’t hold back his true feelings in a recent conversation with the Rev. Al Sharpton on MSNBC.

During the interview, Diddy voiced his disappointment in President Obama, saying the POTUS has done “an excellent job,” but there’s much more that needs to be done.

“My number one thing, though, to be honest, is Black people. I feel like we put President Obama in the White House. When I look back, I just wanted more done for my people because that’s the name of the game,” – Diddy

Diddy says looking back on Obama’s two terms, he wishes more had been done for Black people, and he feels the Black community was a “little bit shortchanged” during his Presidency.

“This is politics. You put somebody in office you get in return the things that you care about for your communities. I think we got a little bit shortchanged. That’s not knocking the president. …He’s done an excellent job, you know, but I think it’s time to turn up the heat because the black vote is going to decide who is the next president of the United States,” – Diddy

Peep the video.

Do you agree with him?


  1. And what exactly has he done for black people? Jesse Williams did more in a speech for black people than I heard diddy do…

  2. Diddy f*ck u and the dick you rode in on. What are you doing for the black community. Bye bitch.

    • Freddie Mercury & Andy Gibb 4ever….
      OMG….you in rare for today with this whole "dick you rode in on."
      I swear I might need permission to borrow that one at a later time! ?

    • @Chris!…He shole is((Southern drawl)??? My favorite Diddy dance, is the one where he tap dances around, giving artists their f*cking money…He always do that dance though!..Ole Vote or Die ass, f*ck nigga!..✌✌

  3. Diddy trying to say some "WOKE" shit now huh? Diddy has more than just "shortchanged" people financially… He shortchanged Biggie of his life and career.

    • @Truman! Yes Chile! And let's not forget "Puff the faggot dragon's" first sacrifice!…The Queens College stampede of 1991 or 1992, remember?…

  4. He isn't 100% accurate, but he's not 100% wrong either. Obama would not have been elected without the black vote, but the black vote did not elect him. With blacks being 15% of the population, and many having their voting right withheld, the white vote was required as well.

    And as I have said before, he is a Democrat, He has to be the driver in chief of the Democratic platform. He is not the President of Black Americans…the DNC would never allow that. Their platform supports equal rights for LGBT at the top of their list, and thus he was obligate to push it forward.

    Puffy, what do yo think that John McCain or Mitt Romney would have done to better serve black Americans? They would not have appointed Supreme Court Judges who would have passed marriage equality. And exactly how would that benefit A-A's??

    Face it, regardless of how you may feel about BHO, he was far better than the alternative. He has pardoned many who were in prison for bullshit non-violent drug charges and he ordered the DEA to stop concentrating on weed usage. He did appoint some liberal judges to balance the lunatics placed by the Bushes.(like Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia)

    • Do you really believe that their are only 15% of Black people in the American population? Try again because most black folks are omitted or don't take part in the Census. So the percentages are grossly inaccurate. But we do vote and we do sway elections. That is why there is such an effort to change voter registration rights in this country. If we didn't count, that would not happen. I do agree with the majority of the rest of your statement, though.

  5. Aaaaah!… P Diddy another worthless coon, that just wont die!…Of course, he said that, because these Niggas have to get back some of the crazies, that the government lost, due to the rise of information and consciousness!… Conscious doesn't mean that these people are intelligent, so they'll just go right back to sleep!..The Insidious, shit stains in the industry, must pretend to be apart of the social consciousness, of the underground Blacks in the ghetto, because those are the people that's going to burn this shit down, and destroy everything, as they should! These crafty Caucasoids, always use your own kind against you!…These are desperate attempts, to constantly inundate awakened people, with the literal "reenactments of the Black social movements of the 1960's…They are also making it appear as if, Mulattoes are the forerunners of Black liberation, when in actuality most Blacks, biracial or not, only want to get in, where they don't fit in…These retarded, child like creatures, called Blacks, love the Devil, because the devil gives them nothing!…Its all theater darling!…Straight up Netflix and chill, and someone's getting f*cked hard after this D movie Chile! ✌✌

  6. Wow Diddy how can you say anything when you have cheated ALL of your artist.. The only person on BadBoys label rich us yourself… Obama can't do crap without congress approval, the only thing he can do is go to war, without the approval of congress.. What have you done for the black community.. Nothing unless your pockets are being lined with $$$$$$$..

  7. Really Puff? lol
    Where's 112's checks tho?
    Why you say "take dat" on the song and take writing credits though? lol
    Shouldn't he be somewhere shaving his Illuminati sex slave I mean girlfriend Cassie Chung Estevez's head and cooter?

  8. Puffy is the best hip hop dancer ever he needs to do another reality show where he f*cks over up and coming new talent nobody takes your money and dumps you like puff

    We need to vote for I wanna work for diddy 2017

    Then watch how he amaze us with those wonderful dancing skills I swear puff could teach Michael Jackson how to dance right now

  9. We count because of the electoral college. The electoral college elects the president and vice president NOT the popular vote.

    Our system is based on (or supposed to be based on) checks and balances. The people must be “checked” by electorates who pledge to vote for the people’s choice, but THEY DON’T HAVE TO. We vote for our electorates who then vote in December and that is the real date of the election.

    Whites split down the middle and so do Latinos. Blacks vote in a BLOC so P. Diddy is right; our vote is powerful because it “tips” the vote. Why do you think we are always hassled when we are trying to vote? Why do you think we can’t vote after we are off parole, probation and finish our sentences. It is because we are a VOTING BLOC, a voting bloc that the democratic party has taken for granted for far too long.

    And please, Obama didn’t “pardon all those people”. He COMMUTED the sentences of all those people meaning they were release from prison BUT they still have FELONY records so they cannot vote. What Obama, Holder and Lynch DID NOT do for black folks as far as justice goes is the real crime and their families will be haunted for generations.

    You know things are f*ckin’ dire when someone like Mr. Anaconda vulture himself, P. Diddy, starts talkin’ str8t truth!

  10. The owners of the Amerikkkan empire SELECTED Barack Obama to become President for one major reason; to push and promote homosexuality to the black race! That is one of several reasons why Barack Obama advocates for gay rights. Remember, two gay people can't produce children, only a black man and a black woman can produce black children. Hope and change has turned into deception, depression and dookey dicks!

  11. ^^^^ Brothers and sistas please understand this information. Homosexuality does two things, reduces the population and further spreads diseases like HIV and AIDS. That is why the wealthy nazi Americans SELECTED Obama to become President. Obama is a puppet being used by white supremacy to spread homosexuality and disease to the black race. To put it in layman terms, Barack Obama is a boule gay black man who hates black people!

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