Sean Paul Calls Out Drake & Justin Bieber: “Give Credit to Dancehall!”

Dancehall musician Sean Paul is speaking out and taking shots at musicians like Drake, Major Lazer and Justin Bieber who continue to jack dancehall-inspired music without crediting their influences.

“[They] don’t credit where dancehall came from and they don’t necessarily understand it. I know artists back in Jamaica that don’t like Major Lazer because they think they do the same thing that Drake and Kanye did – they take and take and don’t credit,” – Sean Paul

In an interview with The Guardian, Sean goes on to say “dancehall is back” thanks to Drake’s “Views,” and Bieber’s album “Purpose.” He says the new style is infused with Afrobeat, and although he would like for traditional dancehall to be popular, he knows it isn’t.

With his next album, he’s looking to bridge the gap between mainstream dancehall that artists like Beiber and Drake are jacking, and authentic dancehall.

Do you think Sean was right for calling out artists for pulling influence from dancehall without giving credit where it’s due?


  1. I dont know why they all complain. They are all happy to sell their wares to the highest bidder and don't care how bastardised the music becomes as long as they get paid. I see dancehall artist collaborating with people who cant even speak English much less patois eg. Japanese, Eastern Europeans, Spanish and the list goes on,everybody else except their own people. Once you have sold out don't expect to get any recognition or credit.

    • Those other cultures respect dance hall. Drake acting like her created dance hall and afrobeats. SMDH

  2. Sean Paul just trying to get attention for his upcoming album

  3. Black music been jacked by everybody whites copied it made millions blacks copied it and sampled it and made millions so everybody stolevfrkm all genres of music hell more whites gave blacks credit than blacks did one reason is blacks never cared about their musical roots then get mad when whites copy their styles

  4. This dude hasn't been relevant in how long?…. 03-04?

    Whats with the resurgence of all these one hit wonders?

  5. Everyone borrows from everyone else.

    It's called art. All forms of art are composites of what the artist likes and has seen or heard before.

  6. He's right, but he really shouldn't speak for the culture…

    People like Drake are no more of a problem than people actually *of* the culture who are actively ruining it. The music is straying way too far from its roots. It's like a sweet country girl who became a stripper.

  7. How hypocrital of Sean Paul!…He's just trying to promote his music!…He's not aging well either, he looks like a plucked, perdue chicken!…

    • Drake is an imposter Joo!…None of these Nimrods respect culture, because none of them have any real culture!…Don't bullshit yourself, it's just shits and giggles, nothing more!…We don't take one, more seriously than the other, they're all on the Titanic, right along with the rest of us!…I actually like Sean Paul's shit, he's tight!…But he still should have a seat, as I should take a lil cat nap, ya dig!???

  8. Yo niggas need to stop worrying about everybody's opinion, and being annoying!…So what if people agreed in clusters, so what?….These are celebrities, not people!??????

  9. Jeez people Sean Paul is not white he is of indian descent , first saying that usain bolt is not black because he is Jamaican and now sean paul is white when you can clearly see his indian roots… I just cant…. this site is so focused on colour ….( drops mic)

    • He's not Indian.

      He's white (Portuguese and English). He claims to have other lineage, but I don't buy it. He's white.

    • He looks Indian to me.

      If you aren't the darkest of the dark, the people on this site consider you a half breed or white.

      • He's white.

        Black people are not white. Please stop using that bizarre logic. Thanks.

  10. According to Wikipedia, he is Sephardic Jhew, Afro Caribbean and Chinese Jamaican mixed with some Portuguese. He does have some African blood, but not enough to be considered as black here.

    I guess that makes him the male version of Amber Rose.

    • Wikipedia isn't reliable, and he has lots of reasons to hide the truth…

      He's white. His "black" lineage (if he has any) is probably someone who's 1/10 black.

  11. Sooooooo, basically we're back at square one!….Can we all agree that, he's not a Caucasian man??…He's obviously apart of the darker ethnic groups, and much like Vin "Weasel face" Diesel, Sean Paul is very ambiguous, when it comes to revealing his race!…We can only assume!???

  12. He's nonwhite if he doesn't 'look' white by the measuring stick of white supremacy with all it's 'check the box of your race' forms. How come other countries don't use these boxes?
    Genres are joke nowadays because it depends on 'who' is categorizing it. Music is made to feel.
    It's the rest of the shit that contaminates it: money, fame, politics, etc.

  13. if he didnt speak patois he'd pass as white easy.

    and please some portuguese have darker skin..italians included.

    And he spoke facts

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