Safaree Samuels Wants To Be An Underwear Model


Nicki Minaj’s ex-fiance, Safaree Samuels, is trying to pursue a modeling career. Know why? Because Safaree Samuels is addicted to the spotlight and he’s in desperate need of income to survive.

Samuels is strapped for cash so he went to a male model to seek advise on how to get into the modeling business.

Here is what a YMCMB source said:

It’s like, some fruity industry cats told him he had a nice ass, and he thinks he’ll turn it into a gig.”

Here’s what the model revealed:

“You know, Safaree, Nicki Minaj’s ex? He came to me for some advise on modeling, but I mean, he’s just not a model. Like, I told him being honest, ‘Dude, you’re not a model.”



    • @just sayin,

      If I’m not mistaken Truitt ALREADY makes underwear…my godson weas thwork boxers all the time!

  1. Safaree is handsome enuff but he just doesnt have that “it” factor. He seem like a very dull person and dont seem to be much of a “magnet” type Maybe Im wrong cuz I’ve never seen him in an interview type of situation but he doesnt seem like the charismatic type

    • @CiCi I agree, what type of hype man was he… ? Safaree looks about as exciting as a box of rocks…

    • Maybe he is dull but how much personality do you really need to be a male model?
      Outside of Tyra Banks I can’t think of a single model, male or female, that I know anything about their personality.

      • Cara Delvigne..Karlie Kloss..Eva Pigford..Yaya Da Costa.. Naomi Campbell.. Kate Moss.

        All have personalities- check some of their interviews.

        Just because you might take a nice pic doesn’t equal Model material. Trust that it’s work- and we pay them to look extraordinary; not average.

        There is nothing that stands out about Safaree- period.

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  3. He created that crazy alter ego she has going on along with some of the hooks she be spitting, so he’s doing a lot better then these so called starving actors. It could be worst, he could be a club promoter or serving drinks. But what do I know, I’m just fishing.

  4. So, we are just going to cruise past the part that some faggots told him he has a nice ass. Flag on the feild 15yrd penaltie for homo-ing on the feild.

  5. He just making a name for himself, meanwhile looking like Pdiddy. He may need to model for Ciroc, white people wouldn’t know the difference.

  6. He could do it! At least he’s trying. I would rather see him try modeling then rapping! I say go for it!

  7. The Nukka Should Of Invested Is Money Or Opened A Secret Bank Account!!

    Hype Men Or Women/Friends Need To Be Aware These Celebrities Will Kick You To The Curb, Just To Save Their Necks They Do’t Care Anyone Else
    But Their Selves Is The Truth It’s Been Happening For Years

    Singer/Rapper/Actor’s Betray Their Closest Friends Just To Make It Up The Top, Hollywood Is Cutthroat Business!!

  8. He looks ok, love his lip but hes short. Many male models that I know incredibly gay and male photographers and clients are just as sleazy as they are with women. Hope he understands what he is getting into.

  9. I Could Just Dive In, He’s Lips And Rest My Hips On His Lips Make Love With His Bottom Lips Kiss His Top Lip

  10. He was Nicki’s hype man and lover all these years. I hope he got something out of it. If he wrote some of her songs he’s guaranteed checks in the mail at his momma’s house.

  11. A model? LMAO He better do what REAL aspiring models do and find some higher-up to f*ck and/or suck for a come-up (Pun intended). Hell, he knows what his so-called ex went through to get to her level of servitude–My bad, I mean ‘success,’ so he better have those kneepads ready.

    • lol No problem, just calling shit like it is. As for your Browser issues, do a Google search for ‘AdBlock Plus–‘ Like the name says, it’s an Ad-Blocker that will make being on this site a LOT less annoying, even taking the Auto-play videos away.

  12. If he got a big dick he can be a underwear model. But he most def not runway model material.

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