E! Network Refuses To Pay French Montana

French Montana Unpaid

HSK Exclusive – E! Entertainment Television refused to pay French Montana for appearing on Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Khloe and Kourtney Take The Hamptons.

An insider is saying Kris Jenner is paying the rapper French Montana out of her own pockets to appear on both television shows.

The drop:

“Kris asked E to pay French Montana and the network told her ‘No.’ Kris is stupid because French would do the show for free because he’s a fame whore.”


    • Would someone explain to me exactly HOW & WHY this is in any way, shape or form news, gossip or relevant on any level?

      • gossip
        [gos-uh p]

        1. idle talk or rumor, especially about the personal or private affairs of others:
        the endless gossip about Hollywood stars.
        2.light, familiar talk or writing.
        3.Also, gossiper, gossipper. a person given to tattling or idle talk.
        4.Chiefly British Dialect. a godparent.
        5.Archaic. a friend, especially a woman.

        verb (used without object), gossiped or gossipped, gossiping or gossipping.
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  1. I don’ t blame E. Kris is probably fkng him along
    with Khloe. Kris should pay with her old azz.

    • Kris has her own chocolate boy toy 20 years her junior. Was shocked to see him and her celebrated her bday in Vegas with none of the kids in attendance. Guess white women also read How Stella Got Her Groove Back.

  2. The question is how much is she paying him for this fake relationship with her daughter Khloe who by the way is still married to Lamar Odom.

  3. Right, French is a Fame Whore who would work for and free and E! saw that a mile away. Plus he is an irrelevant rapper he had one hit once upon a time. Diddy dumped that ass quick on the K-clan

  4. French Montana is WACK and is part of the Hip-hop WACK era that the consumers of MUSIC currently find themselves in right now, but a better day is coming especially when people demand better standards of talent in the MUSIC they listen to

  5. Totally off topic, but can someone who has knowledge of JZ snitching to the higher ups about an all black music label other artists wanted to create, tell me a bit more please.

    What artists wanted to form the label and what transpired next. Thanks in advance.

    • Contact your source since you’re obviously the only other person who knows about it. Better yet.. why don’t you just get in touch with JZ’s people? Stop attempting to plant bs and start rumors.

      • Anonymous,

        Thank YOU so very much for having the gumption to tell this @Eve person to “simply get in touch with JZ’s people & STOP attempting to plant bs and start rumors.”

        I’ve been seeing her SAME request in almost all the recent threads & it’s odd & most peculiar that a relatively new person or anyone for that manner would come to HSK with such a request. NOT providing any info, factual or otherwise may be best as this certainly isn’t normal.

    • Everybody thinks it was Jay but it was really 50 who snitched on Rap-a-lot. Google 50 Cent and J. Prince beef. Funny how the story also relates to Mayweather long before him and 50 had problems.

  6. If the rumors are true, then Trina has the package. Hense, French Montana has it, and Khole. Lamar cheated on Khole so there could be an STD there. If Blac Chyna supposedly has the package then Tyga has it to. So now 17yr old Kendall has…….

  7. There’s pictures going around with Kylie having a mysterious bump on her lip. Anybody say herpes. I wonder if she went down on Tyga.

      • Hahahahaha. Who in the hell told you that? Don’t believe it for a minute. Some do, but the basic average ww sucks dick just enough to get a man to marry her. After that it’s strictly for birthdays and anniversaries.

  8. French moved up from a has been slut rapper to a fat white slut white girls are cum ups anyway.

    no matter how fat khloe is shes a white girl and a rich one while shes not kim shes still a come up for most horny ass black men who got to have a white girl.

    these black dudes will kill their mamas for Ellen’s dyke boy lookin ass.

    thought khloe was dating wiz khalifas purple people eater loking ass.

    • @crazychris

      Probably Doubt That, White Women Or Should I Say White People Age Badly Some Black Men Will Leave Their Wrinkly Drid Up White Bitch
      For A Younger Skanky White Bitch Or A Black Women……..

      Khole Looks Like A Man Her Nose Looks Like A Tampon, There’ Nothing Remotely Attractive About Her Not So Ever
      Lamar Used Her Point Blank Period

      Kim Done Ruined Amber And Kanye’s Relationship
      Amber Must Be Pissed With Wiz And Khole Dating

  9. why would they pay french all he was to the show was Khloe f*ck buddy no coins for that. Lamar is probably still on the pay roll.

  10. Thought The Show Was Cancelled? Guess Not, The Kartrashian Are Nothing But A “Black Dick Lover” They Hate Black Women But They Wanna Be One
    A Classic Tale Of Skanky White Women Who Steal Black Women Mind And Soul…..

    Kim And Khole Are Nothing But Gold Diggers, These Black Men Think Black Women Are Evil And Gold Digger
    But In Fact Is White Women Are.

    Black Women Stop Idolizing These Kummy K-Whore Their Jealous Of You!!

    • They’re doing something right. I just saw on the Daily Mail site that Kendall has been named the face of Estee Lauder. That is a very very exclusive model contract sought by every model in the world.
      I believe when all is said and done, she will be the most successful and liked of all the KKlan, but Kim will always be the one who opened the door for the whole herd of them. PMK is probably poking holes in condoms and replacing birth control pills with sugar pills as we speak, because as her daughters age out of whoredom, she needs a new generation of K grandchildren to take their place.
      I even saw lil Nori yesterday SMILING for the first time in a pap shot. Lets see, she’ll be ready for cosmetic surgery and boobie Instragrams in about 13 years…right about the time the Kendall and Kylie are on their last legs of youth.

  11. everybody praise the almighty kim kardashian she has the best p*ssy in the universe.

    khloe has the second best p*ssy in the world.

    whewn the kardashians walk black women should throw flower petals at their feet.

    every black women should try to be like kim k.

    black women should bleach THEIR SKIN TO LOOK LIKE KIM K.



  12. It wouldn’t surprise me if it comes out that he and Mama K are undercover lovers. and the little girl ..whats her name? the younger sis is prob. the beard. hhhmmm.

  13. Gangsta rappa Trina was goin with French Montana?? SMH on that one!! Shes too grown woman gangster for him .. she needs a man with some backbone and strength in love and music.

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