MTO Stans For Drake’s D*** Pic

Drake Dick Pic Leak just received an image of what we understand MAY BE DRAKE’S PEEN. Generally we don’t just BLATANTLY POST PICS LIKE THIS . . but there’s a news story behind it.

You see, Jhonni Blaze – a Houston skripper, has been feuding with Drake for weeks. You’ll recall, she called the police on Drizzy, claiming that he had threatened her with the goons.

Well Jhonni’s relationship with Drake is continuing to sour. Something popped off between the two, which led Jhonni to leak the below pic, which was ALLEGEDLY sent to her during a conversation with Drake. The number it was sent from is DEFINITELY Drake’s.


  1. Drake is so f*ck’en nasty, is this all that goes on wit him? This is one nasty muthaf*cka really, every post is about him in some kind of sex , sex, sex, sex, dam you not tired of the same shit? There’s nothing more I read about him but he’s always in some kind of sexual situation, is that all you do? Drake would f*ck anybody and I mean ANYBODY! Nasty as hell, ewwwww I wouldn’t f*ck him wit a already dead women’s p*ssy or a dead man’s dick, why would anyone want to be bothered with someone who f*ck any and everybody? If he were a women he’d be a hoe, but because he’s a man he’s idolize and praised for this behavior. That’s f*cked up. Drake u nasty ass punk you wack as f*ck!

    • On Top, Chile I am trying to cook my son some lunch when he gets home at 11:00 and U trying to kill me and his appetite with the description of his Vienna! Lmao! Imma get U On Top! Lmao!

    • Well Im must be down right durty cuz I sure would like to phuck Drake when given the chance!

      Sn: With 2 condoms of course, lol ! Nevertheless I want to phuck him
      True story and Im dead ass serious 🙂

      • & like I told you before Nancy, look CLOSELY, Drake resembles a SALAMANDER and he looks like he’s been touched with the “SPECIAL” stick, gyal please don’t let me tell U again…I digress….

        • Sweetie like i told u b4, Im GROWN, an ADULT and I find Drake very very ATTRACTIVE! And I want to FUCK him! Again I think DRAKE is very SEXY and ATTRACTIVE! and I want to FUCK him!
          What MAY NOT be sexy to U MIGHT b SEXY to ME!
          Cool 🙂

        • @That Chick these young gyals don’t know their coochie pop from a hole inna wall..trying to school these yungins gets so draining, especially these disrespectful ones…they wanna shoot mi 4trying..oh well

      • @Nancy: Yes honey i agree with you. The boy got a fat dick and that’s is better than a long skinny one. I will let him get some of this any time or day he wants to.

        • Thank u @Traci 🙂
          Girl not only is Drake fine and sexy but he got a BIG OLDYCK, lol !
          He did not become a platinum rap star by accident
          People like Drake (male and females) even though they be hating on him
          And even though he is enjoying his rich playboy lifestyle, ( which he is entitled to cause he is young, single and free) He was raised well by his mother and u can tell he have a good head (both heads) on his shoulder
          He has manners and know how to be a gentleman when his hands call 4 it
          Motherf*ckers just hate Drake cause he wasnt raised in the gutter like they wished he had 😉

          • He’s also like to have sex with men, honey chile he ain’t hardly checking for U, unless U like to lick butt holes or wear a strap on…Nancy please wake di f*ck up & realise..HE..DON’T..WANT..U..NANCY..damn..

      • He is young, single and free and have no children
        So y cant he sow his royal oates and whore around?
        I dont think he is religious nor is running 4 public office. So I dont c what the problem is if he want to share hid dick with an adult willing participant. Smh

        • because young whores leads to old whores. he goes raw in these nasty hoes…that’s cool?

        • @Melissa that was way harsh…ain’t nobody talking about ppl’s mumm’s in here..take dat shit down 1000%..thanks

          • @Candi Gyal: Bitch i did and what can you do about it? Why don’t you take that foul odor coming from your p*ssy down 2000% skank ass hoe….thanks!

            • @Melissa why U mad & bitter boo? & as for stinking p*ssy Ur head ain’t under mine so U have no idea what my clean crotch smell like..Ur insults reflects Ur own low self-esteem & no self worth b/cuz I didn’t get nasty or outta line with U..U going in for wat? Replies? Take Ur bitter self somewhere..carry on with hate no self worth..I got all day… zzzzz

        • yo mama jokes? what are you…12? You must be a whore too. Stay mad, ran through bitch.

  2. I don’t get how STUPID these so-called Thugs are!! You’re in the media spotlight so you think its a good idea to just randomly send a pic of your privates to a stripper?? Now, I do get it…when you’re in the moment and you’re sexting, you get caught up…but when you’re famous you can NEVER succumb to “the game” like that. You’re setting yourself up to be blackmailed, dissed, embarrassed, humiliated, threatened and…all of the above, at any time she wants to control you. Ignorant…smh

      • I’m trippin off of why you going all out for a waffle toned fake azz Drake??? Whether it’s his joint or not, he slept and f*cked with a stripper whose only intention is to be thirsty. Play p*ssy get f*cked…that’s how it be. Look at him, he look stupid now. LMAO

  3. It looks kinda weird but it could just be ashy…this is the first time I’ve seen a beige peen so idk lol

  4. I was curious so I had to look lol. His personality fits well with his peepee. Plus it’s the right size for…..dare me to say?…Hmmmmmm lol.

  5. Totally off topic, but can someone who has knowledge of JZ snitching to the higher ups about an all black music label other artists wanted to create, tell me a bit more please.

    What artists wanted to form the label and what transpired next. Thanks in advance.

    • My understanding was that Suge knight, J prince Damon Dash, Jay Z and Irv Gotti were in in the process of pooling their money to start their own record distribution company to distribute the music of their new artists. They didn’t want to sign their artist distribution deals in the future. Basicly they were trying to finda way to eliminate the white man from that phase of the the rap music industry, But it was the first of several phases. They had plans to push the other man out of Rap music and take it over. But Jay Z either got cold feet or was playing “hoppin Bob” from the gate. Anyway, Jay Z backed out and not long after he backed out the Jooos of the music industry shut the others. That’s when Suge started his financial and legal downward spiral. Irv Gotti and Murder inc, caught a case that they were found innocent but they went Bankrupt in the process, Dame Dash got hung out to dry and J Prince might as well get a gest house built for the FBI, the wont leave him alone not even for holidays. They stay in his ass. But what happened to Jay Z. His masters helped him pretty much Rip Dame off for his stake in the Rocafella records and Rocawear. Right around that same time, he was named president of Def Jam. So You do the math.

      • ELTHP (you know my ass ain`t typing all that out, lol) Thank you for taking the time to respond.

        • Hey you got it. I try to do….what I can do……when I can do it…

  6. any of you girls gonna fantasize about drake’s sausage later on behind closed doors.

  7. Now Drake’s peewee is going too look std infected with puss coming out of it and bumps all over it. It’s probably shriveled up too. Dont believe everything you see. Drake is dirty and sleeps with dirty strippers. This man is begging for the monster if he doesnt have it already. Ask Magic Johnson.

  8. Well f*ck all yall bitches….i saw the pic and Drake got some meat hanging between them legs. I wouldn’t mind letting him hit it with that fat dick. He got some good girth and that is what i like more than length. Drake can most definitely get up in this.

  9. Drake is only second to Kimye on MTO, as it relates endless stories and press. Honestly, never understood the hype about this dude. Talk-Rappin Ass, Strippers on Blast, See Me/See You behavior, etc. Jhonni Blaze harassed by his do-boys…Yeah! As if she should be afraid!!!

    • lmao@Talk-Rappin Ass…Ty, I thought I was the only one that noticed that isht.

    • Speak for yourself honey, it looked fat to me. Nothing below average about it. He could feel me up. Just because your vagina is wide and deep does not mean mine is.

      • Your just thirsty and never seen a peen that is a little peen. You need to get laid by a real man..slut

        • Bitch i bet that trashy whore you call a mother had way more dicks than i ever had. I hope that nasty bitch washed them off before she sucked them. You just hating on Drake’s piece because you know he would never want your unwashed ass. Bitch Drake got a pretty dick you jealous rejected bitch. He can open this p*ssy up anytime.

      • @Traci
        Dont even sweat it. Most of these women on here and male kneegrows on here dont have any suave or charm

        Me or u probably would never give them a second glance
        Nor would Drake, lol !
        So thats y they talking shyt about us and Drake

        Haters, lol !

  10. Drake’s Dick Probably Looks Nasty With Spots And Hair On It

    All Them Women He’s Been Dicking Down Errrrrrrrrr

  11. All these thirsty women saying they’ll fck drake is only saying it because of his money because if drake was still Degrassi none of them would give a flying fck..Gold diggers in full effect.

    • So I should phuck with a broke nigga who has less then me to prove a f*cking point to a bunch of nobodys who are not paying my bills?
      Im sucessful so why should I date/f*ck someone who is unsucessful?

      • I havent looked yet, is even complexion (same color all over)? Some lighter people have dark privates and booties. Like some darker people face is 3 shades deeper than their body.

  12. I stay because I enjoy most of the commenters around here but it’s evident Jacky is long gone.

  13. Man that nugga Drake got a C-Note for a Jigga-Joo. Hanging there all unsuspecting waiting for the clap-clap from a bear trap. While making that Flonase and drinking that Shasta. Put on then
    Hater-blockers cause dis nugga be really real! Straight talk!

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