Birdman Signs Zac Efron To Cash Money?


HSK Exclusive – Bryan “Birdman” Williams wants to sign actor/singer Zac Efron to his music label Cash Money Records.

A source is saying Zac Efron has a new pop song which he’s gearing up to shoot a music video for. This caught Birdman’s attention.

The drop:

“Zac is about to drop a song and they’re casting a bunch of Black girls to appear in his video.”



  1. The next thing we know, they will be signing Kim Katrashoan!! The really tallented people are no longer available.

  2. Look at this bitch ass lil punk, he another nasty ass lil bitch that will f*ck anybody, look at this punk man I’m tell’en you these hoe ass cat’s are all gay,whore mongers, and sexual predators mane, I hope Lauren London, and Christina Millian, and the rest of them see this bullshit shit while they’re having baby behind baby with him, will you’re kids be happy to see daddy engaging in homosexual activities? It’s right there for you, there’s the pics, you stupid ho’s look at your kids daddy kissen the 4th man I seen him kissen. Look at this clown ass nikka man lol, really? This is crazy lol. Just come on out the closet dam, it’s clear you a homosexual, did bird man tell you in order to get your money back you have to get up on your homosexual rituals bitch? Omg! These are some straight bitches plain and simple. 

    • That picture is photoshopped. It was either Vanessa Hudgens or his most recent beard Michelle Rodriguez in the photo. He had many staged beach photo ops with both of them.

      Efron finally had a real hit with Neighbors, and believe me, his management would never have him photographed even in a mildly provocative pic with a dude. He is still trying to regain some leading man role viability.
      I want to see receipts for his alleged signing with CMYM. That seems like a back slide for him now that his career is finally moving again.
      But he is a heroin addict(all that hiding in the closet takes its toll) so he should fit right i with the human drug Hoover Weezy.

    • It’s photoshopped too.
      Zac and his management are way too protective of his commercial viability as a straight male star for him to ever get too close to a dude like that.

      I wanna see receipts as to his joining up with CMYM

      He finally had a hit with Neighbors, so this would seem like a backslide or at best a lateral move.

  3. Sodom and Gomorrah that’s the industry new name Sodom and Gomorrah the in tire industry is a filthy low down toilet stool full of shit cesspool ass industry for real

    • It’s no worse than Washington, DC. Wherever you have money and power up for grabs, bad stuff follows. We just don’t have gossip blogs about the vile stuff that goes on there daily.

      • Yep if only those constituent representatives on The Hill and DOD workers could talk. Would make Hollywood and this Killuminati BS seem like Childs Play.

  4. This Year It Was Reported Zac Didn’t Sing On High School Musical Someone Else Sang For Him
    Lil Wayne Is A Damn Fool!

  5. Is that Li’l Wayne kissing Zac Efron or Justin Bieber??

    • It’s a photo shop of Efron and Wayne. But I’m pretty sure it was Michelle Rodriguez in the original.

        • I just glanced at it really quickly wondering which blk girl it was then I read about Lil wayne and had another look – Jees! Photoshopped or not that is grim! Zac is the only actor in H/W that I find remotely attractive so this is painful to me.

          • LOL, word…that’s a disturbing pic photoshopped or not. I could have sworn that was Justin Beever though. LOL@blkgirl

  6. Star-head can try that Cash Money ‘Slave Contract’ shit with a star like Efron if he wants to…

  7. When did Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens break up? Zac seems gay anyway. His acting career is in the dumps so what music career. He’s garbage.

  8. This is the same Zac Efron who got punched in the face in skid row trying to buy drugs a few months back. Zac you aint fooling nobody. Does Andrew Knight know about this?

    • Where is Teedra? Her music is awesome! Is she still doing independent? That is a true talent there…

      • @Maia Teedra was supposedly recently signed by Rick Ross to MMG but I’ve heard next to nothing from her since then.So that further my point that R&B never works on Rap Lables.

    • Damn, just looked up TVT records. You might be on to something. On the other hand, the label looks whack in general. Unless she wants to cut a song with Full Force….jk

  9. That picture is disturbing the entertainment industry is just run and controlled by closeted men that put gay references in songs, movies and television programs. Time for me to start my creative writing this nastiness is just to obscene for my eyes.

    • @
      Empress T aka Baby T

      The Entertainment Industry, Are Ran By Wig Wearing Pantie Wearing Men Who Prance Around With Women’s High Heels On!
      Butt Naked Sex, Men Sex Men For Movie Role Or Music.

  10. Wayen Thinks He’s Slick By Signing Zac, Wayne Thinks He’s Gonna Get More Money By Offering A White Bwoy A Record Deal.

    While There Are Dozen Of Black People With Talent But He Doesn’t Sign Them.

    Only A Tone Deaf No Talent Trailer Trash Mofo He Choose To Sign!!

    He Also Signed Paris “Racist” Hilton Where’s Her Album?

    He Must Of Been Desperate To Sign Them – Only For The Money

  11. Just hope he doesnt end up wasting away and out of control like Bieber did when hanging with ymcmb

  12. Is that lil Wayne kissing Zac? Zac better kiss those little red buns goodbye! Young moneys about to rip him apart. Plus he has cute girly features. BYE BOY

  13. So Zac really is a drug addicted, because only a jumkie would sign with Cash Money knowing they won’t get paid…but then again Zac is yt and probably has his on joo in a the corner pocket to make sure he gets his coins.

  14. Let good ole fleece get ahold of that white meat! Ill beat that bootyhole up so bad it will start a fire! I make him suck it afterwards to, while kissing wayne with the same tongue I toss that white meat salad wit dem jelly packs! I luv me some boi p*ssy! ILL MAKE SURE I WHECK THAT RECTUM!

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