Claudia Jordan Falls Ill From RHOA Asian Excursion


HSK Exclusive – Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member, Claudia Jordan, contracted bronchitis during last months RHOA trip to film in Asia.

An insider is saying Claudia Jordan was sent home yesterday from her job as a radio host on the Rickey Smiley Morning Show due to her illness.

The drop:

“Claudia got bronchitis from the trip when the whole cast traveled to Asia to celebrate Phaedra Parks birthday.”


  1. NeNe had health issues which kept her from going out of the country I heard. I hope Claudia gets well soon. Bronchitis isn’t a joke! I suffer with it from time to time. It probably has something to do with the different climate changes she’s experienced since traveling.

  2. Who cares about that moose. She’s where she belongs in a zoo. I mean Zumanity in Las Vegas performing in a cage at what she does best. Andy please dont bring her back.

    • Demetria McKinney. She does a bunch of Tyler Perry plays and shows and sings as well.

  3. Surely hope Cynthia grew a backbone and can stand alone—but I think she will suck up to Kenya, for a friend.. Cynthia is very sneaky, hiring Greg’s ex woman as her PR person.. That’s why she going so hard for Nene..

    • At the end of the day, Cynthia understands that beauty sells and like Kenya or not- she’s a helluva beauty spokesperson. Last season Cynthia admitted Kenya was crazy as hell- but when there’s a photo shoot to be done, Kenya consistently delivers.

      I think Cynthia sees Kenya from a modeling/beauty/entertainment platform strictly and could give two f’a about her as a friend.

      Just my humble opinion.

  4. LOL…ok, Now we KNOW for certain Jacky isn’t doing any writing. He HATES CJ and can barely mention her without calling her a bitch. My how things change!

  5. Claudia Jordan ain’t no housewife! Who did she f*ck to get on this show? Did Tom Joyner have something to do with this 42 year old hoe getting on this show? One more thing, how come this polar bear p*ssy bitch keep dodging questions about Kathy White?

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