Azealia Banks Clowns Slim Shady


Azealia Banks recently jumped on twitter to lash out at Eminem for dissing her home girl, Lana Del Rey.

On November 10th Azealia Banks tweeted in defense of Lana Del Rey while clowning Slim Shady.

Here’s Azealia Banks tweet:

Azelia Banks vs. Eminem


  1. As Much As Like Azealia Banks…..I Think She’s Wrong, Getting Involved In White People’s Fights, Isn’t Smart

    White People Are Very Funny (Not In A Comedic Way) About Black People Getting Involved Their Business
    If Eminem Was Dissing Azealia I’d Doubt Lana Would Defend Azealia, Iggy Azealia But Not Azealia Banks Big Diffence

    • At least YOU know who the hell these people are. The ONLY name I truly recognize is Eminem!

      Oh, and wait…
      So, this Azealia Banks is the black girl who raps but of whose music I have NEVER heard anywhere. Isn’t she the one TIP roasted for making a snide comment about his wife?

      Iggy Azalea…oh hell…forget it!
      Lana Del Rey…NEVER heard of her either…smh


  2. White people get into black people fights all the time. Azealia has a right to defend her friend Lana against Feminine. I think it might be the time of the month for him.

  3. I empathize I was bumping Blue Jeans for a good 3 months when it first came out. Thiugh her music and performances will put you to sleep.

    • I can’t listen to that song anymore. I used to play it over and over because I love the lyrics.But, It’s has a weird trance like quality to it. Haunting and depressing.

      • My concurrence. I developed the same feeling also. I do like the concepts and imagery in her videos with the vintage feel. She is too boring to carry an entire video without it. Also, wish I could pull off the stoic with a hint of brooding and mysterious look that she consistently expresses. Most people just look sad, happy, angry, dumb or confused. Feminists seem to hate her for some reason.

  4. I’m not too familiar with Lana’s music but maybe one and it sounds very depressing like Jhene Aiko’s music. Lana looks like she’s in some type of death cult.

    • @Anonymous

      Very True, I Was Saying The Same Thing Her Music Is Very Depressing Just Like Adele’s Music.

    • Many of Mary J Bliges classics made you want to sit naked in a bathtub with a bottle of hooch and razor blade to slit your wrists. Heartbreak, past relationships and pain just depressing. Should have been labeled urban emo instead pf r&b. Never got her appeal and she cant sing. That I love you remix with mobb deep is classic though.

  5. I would rather listen to my broken guest room toilet run than listen to Lana Del Ray. She’s horrible.

  6. This is the only way these artists can stay relevant by beefing on twitter, instagram, and so forth. Its pathetic.

  7. trailer trash drugged white homophobic vs a black lesbian.

    they don’t make good hip hop beefs no more.

  8. …And once again this edge-less, Attention-thirsty rap thot spends more time beefing with more successful rappers than working on & promoting her music (And yes, I’m aware of her trying to pull a Beyonce by releasing that album recently that no one gives a f*ck about).

    • 21 years ago. Didn’t everyone do some dumb ass shit when they were young that they regret the hell out of later? To me the proof of his learning a lesson is that you have to go back to 1993 to find recorded proof of his “racism.” If you wanna talk racism in the recording industry, there are about 500 people who would qualify ahead of a dude whose oldest and dearest friends are all black. And if THEY don’t find him to be racist, then why do you care?

      • The “Proof” is in the pudding. Some of his oldest and dearest friends are no longer with us. Not even sure he is still with us, he looks like a different person altogether. And who is black? The mysterious girlfriend that inspired him to song? If so, why hasn’t anyone else ever seen her ?

    • Nice. You have to go back 21 years to find Em being disrespectful to black folks. He’s disrespectful of white folks every damn day.

      He’s not a racist. If anything he’s a big mouthed punk. Did you never say something in your youth that you regret? I said things last week that I regret.
      People say shit every day here that if they became famous and their posts were revealed, they’d be in deep shit.

  9. Lol @ black defending Eminem who cares what Banks sells she where alot of people wish they were and she can say what tf she want about whoever tf she want just like yall do here on hsk lmao

  10. Black People Need To Stop Getting Involved White Issue!!

    When A White Teen Gets Hurt Or Killed A Black People Will Speak Up. But When A Black Teen Gets Hurt Or Killed Blacks Do’t Say Shit. You See The Difference!

    Azealia Should Of Minded Her Own Business If Someone Called Her A Nasty Name Do You See Lana Defending Her?? No
    Is The Truth Either You Like It Or Not

    Remember 3 Years Katy Perry Had The Nerve To Tell Skanky Rihanna Not To Date Chris Brown Again.
    At The Time Katy Was Dating That Trailer Trash John Mayor Who Said He Likes Black Women But He’s Dick Is A Racist!!

    Didn’t Hear Rihanna Making A Huge Fuss About It. If It Been Chris Who Said It You Know White Women Be Fussing
    Cause It What They Do

    • phukk that dyke katyy perry she should have worried about her own marriage to that fag Russell brand.

      fag russell dumped her dyke ass.

      katy and Rihanna were dyking anyway.

  11. Thank you thank you finally a black person ( black female at that) that is not afraid to tell that disrespectful racist overrated culture bandit that all these black battle rappers have been historically afraid of, f*ck that cracka boy and the happy hip hop neegros who defend his thieving ass.



    • She’s part of the gay agenda and she reps their baphomet hard. Check out some of her photoshoots. Nothing but Horns and one eye covered. Why would she be afraid of her overlords. She’s a house pet .

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