Jesse Jackson Daughter Wants To Be a Famous Pop Star


Rev Jessie Jackson fathered a child outside his marriage back in 2001. Now, the reverends 15-year-old bastard daughter, Ashley Jackson, wants to be a pop star.

Here’s what’s reported:

“Ashley’s mother, political science professor Karin Stanford, was a top aid for Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Coalition when they started their affair, but then had to sue the good reverend in 2012, for refusing to pay child support.


Here’s what Ashley Jackson reveals:

“My father is helping me to make connections in the music industry, but he would rather me go into politics.”


  1. The Photo Looks Sick, Her Boobs Are On Her Father’s Body

    Look At The Way She’s Posing. Didn’t Get Her Looks From Her Father

    • She looks like him to me, same big head. high hairline and bottom face, her jaws and nose are broader though. Outside kids always favor the dad or one of the legitmate siblings. Perhaps Gods inside joke. Noticed that when I attended a relative’s 50th wedding anniversary. The legitimate Jr.looked like the twin of the bastard daughter and her son looked just like the grandfather, more so than the legimate grandkids. Needless to say my great aunt never got over that affair.


      • Anon,

        No, it’s not. A spade is a spade & bastard is a bastard. Niceties don’t change that because the truth does not change.

        So many people think because society has somehow made it so cool to bring children into the world out of wedlock by means of infidelity, greed, lust with the notion that a baby will cement a relationship, just because one wants a child & etc. Exempting rape NONE of this is acceptable & takes away so many important things from people born illegitimately.

        So, yes, this is the bastard child child of Rev. Jesse Jackson. She is the product of the ever so holy reverend whoring around on his wife of over 20 years with this girl’s mother. This is a fact that will never change & while his wife, this child & her mother are the only ones affected by this directly, MANY others including myself took serious offense to this because of his position as a so called “Black Community & Political Leader” but as we aged & started paying attention we learned…at the end of everyday Jesse Jackson is “just another nigga, the same kind of nigga he referred to President Obama as when he thought no one was listening.”

        • Okay. But there are a fair number of people who post here who were born to single mothers, and I think it’s mean to label all children born outside of wedlock as bastards.
          I mean, people born with Down Syndrome are retarded, but it’s no nice to call them such.
          And it certainly isn’t the child’s fault that her mother and father are adulterers.





            • I am not stereotyping shit. Perhaps you don’t read the posts daily. We have had several threads on single mothers in the past couple of months, and when they were current, some of us regulars shared our own personal stories, so I was referring to that.

              You are rude.

          • Anonymous @ 08:18,

            I’m not sure if you’re familiar with me & my posts here at HSK but please know at no time am I EVER speaking with disrespectful intent.

            Let me share this with you…
            I’m a single parent! My son has been raised in a single parent home the majority of his life, however, he is NOT a bastard child but thanks to my husband ALL 3 of his siblings are & 2 of those kids have siblings who are bastards as well thanks to their mother’s continued practice of having kids by men they aren’t married to.

            I’m a single parent by way of divorce & choice but my son truly is my former husband’s only legitimate child. If there comes an issue of legalities beyond child support the illegitimate children are last, get less & oftentimes are left out completely when not specified in great detail & sometimes even that doesn’t protect & guarantee them a share of their parent’s assets or what they set aside for them. THAT is what’s REALLY mean, Anonymous & I’ve seen it happen a number of times to several people.

            When I tell you I’ve seen BOTH sides of this I MEAN TO TELL YOU…I am the ONLY legitimate child of my dad’s 2 kids & my sister who is 5 years OLDER than me has ALWAYS treated ME as if ‘I personally owed her something because our father was
            A. Married to my mother years prior to me being born.

            B. Did NOT adhere to the “baby mama drama” her mother repeatedly tried to pull WAY back in the 70’s.

            C. My father opted to either take my sister & raise her in OUR household or pay what the court ordered & keep her at arms distance as a means to not disrupt our home. The later is what happened in her life & to this very day she’s still lost, still carrying the void of NOT having a father & STILL acting like “I OWE HER MY LIFE!” She never thought to ask her mom for the truth.

            As I stated…I am NO stranger to this issue & in spite of all that I can’t share with you here on HSK because of the length of space it would take…I STILL stand firm on the notion that “having illegitimate children & BEING an illegitimate child has as far too many circumstances & consequences to EVER be fair.

            And…at the end of everyday an illegitimate child is a bastard dating as far back as biblical times oh but let me NOT mention the bible because there are SO many people right here on HSK who act like the bible is the worse thing on earth & the mere mention of it can cause a major uproar!!! Let me put it to you another way…if your great grandparents or grandaunt or uncle are still living ASK THEM ABOUT IT & see don’t they tell you how “so & so was known as the bastard son of so & so.” It may not be “nice” but it is surely honest.

            I love you & mean NO harm…
            I’m just telling you in a manner so you see “I’m not speaking from hate but from VAST life experience.” Oh, and…one more thing I neglected to tell you.
            MY OWN HUSBAND…willfully neglects his legitimate son to spite me because I refuse to deal with him outside of the realm of “him getting his son.” When I left him I was done & wanted nothing fromantic him but tI care for his son. He didn’t & as a result…I receive lifetime alimony/spousal support, low child support pmts which are about to get increased…until my son is 24yrs LONG AS he attends school, full medical coverage for my son & I, I will receive one HALF of his retirement & my son & I will receive all proceeds from his life insurance! This is all court ordered & documented. This is my life experience not me just “being mean!”


    • I agree. Why call a child a bastard. No one has control over the circumstances they are born into. Plus she is still a minor.

      • She wouldn’t have been called that on here if she were male….guaranteed. Misogyny 101.

        • Anonymous @10:21,

          You think so? I don’t think it would be any different if it were a male or female child. Arnold schwarzenegger’s illegitimate son was referred to as his “bastard child” if I’m not mistaken. I’m curious to know why you feel that way. Please share/explain when you get a moment…Thanks!

          • Because idiot SJW’s see muh soggy knees under every rock, tree and bush, thaat’s why.

        • @DONT B FOOL’D,

          Let me get YOU straight right now…
          I didn’t give YOU or anyone “my life story,” however, it’s very clear YOU ARE A NOBODY who IS VERY interested in whatever I had to say because YOU took the time to leave your vicious comment to include calling me out my screen name.

          Make NO mistake…I CAN & WILL come to HSK to share & exchange opinions with other HSK posters whenever & however I so choose. We ALL disagree with each other ALL the time but a lot of us do so respectfully unlike YOU. I won’t even bother to tell your uncouth, urban language speaking wannabe, sorry-ass not to respond to my posts because it’s so obvious YOU can’t resist!

          So, you can take your BITCH ass back to the breed from which YOU came from & stay the f*ck off my comments since YOU have NOTHING productive or positive to say. One can only imagine what YOU come from…YOUR SORRY ASS CAN’T EVEN CONDUCT YOURSELF IN A CIVILIZED MANNER ON A COMPUTER.

          And…BITCH, I wasn’t talking to YOU in the first place.

          • Lmao but u the dumb bitch complainin bout a man that actually pays for ur dumb ass and ya slow ass kids tho T.H.O.T stfu bitch u a loser so what if he ain’t there bitch u eatin u lucky he ain’t just dip period n take his money n run lmao move on hoe maybe ya he don’t want see u lmao

            • What does Ms. Regs ex being FORCED to pay up have anything to do with neglecting the child? Money isn’t all a kid needs!

            • @Blessed,

              Thank you for addressing that fact.
              In the past my son would have far more appropriated time spent & nurturing from his husband than money. Now that he’s older he’s fogiven his father but wants nothing to do with him at all & his father “blames me!”

          • Damn I was worth alot of words tho huh go take care ya kids n stay off the internet

            • Blessed u must b dumb cause its men with 1-20 kids they will first of all never see let alone pay bitch better b happy at least the man paying let alone spousal and health insurance for her n retirement n wateva else shoulda stays wit him maybe he would have spent his time instead of all his f*cking money lmao get ova it

            • EVERYBODY HERE…can see how IRRESISTIBLE my comments are to YOU @DONT B FOOL’D so you go right ahead making yourself look like the ass YOU are!

            • @Dont be Fooled….. did you seriously just call me dumb bc , as you state, ” its men with 1-20 kids they will first of all never see let alone pay… ”

              How does stating quotes about other irrelevant deadbeats help your point?!?

              You sound extremely angry, jealous and BITTER, not to mention ignorant af if thats the basis of your point?
              Im sorry that your bd doesn’t pay for or acknowledge your bastards, but to get mad at another woman for complaining abt her own life, situation and Ex-HUSBAND shows more about your petty ass than anyone else.

              Please have several seats and quit while you’re behind bc you’re making yourself look extremely stupid here.

          • @414!!!,

            First, allow me to apologize to you my HSK sister for NOT taking a moment to directly address you before now. Please charge it to my head & not my heart because in spite of my silence I’ve quietly observed a great deal of your comments & in doing so I’ve witness some of your growth which is so awesome. I, like some of your other HSK family applaud you & are so proud of you especially for ALWAYS displaying your love & loyalty to the Lord. Many blessings to you God bless you always & thank you for blessing ALL of here with your presence.

            *I also want to apologize to you & @Raheim & everyone else for “having to show my ass by correcting an ignorant fool who has ZERO understanding & even less reading comprehension skills.” I hate to be “a verbal assassinist” here because there are so many others who do it for sport…I don’t. Just as @Raheim described of himself, I’m pretty much the exact same way…
            “I’m what you see here both on-and-offline.”

            Stay with us & continue to joyfully express yourself!

          • @ MS reg I understand but 5 paragraphs tho js men leave as they please and do as they please 99% of the time in any formal or informal relationship

            • Why r u on here bitching about paragraph length. Just don’t read it. Take your short attention span over to tnx or something. Very assinine commentary over there.

            • @ blessed what you said doesn’t apply to me I have no kids and been in a relationship for 7 years and I will be married b4 having children

        • Thatchick414 just like anonymous said so your a co signer. It’s all good but don’t complain about a man not seeing his son when you have 3 other kids and he taking care of you and your son. Just sounds dumb I grew up in a single parent home my mom did everything, she was with my father ( also my twin and brother father) for 3 years b4 they got engaged and started to have children.They never married my mother couldn’t handle his ways after a while. He came to see us but took care of everyone else’s kids. I just don’t see how she can complain. But we never cried about wanting to see him when he didn’t who up. But really she can’t complain that’s the man she chose to lay down with point blank. But how u gone call ya other kids bastards when u chose to get knocked up by whoever that didn’t marry her.I could go on and on but no one will get it.

          • @DON’T B FOOL’D,

            I’m going to try this with you ONE more time & seeing as how “by your own admission you we’re raised in a single parent home” I’ll see if you follow me without getting hostile & mad at me.

            When I left my husband we agreed he would assist in raising our son in addition to financially providing for him. The moment he saw “he wasn’t going to ever play house with me in this lifetime” & how adamant I was in him caring for our son…he didn’t. He did absolutely nothing. My son’s private school, sports, outings & lifestyle was funded by me solely in the same manner in which your mom provided for you & your siblings. The difference was your mom had 3 of you all & I have 1 but it’s sometimes the same amount if not more with 1 child in terms of time & finances. After the FIRST 5-6 years of receiving (read this part carefully so you don’t miss it) NO child support & NO visataion at his home ALL THAT TIME while my husband had yet another illegitimate child he was hid, lied about & was providing for all while neglecting his legitimate son because I wouldn’t sleep with him & act like we were a family. I was DONE with him, not willing to compromise myself not even for my son. I took him to court. The judge was amazed at the fact I hadn’t filed sooner!

            You kept saying “I was complaining” but there aren’t any complaints on my part at all. I’m sitting quite pretty in comparison to a lot of women in my position but let me ask you this…
            If I received $1M per month in support & every luxury my son wanted, which I’m not but IF I were would THAT be enough to cover the cost of my husband’s purposeful & willful absence from my son’s life all these years? MY answer AFTER raising my son alone & seeing him grow through that pain is a resounding NO but I still want to know YOUR opinion because you’ve lived it.

            @DON’T B FOOL’D, I would have opted to receive FAR less financially & my son have what I consider to be “a healthy loving relationship with his father” but due to the choices made by my husband he took hisself out & right at THIS moment his current fiance has to work 2 jobs to make up income for their home. She has no children with him but because 53% of his income is paid to my son & I this is her plight. THIS is neither mine or the fault of my son. This is clearly the fault of a man who “kept having babies out of wedlock” & is being made to pay more to his wife & legitimate child “whether he sees him or not!”

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  2. “helping her MAKE connections”, hmmmm. Let me stop and think about that now…hmmmmm….he wants her to kick in and help him with the child support. LOL

  3. We are talking about a 15 year old “child”. Referring to her as a bastard, is highly offensive.

        • You must be a paid disinformation agent. This website is about tearing people we don’t know and will never meet down. Especially children. Let’s start a rumor. I bet the kid is a lesbian too or addicted to Molly. See making others weak makes us all feel better about our lives.

      • @ HSK, why are you allowing ‘”THATCHICK414!!!”/”THE TRUMPET BLOWER!!!” to saturate all the articles with annoying GIBBERISH? Does this site have guidelines or rules?

          • i was wondering when someone other than me would get fed up with his/her BS. Good gracious that shit is annoying.

            • please relax a little with the comments.. Its really starting to clog up the comments causing a lot of blow back. If we can’t bring this to a reasonable level I am told to start moderating your comments…and I’m really not trying to have to read all these, it wont bode well for the approval percentage.

              thank you

              HSK staff

            • Hi HSK staff person. Since you are obviously paying attention, can we respectfully request an update on Jacky? Please. His presence here is very missed .

            • Well if this ain’t the most moist blog I have ever seen. Some dry snitching up in here. So what poster pretended to be HSK this time?

            • Uncle Toms Cabin, “Don’t Believe me…ask….?”, “I don’t know, but I’ll ask….next time I see him/her, answering questions from readers, only deleting/ moderating comments unless way over the top/ offensive, the content of the articles, the tone of the articles, etc. A LOT has changed. But, whatever. As long as Jacky is ok .

            • Let me tell y’all something. I had the opportunity to talk to my dear sister 414. What she type is THE REAL DEAL! Her voice is very warm and inviting. If y’all quit complaining so damn much y’all can learn something from her. There is a reason for her posts. And believe me I rather read her posts that to sit here and y’all bashing and lashing out on her like a pack of angry wolves!

          • You speak about truth yet you fail to admit you are thirsty for attention. All those caps and extra long bullshit is juvenile and over the top.

        • Why would they respond to complaints about 414? She’s harmless. Not a shit stirrir like that LB3 character or that other one. And we’ve been complaining about that refresh/ sending you to your offer shit forever and they ignored us about that. Why would they respond to this? It’s so petty.

        • @ANON 13:00 Precisely…Because it’s not really HSK responding…it’s one of the haters trying to regulate and pretend they got authority. Ridiculous

        • Every friggin post is yours. If your imaginary husband was giving you attention you would not need it on a blog from strangers who don’t even like yo ass

        • @Anonymous

          Leave @ThatChick414 Alone She’s Speaking The Truth Sadly, You Can’t Handle The Truth Go Back To School And Do Your Got Damn, Research You Stupid Prick!!

        • @ATTENTION…HSK

          Says The One Who Has Capital Letters For Your Username, Shut The Fuck Up Wobbly Lip Hypocrite
          @ThatChick414 Is Speaking The Truth, You Dimwits Shit Brains Motherf*ckers Can’t Handle The Truth

      • @HSK Staff,

        I’m NOT upset at your use of the word “bastard” when used in any of it’s proper context which I feel you did, however, it’s clear & understandable WHY many people find it offensive. These SAME people will call a thief a criminal & a car a vehicle but get ANGRY at an illegitimate child being called or considered a bastard…

        1. archaic derogatory
        a person born of parents not married to each other.

        dated/love child, by-blow; natural child/son/daughter

        synonyms: illegitimate child,
        child born out of wedlock;

        • I guess my family chose to define the term differently. Of course, I know what a bastard is. My parents got married three months after I was born. My parents are going through a divorce and I just found out that my dad was married to a woman in NY when he left her and met my mom in CA. She never knew he was married. He got divorced in November and they were married in Dec. Turns out, he had a daughter in New York as well. To my knowledge, he never saw her…but maybe he did! My father was dedicated to our family. So, in my case, the illegitimate child was me. However, the child who suffered was the legitimate child, simply because her mom and dad didn’t get along.

          • @JJ,

            You are in the position of 2 of my 3 step kids & your sister is in the position of my son of whom has been severely hurt emotionally by his father’s willful absence.

            NEITHER side of this issue is rarely cool especially when the two are NOT blended together openly & on one accord &/or when the entire situation is kept a secret & a bunch of lies are told instead. I’ve been on BOTH sides of of the spectrum TWICE, once growing being the legitimate child who was always resented by the illegitimate sibling & once by being the parent to an abandoned legitimate child. I won’t go into the various pain these kinds of situations cause for ALL parties involved.

            What I want you & EVERY woman that reads my comments on THIS article to get more than anything is this:

            “You cannot control the actions of any man whether he is your husband or not, however, from a LEGAL PERSPECTIVE…a WIFE stands to prevail far greater for herself & for the benefit of her children than a woman who simply has child out of wedlock.” God will repay ALL parents, men & women alike for mistreating their kids but the courts makes provisions for WIVES that “a baby mama” is not even eligible for. THAT is my biggest point to you all.

            @JJ, not sure why YOUR parents are currently divorcing & I’m very sorry to hear that but take a few things into consideration…YOUR PARENTS ADORED YOU & did so before you were actually here on earth!

            In your next thought…think of how your dad’s previous wife & daughter may have felt about your dad without knowing ANYTHING about you & your mom…

            Keep ALL the greatness you’re made of & LEAVE the rest to “those who caused it.”

  4. Wow she’s grown and Jesse cheated on his wife with her mother. This little girl better stay out of the music industry if she knows whats good for her.

  5. GM Ma! Good to see you in better spirits today.

    • It’s all good mama…you’re doing fine. LOL They need to tell HSK something it doesn’t know because HSK damn sure knows you’re already on here…In spite of all the dropping dime, HSK is probably delighted to have you on this blog because you stir up conversation and emotions. If they do a Farenheit 451 and start censoring comments, it wouldn’t be good for business.

  6. Jessie Jackson and A Sharpton both apart of those people, lie’en to the African Americans pretending they gave a f*ck.they lied to all blacks, they just wanted recognition and publicity they been on some bullshit from the beginning, apart of an elaborate plan, bought and payed for. They were never for the blacks or African Americans like the rest they for exposure and money.what dose Jessie Jackson do? What does AL Sharpton do? Do they work in the law field? What do they do? Besides the obvious? The obvious is run to the first to run to the cameras when something serious happen concerning black people they are the first faces on t.v. you see. I call both (Rev.Rolo goodlove) from the boondocks episode(grandad and rev.rolo goodlove) that reminds me so much of the both of them, when Riley’s teacher says the N word, it becomes an international problem who El but rev.rolo goodlove all in the camera pretending to care but in reality it’s exposure im profit.i see through the rose colored glass I know the deal.

    • In all fairness to the “good reverend”, he did what all politicians do. There are poor unknown activists in every city, but you never hear about them by name because they don’t have PR machines like the big name activists ie Jesse, Al etc. HSK did a story early this year about Father Pfleger Catholic priest in Chicago who has more or less devoted his life to working for the poor and disenfranchised of his city. Some people are in it for other reasons than notoriety and fortune.

      • Father Pfleger may do all of that, but the organization he represents (Roman Catholic Church) is the most evil organization on the face of this earth. I believe all Catholic priests have to have some kind of formal college education before they can become priests, so I question anybody who still remains a Catholic after receiving a formal education on Scriptures and the true history of that Church.

        That Church is a fraud. How could its leaders not know that? Why do they teach that there is no salvation outside of it, when Jesus did not establish that Church to begin with? He never stepped foot in Rome and we know for a fact that the so called “Church” was first established in Jerusalem. Jesus’ first century followers were mainly Israelites – not Roman Catholics practicing some pagan looking religion called Roman Catholicism. First century believers went to Jerusalem to have problems resolved by the apostles and elders – not Rome. The Pope’s position is counterfeit. In the beginning, there were many bishops/popes of Rome – not one supreme one. The early so called Church did not have the power structure in place that the Roman Catholic Church has today, so no supreme Pope in Rome ruled over the entire Church. The Church was governed from Jerusalem and Jesus’ half brother James was the main leader of that Church in Jerusalem because Peter was too busy traveling throughout Israel and the rest of the Roman Empire spreading the gospel, healing, and doing what Jesus actually commanded them to do. He was not sitting up in Rome with gazillions of dollars, on a throne, meddling in world affairs, while people walked by kissing his hands and butt. Many of the doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church have no biblical foundation whatsoever and at times completely contradict Scripture. So again, how could any pure in heart Roman Catholic Church leader represent this wicked fraudulent organization?

        You know, everybody loved John Paul II, yet look at how he handled the pedophile issue. Benedict gets blamed, but John Paul II deserves more blame. Mother Teresa did a lot for the poor too, yet she had to undergo an exorcism a few years before she died. How does someone who looks so holy and righteous on the outside end up needing an exorcism? The Roman Catholic Church is good about sending out wolves in sheep clothing into the world – just look at this new wicked Pope. The world is eating him up, but he is probably one of the most vile Popes to date. If only people really understood his true intentions, what the Roman Catholic Church is all about and who the people who run it really are, they would try to at least get it shut down. Everything leaders in the Catholic Church do is meant to advance their wicked agenda. So forgive me for not being impressed by the good Father. I get what you’re trying saying, but he is just a bad example to use here. I don’t see him being any better than Jesse, Al, and the rest of them.

        • Good read. Glad I am not the only one who had to break their gradeschool programming.

        • Fair enough. I was in no way stanning for the Catholic Church believe me. My point was that there are people who do good acts for the sole benefit of helping others. Pfleger is just one of many. The only reason I might put him a step above Rev Al is that he does not seek the limelight. But even Al has done some good in his time.

  7. @Raheim this girl’s mother is dark skin. Nice looking lady but both her and Jesse should have known better. Jesse’s oldest son is in prison. This family seems very thirsty for attention.

    • I see, but the fact that the girl’s side-chick mother was just that, a side-chick, means my comment still stands. You know there’s no such thing as a black ‘Trophy Wife (Not that that’s something to aspire to, but you get my drift)’ unless she resembles Paula Patton. The daughter is his preferred complexion.

  8. She is better off using his connections to enroll in NC A&T undergrad, graduate, and then attend any Ivy League school for an MBA and work in the business first before branching out. The Lupita formula. Its amazing how the outside kids always resemble the dad.

    • Good game plan. Plus she might snag a good catch in Durham with all the bright men there.

      • I think thats NCCU but its close to A&T. You are right. Duke is in Durham and State and UNC is in the vicinity. Hopefully she can meet up with a Trajan Langdon or Ernie Barnes(rip) type fellas who attends school in the area and not get caught up with trash like most women.

        • Damn Non Importante I had a major brain fart. Of course I was thinking of Central. Duh.
          Too many carbs this morning I s’pose. Trajan? Wow was that ever a blast from the past! He and I were there at the same time(I was a frosh when he was a senior but still…that dude was a mathematical fool! While I was majoring in eastern Carolina barbeque, he was doing advanced alculus in his sleep.

        • Damn Non Importante I had a major brain fart. Of course I was thinking of Central. Duh.
          Too many carbs this morning I s’pose. Trajan? Wow was that ever a blast from the past! He and I were there at the same time(I was a frosh when he was a senior but still…that dude was a mathematical fool! While I was majoring in eastern Carolina barbeque, he was doing advanced calculus in his sleep.

          • No worries. Stop it about Trajan and calculus, I am salivating. Had the biggest crush on him as a tween (and many Duke basketball players). He was perfect. And he is a nerd too? We can talk about differential equations together! People can say what they want to about the Duke’s basketball program, Coach K and co. may not produce legendary/notable NBA players like St. Johns and UNC but their guys retire without financial issues, scandals and criminal charges. Guess that what happens when you don’t scout AAU players at age 12 with hungry parents or from the bowels of the hood, like NC State and even UNC-Chapel Hill recently with the PJ Hairston situation. I know I know in perhaps in another lifetime I will be less elitist. East carolina has the homemade sauce or west? My uncle(rip) used to make the best dry bbq and coleslaw back way back when I ate everything including pork.

            • Eastern Carolina bbq uses the vinegar based sauce and the pork butt used for the sammies is minced instead of “pulled.”
              I understand from the alumni magazine that DU is considering offering BBQ as a major now. 🙂

            • One more thing: Trajan aced his math SATs and he was considered a true savant in that arena. He wasn’t as nerdy as you might expect though…pretty chill guy. He was raised in Alaska by very conservative, traditional parents(his father was a university prof) so his desire to go to Duke wasn’t much of a surprise. The only other academically elite school with a decent team is Stanford, but they weren’t yet a hoops powerhouse at that time. Now that Johnny Dawkins(Duke ’86 and Naismith Player of the Year) in now their head coach, and I expect great things. Tommy Amaker(’88) was his teammate and he is now head coach at Harvard. Like you so aptly pointed out, DU may not produce the NBA Hall of Fame players, but a stint under Coach K as an assistant coach followed by a sweet contract and ivy covered Georgian home in the rarefied confines of Cambridge or Palo Alto ain’t too shabby.

  9. Rev Al Sharpton and Rev Jackson have been great in exposing injustices in the black community. Who else is going to do it. These garbage and sellout rappers aint going to do it.

    • Yo these catch up they ain’t helped shit they run they mouth and accept money for any special interest groups they are nothing more than con men black people will never reach a decent status as a culture

    • Yup and look where they got us. These to fake so called leaders are nothing more than puppets for the elite. Where are their voices and outrage on black on black crime? Which one of them is going to march through Chicago? As a people we need to come together as a community of leaders and not let the unnecessary evils chose one for us. There is power in numbers. We need to stop looking for “the one” who is going to save us but, seek the ones who is willing to come together and fight as a whole. There is a leader in all of us we just have to start doing instead of talking.

  10. She needs to go to college and get an education.. The music industry is not for the weak or talented individuals.. It’s mostly gimmick n recycled music..
    Young lady go get an education, then try the industry, you don’t want to be passed around like a used car..

  11. I agree with your statement but who else is going to march and be the voice of black people?

    • It’s easy to run ya mouth especially if you can get somebody to put a camera on you I haven’t heard of 1 civil rights leader who was who they said they was do some research injustice in the black community is the black community itself let it marinate don’t worry I wait

  12. “bastard child”….Ouch. These terms are old mentalities from a time where TPTB wanted to force people to live in conventional ways, so if you did something “out the box” you were ostracized from the community or the scarlet letter was pinned on you. Some of these old philosophies just don’t apply anymore. Times change, mentalities should too.

    • *standing ovation* You took the words right out of my mouth. Just because something was considered acceptable 300 years ago doesnt make it right now. It’s 2014

      • Thanks…some people don’t realize that the entire marriage institution and all the laws that are under it’s umbrella are all MAN MADE and are a part of that narrow minded way of thinking. Religions were implemented to control the behavior of the masses. I know marriage means something when it comes to law and property but come on…on a spiritual level every child is God’s child…and every child has a parent or else it would be “immaculate conception”, so to refer to a child as illegitimate just because the father wasn’t married to the mother is a prehistoric mentality. It comes from a time when you could still by your wife for two sheep and some cloth. God does not hate any child out of wedlock and does not treat that child with any less spiritual protection because of it.

  13. Is the black race going to be forever divided? Its sad that how we came from being so close to the Heavenly Father. We really have lost our way as people. Its also sad that we have more sleeping ignorance than the ones whom are awake and trying fight. Why do we continue to call each other names and drop labels on each other? The sad thing is we don’t truly own any labels that would benefit our people but yet, we use unnecessary ones to hurt our own. This site right here has became just like the other two disinformation sites. I truly believe this site is working under false pretenses and furthering the agenda to keep blacks angry at each other and the world. I know its a gossip site but come on! (In my Keith Sweat voice)…”Something, Something, Something just ain’t right! It just ain’t right!. …Where you at Jacky?

      • How conceited and delusional can you be ThatChick414.
        “Anon” was talking to the “anonymous” commentator not your silly ranting, incoherent self. Smh.

        Bastard is a harsh word for children born under circumstances they had no control over. It should be the bastard man that cheated or the bastard woman that produced a child in dire circumstances. The rage should be against the two adults involved not the innocent children.


    SHES ALREADY LEArning sex sells in the industry.

  15. Don’t call that child a bastard. She had nothing to do with her conception and she did not ask to be here. Fuck you for labeling her that way.

    • I don’t get it…this is supposed to be an urban blog and the first thing people do when they can’t control someone else is do the “white people” thing they do in the movie theater when they hear someone talking. Go to the usher or manager “Excuse me, Sir, that man is talking too much, can you please tell him to stop or have him removed from the theater.”….LOL.

      • @414 Keep doing you boo! To heck with all the naysayers, we’re here to voice our opinions, comments, etc. no need to knock anybody for what or how they say anything. If you don’t like it, simply kill yourself, troll or go to another site, log off, or shut the hell up period. Conduct yourselves as men and women on here and save that other mess for the juveniles or elsewhere. Don’t play gangsta on the net, behind the phone/computer, what you won’t do in real life.

  16. Fact is she is a bastard…her mother gave her that title when
    She decided to f*ck and get pregnant by a married man.

    • Anonymous@13:30,

      Thank YOU! You didn’t call her that. Jacky &/or the HSK staff didn’t call or make the child a bastard…her parents did & I’m swear on all that’s holy I’m trying understand WHAT people don’t get about this.

      Exactly WHEN did “bastard child” becoming an “outdated term or label” as one of our fellow HSK family members called it? I’ll tell you when…soon as TPTB decided to push their “Anything Goes When & How THEY Say It Goes” agenda & YES, this includes their “Gay In ALL Things We See, Do & Share Is Now Acceptable Agenda” as well.

      Illegitimacy IS NOT A BLACK THING contrary to popular belief but it’s pointed out when it’s convenient for folks & NOT pointed out when it’s equally convenient for others. Let’s no be real for a moment…exactly HOW MANY bastard children are in that Kardashian crew? Start with Khole & count…
      I’ll wait…

      *You see my point? Not often is it “mentioned but ALL THOSE DISICK KIDS ARE IN FACT BASTARD CHILDREN, every single last one them & no amount of money they have or niceness from others who simply “don’t call them that” will change that fact. THAT IS THE DAMN TRUTH.

      • You are an idiot, sit yo ass down your just mad your husband ran off with another woman so now you projecting your situation on other kids, if this child is a bastard then your a hoe, bish please upgrade to 2014, its not that “anything goes” its that humans CANNOT live up to the rediculous expectations of perfection that the church forces on them and children are not bastards thier parents are

        • anonymous@12:18,

          YOU & quite a few others that spoke on this topic are so busy trying to make YOUR SELF JUSTIFCATION RIGHT. NEVER at anytime did I personally bring “church forces” into the conversation. I did mention the fact that the subject dates back to biblical time nor did I come after YOU calling you out you but since YOU’RE so right, correct & so 2014 let’s go with you & YOUR way of thinking:


          1. archaic derogatory
          a person born of parents not married noun
          a person born of parents not married to each other.
          synonyms: illegitimate child, child born out of wedlock; datedlove child, by-blow; natural child/son/daughter

          So, there’s your upgrade to 2014, smartass!

          • Good Morning Ms. Reg Says! Hope you’re doing well this lovely Monday. I just wanted to respectfully comment on your post above. I totally respect your point of view. But check this out…

            We should remember that by definition, a lot of these words came into existence because there was a very strong influence that Roman Catholicism played on the Laws of the Land especially during Medieval Times, which this word’s definition dates back to. During this time The Crusaders were enforcing their laws in the name of God…and all of these laws that they enforced were man made, God never came down and decreed children born out of wedlock disenfranchised. And ALL of these laws catered to the aristocrats of the land and the law’s sheer creation and perpetuation was to make sure that Kings would keep their kingdoms even though they used to whore around behind the Queen’s back and sometimes in her face. So no child out of marriage could claim the Kingdom later when he became a man. It is not God’s decree that these children are any less than ones married from matrimony…it’s mankind is all I’m saying.

            Bastard (Law of England and Wales:)
            A bastard (also called whoreson) in the law of England and Wales is a person whose parents were not married at the time of his or her birth, or indeed his or her conception. Should a married couple divorce, unlike in many other systems of law, there was previously no possibility of post factum legitimisation of a bastard. This situation was changed in 1926.

            The word bastard is from the Old French “bastard,” which in turn was from medieval Latin “bastardus.” According to some sources, “bastardus” may have come from the word “bastum,” which means packsaddle,[1] the connection possibly being the idea that a bastard might be the child of a passing traveller (who would have a packsaddle). In support of this is the Old French phrase “fils de bast” loosely meaning “child of the saddle,” which had a similar meaning.[1]

            Common law origin[edit]

            Bastardy was not a status, like villeinage, but the fact of being a bastard had a number of legal effects on an individual.

            One exception to the general principle that a bastard could not inherit occurred when the eldest son (who would otherwise be heir) was born a bastard but the second son was born after the parents were married.

            The Provisions of Merton 1235 (20 Hen. 3 c. IX), otherwise known as the Special Bastardy Act 1235, provided that except in the case of real actions the fact of bastardy could be proved by trial by jury, rather than necessitating a bishop’s certificate.


    • So you fornicating men and women have no problem being labelled whores because that’s what you technically are?

    • As stated above, she’d be better off using her father’s Boule connections to become a Doctor, Lawyer, or ‘Politician–‘ She’s certainly light-skinned enough for blacks to respect & follow her, at least for a little while–Just look at Obama.

      • Lol. Messy Jesse. I can’t with him and AL Sharpton’s perm. Sad state for the black community when you have leaders such as these two. I’m afraid to even think what type of NAACP black leader King would have been had he lived.

        • They all are masons so and ain’t no way in hell back in the day a black man like Martin Luther King would have got any respect from the white man unless he worked for them come on now greasy al got a show on CNN lookin like he got the bug

        • Some say MLK was Boule (Along with Andrew Young, Bayard Rustin, and the aforementioned Jackson & Sharpton); however, he was in the midst of renouncing his ‘non-violent’ stance on Civil Rights and working with Malcolm X & Elijah Muhammad, an act that sealed both of their (MLK & Malcolm X) fates. Therefore, MLK would’ve been savaged in the white media (one of White Supremacy’s favorite tactics, and still going strong today) for not kissing whites’ asses, then targeted for working with the Nation of Islam.

          • Understand able brother but you know damn well the nation of Islam killed Malcom and its also a front Elijah Muhammad and Farrakahn are fakes just like the religion They all work for the white man lol (If it ain’t about the money)

            • Yeah, it’s been said they had a hand in Malcolm’s death, as well (some say the reason was because Muhammad was jealous of the attention & power Malcolm was getting from the outside world, with the sentiment among some being that Malcolm was the ‘face’ or forefront of the NOI, though I’m sure ‘you know damn well’ about that), but as he wasn’t the focus of my comment, there was no need to bring it up.

            • @Raheim,

              You know…
              Your sense of decorum is as always IMMPECABLE even when you’re being responded to by a zip damn FOOL! More times than not MOST of us with good sense gain something insightful, funny &/or quite educational/historic from your posts.

              Forgive the stupidity experienced here at times & KNOW WE LOVE & APPRECIATE YOU! Thank you for always sharing as you do with us. 😉

            • @Ms Reg Says!–Thank you for the kind words. It is important for me to maintain an air of decorum on here…But these so-called ‘Anonymous’ people & Trolls might wanna chill on coming at me sideways (Whether they’ve been sanctioned by the site to stir shit up for views or whatever, a common practice in blogs as you and I both know) and go check some of my posts on here from summer ’13, because, as you know, I will revert to my ‘old’ self and let their bitch.asses. HAVE IT on here! It must suck for said ‘Anonymous’ clowns/Trolls to have to come online and act a ‘zip damn FOOL,’ as you so eloquently put it because their lives suck, which is something I know nothing about since I am what you see here both on-and-offline, but that’s life for you–It takes all kinds…I guess.

              In any event, thanks again, and right back at you! I can’t tell you how many things I’ve learned from you about Hollyweird and those in it, as well as the great compliment you once gave to black men & boys when speaking of your son. Keep doing you!

          • @Raheim The Uncivil Rights Movement was set up by the fake Joos as a means of monitoring the blackman’s movements and keeping us under a microscope during the 70’s with Micheal Luther King as the Canon fire.You don’t find it odd today that he’s still being forced down our throats by the white media as if they love blacks,but yet we’re still being killed in the streets by them.Everything from Martin Luther King speeches,to the way he talked and dressed was all planned out by others mostly Stanley Levison a known Communist.Trust in Believe, we are always under a microscope by the whiteman and that’s be proven by the purchase of BET to where’s thru programming they can control generations of young black minds and the NAACP Which are all secretly controlled by the fake Joos.Its falsehoods that appear to be truths like “Equal Opportunity Employer and “Innocent Until Proven Guilty which are all damn lies and a design to work against the descendants of the bible which are us.This is all Chicanery but of course,most of our people are to asleep to see the obvious.

            • @ThatChick–Thank you, and yes, I’ve noticed how people have been f*cking with you–Consider it a kind of f*cked-up ‘initiation’ to this blog, as every regular had to go through it. Of course, I’m not saying to let ’em be…lol Keep doing you!

              @BlackAnastasia–Co-sign your whole post, as I’ve been saying and read & heard the exact same things about both MLK & how TPTB have been monitoring us since before he was assassinated. Similar to my comment about MLK and many in his inner circle being Boule lap dogs of the so-called Elites, many people, whether black or not, aren’t aware that the so-called ‘Civil Rights Movement’ was funded (And therefore controlled) by J__sh people, which means that true Civil Rights were never really attained–As some speakers/lecturers have said, Segregation hurt blacks far more than it helped, and we’re still dead last in EVERYTHING as a people after all that effort, struggle, and collusion. Sad and infuriating state of affairs, but until we get over this complacency ‘spell’ we’re under and stop looking to everyone else to solve our problems, nothing will truly change.

            • I know that’s right all the lies they make us learn in school all the way through college. We still as a culture need to do better.Heck ain’t no millionaire or billionaire entertainer nor politician,pastor etc. Ever had the idea of making something strickly for black folk but quick to talk about the injustices. We don’t own anything no matter what color the government controls us all and the world cause they go into any country kill who they want steal what they want and keep it moving but we go to jail for anything.

  17. Everybody worried about what Jacky said by yall still come here everyday obviously yall don’t have a life wont one of you fake insiders start your own shit n stop tryna tell Jacky wat he said ain’t right and another thing when your parents he divorced that to me make the child a bastard also now somebody else got take care another mans child

  18. Lol @ Hsk moderating my comments when its people posting absolute non sense and posting stories longer tha Jacky’s

        • as a matter of fact I do…only the ignorant or the sell-out would be happy to hold the title of Boule…

      • Not really concerned with meaning. Boule families are typically well read, spoken, educated, socially conscious , affluent and charitable. Can you just imagine what our communities would look like if those characteristics were the rule rather than the exception? Far too many people on here are hung up on the 200 year old definition. The have nots should spend less time and energy hating on the haves and more time implementing similar strategies for their own success. Just my opinion.

        • I agree ive been saying the same thing but black people are dumb they wont get it

          • There are only two types of people those who get it and those who do not. Those who get it find a way. Those who do not got a bushel full of excuses.

  19. According to the bible it says:Our Gates would Languish meaning we’d have no leaders and it also says:No man Shall Buy you meaning no man will redeem us from our condition here in America.So I’d say who the fck is a FarrahConArtist,Martin Lucifer King,Al Sharptongue and several other corny sounding mutherf*ckers?!Wasn’t Angela Davis and Maya Angeldust married to whitemen? How much more proof do we need that our so called leaders Mislead? According to the bible we have no leaders and I just proved it.

    • “We have no leaders.”

      …I don’t know how much more obvious it has to be for people to get it. Furthermore, who said we needed (a) leader(s) in the first place? The colluding charlatans we’ve had in the past is one of the main reasons we’re in the state we’re in now. The Civil Rights generation dropped the ball and deflated that shit right after MLK died, and man, does it show.

    • Preach black people as a whole are inconsistent and lost they bought into the white world instead of living as out great grandparents did off the land. I wish there was someone out there that saw the city the way I see it as a way to control and enslave the human race. You can eat and live without money but every dumb black person worried about the dollar. Our government enslaved us and we accept it. The Native Americans didn’t have a currency. The tribe fed and housed each other from the earth.

      • You Can’t Be Pro-Black And Phuck A White Person

        Most Of Civils Right Leaders Were Led By White People. Martin Luter King Was Dicking Down A White Bitch
        And J Edgar Hoover Threaten To Expose it Unless He Stopped The Civil Right Movement.

        The Only Decent One Was Malcolm X He Spoke The Truth, While The Other Leaders Were Puppets For White People

          • Ikr but my great grandfather born in 1901 mother was full blood Piscataway Indian and my mother said he had a weird skin color I believe his father was black because he ended up with the last name Murray but alot of Indian were made to consider them self black because of the pigmentation

      • If u handin out punishment start wit da cracka who chopped off Toby’s foot. Dumb ass

  20. Really 414 u comin 4 somebody but no one was talking to you guess you that pressed huh actually it was directed @ MS reg now if your her co signer I will gladly let you join in

  21. To all Martin Lucifer King Lovers here’s what the bible says about this fraud:Jeremiah 23-26 I heard what the prophets said, that prophesy lies in my name,saying I Have Dreamed,I Have Dreamed.How long shall this be in the heart of the prophets who prophesy lies? Yea,they are prophets of deceit of their own heart;

    • So you would prefer to still be in segregation? Would YOU have stepped up and lead the movement? I’m sure these guys had many demons but their work helped you. Instead of being neutral you want to speculate to tear them down.

      What are you doing other than typing on a computer to uplift the race and promote justice and equality?

      • @LB3 The bible promotes segregation Duet 7:3 read it..Yes I do promote segregation and Martin Luther Kings so called dream haven’t helped you or me because we are still at the bottom of this society.Try I Had A Nightmare Not I Had A Dream.

        • MLK was not perfect. Neither are you. His life didn’t make the African American plight worse… I don’t assume that when you are in the South you refuse to drink at a public water fountain or stay in a decent hotel.

          You one of those who would complain regardless. It’s easy to throw stones because we all have made poor decisions.

          • What the fck is an African American first of all because I don’t adhere do such bulls hit nor am I the name of two whitemen.So I don’t have interchanges with a shackled slave minded fool.You just exposed yourself and we have no more to discuss.

            • I’ve said countless times and I’ll say again the Negroes did not come out of a Homo named Ham.We are from the seed of Shem so how the he’ll can we be Africans when we are not one of the 4 families that come from that clown..Stop believing the lies the devil has taught you and listen to the israelites before it’s too late.Shalom

            • Yes. I have no place talking to Black Isrealites….

              All bloodlines have been corrupted to some extent (unfortunately). We are all human beings descendent from Adam regardless of the circumstances that brought us to this point in the worlds history. You can go through the semantics of what people of African descent are called. It doesn’t make you smarter than me.

              It is in fact true that history skews whom African people are descended from. But people like you don’t bring any positivity to the discussion. You are focused on lies that have been perpetuated. What are you doing for your community now?

              How did MLK made America a worse place for people of color? You are going to ride both sides of the fence and criticize blindly regardless of outcome. What do the Black Isrealites do to enhance the gene pool?

    • A girl I knew said her mother used to work for the alphabet agency and said they kept tabs on him and in little to no words, he wasn’t as “saintly” as history portrayed him to be. Some people really need to learn how to de-program from the lies we were taught in school. I had a professor from Howard Univ who taught a class at my school out VA & he kept it 100 in the 90s, not that fairy tale bs they spewing now. Better seek the truth, all of it before they remove it from existance and really crack down on monitoring what you’re researching.

      • Who said he was a saint? Was that his objective?

        Only a fool would say that the promotion of Civil Rights is a bad thing. Who are you or me to judge the man himself? MLK I assume had many vices and demons just like everyone else? Everyone has skeletons in their closet. What exactly was your professor exposing? LOL

        I would think his work in Civil Rights helped abolish Jim Crow. Does hat make him above reproach? No. But neither are YOU…

        • I’m sure if someone wite tapped all your conversations and recorded every thing you did it may paint a different picture than you would like to protray.

          Who are you to demand perfection in a human being? Especially on this website where you are reading about anecdotal gossip about who made a sex tape or who is a queer.


  22. Why does she have to be called a bastard like that? Its not her fault what her parents did…shes a child and has yet to prove herself to be so negatively if she gets into the industry then maybe she will earn some kind of negative adjective but i dont thi,k she should be referred to as such just coming out of the gate…tacky

      • Stop co signing to fuk wat you writing that’s why I came for you I saw you said you wasn’t try start nothing but you co signin

  23. @yep yep & @smh,

    I know you both are “articulate, intelligent & wise individuals.”
    Having said this I’m sure you both will understand how & why “some of us feel it’s almost therapeutic for certain people to come here.”

    I think “a little grace is in order” from all of us since we realize what we’re dealing with. I’m hoping you both understand what I’m saying without taking offense. If you look at some of more encouraging comments TO @414!!! you may get my point.


    • @Yep yep,

      I’m going to take just PART of your own comment & flip it in an effort to “soften your heart…even just the LITTLE bit, okay?
      Work with me here…You said:

      “When it is obvious someone is touched…”
      instead of “ya just keep it moving” can we say…

      “When it is obvious someone is touched we’ll show them some love coupled with grace & mercy so their way may be a bit easier.”

      See, you know there is “an issue.” We all know what we “see here” but we’re not aware of “WHY &/or the CAUSE.”

      Please @Yep yep…”just a little grace!” 😉

  24. For the posters who agree with calling any child a bastard than you should have no problem with me calling you a n*gger. Yes the word means ignorance and that’s what you are portraying. You come on here telling your life story but gets mad when someone comment in a way you don’t like. Really! This is a gossip site. Don’t drop life stories and think you’re going to have a group out reach of supporters, drink coffee, and eat donuts ect.ect…Check your surroundings before you post. If you are giving hateful responses because of the hateful backlash you’re receiving then, that makes you as ignorant as they are. When will the labels stop? Some love to dish it out but can’t take it. Nobody on here is no one in life judge, jurior, and exucutioner but they own. Those who drop lables, you best believe that your light don’t shine no brighter in the Heavenly Father’s eyes than those “”bastard children”” you so ignorantly call them. Peace!

  25. What kind of loser goes after a 15 year old child? Half you posters don’t know your daddy either…SMH

  26. …And the attempts at dissension and agent provocateur-ing is right on schedule. I wonder if DON’T BE FOOLED and the clown above me are the same person…?

  27. I’m still trying to figure out how any child born in 2001 is 15 years old NOW. Did I fall asleep and miss half of 2016?

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