LeSean McCoy Told Porsha Williams To Kick Rocks


Porsha Williams is saying she’s not going to be featured very much this season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Know why? Because Porsha said her boyfriend at the time Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy wasn’t available to film scenes with her.

A source says, LeSean McCoy was smashing former Love and Hip Hop New York reality star Tahiry Jose, and that’s the real reason why the NFL player wasn’t available to shoot RHOA scenes with Porsha.

Here’s what Porsha Williams revealed:

“I want to be clear that because of Bravo I have all these amazing opportunities. I really don’t know how much I will be featured this season. My fans will see me and I will be with my girls. However, I don’t believe my personal story of rebuilding & dating will be shown. The young man I was dating couldn’t film until later in the season. However, I did feel like I had so many things going on career wise and in my family relationships that there was plenty of craziness to show. But now I can put all of my energy into building my various brands and working on my projects. I passed the peach and started a new chapter in my journey.”


    • ie: “I got fired 4 fuk n up Kenya, and I was boring. I shoulda kept Play N my Role 4 dat Fag Cordell & his $10,000,000, but I let those other jealous girls persuade me 2 fuk up my Marriage, and I did not get pregnant or get 1 red cent from the divorce. Shoulda NEVER signed dat Pre-Nup. I am just young, dumb, and full of cum.”

        • Gotta B Lying.

          WHO walks away from 1/2 of 10 Mil, a House, Cars, etc????????

          ANY Half-Ass Lawyer (even Phaedra) could get U half wit no Pre-Nup.

          Fag Cordell is not that stupid, but apparently Miss P is.

          • She had no choice but to walk away cuz Kordell didn’t have her name on shyte and that is why she only got about 25k in spousal support and the Benz. !!! GA.marital laws are different than other states.

          • Nope she did not sign a pre-nup. IIRC GA law only requires division on assets acquired by the couple during the marriage and they didn’t have any children together so she is able to work.
            Kordell knew what he was doing but Porsha didn’t. She should’ve married his ass in California.

  1. Seems like if you don’t have enough ratchetness going on they don’t want to be bothered anyway.

    She should count herself lucky but I doubt that she would because like most of these reality stars, they are dependent on the checks they receive even if they are portrayed in a bad light.

    Fame whoring at it’s best….

    • Exactly! Any normal person would see this as a blessing…and an opportunity to get a REAL job and be respected. I would have taken that lil Kandi production and built the entire foundation of my resume off of it. Next time ya’ll looked up, I would have been staring as Celie in The Color Purple part 2: Celie’s Revenge.

      • Haa ha Joi, I think I would pay to see her and Nellie have a go at Mister.

        I can not tell you how fast I would have disappeared with that first check and invested it, fake titties be damned. How much do they cost anyway? Oh well. I would have stayed part of the itty bitty comity with my money in the bank.

        Don’t need nobody to tell me! Humph.

        • Come on now, everyone woman wants to fill out a shirt or not give a baby a concussion when trying to nestle on full bosoms – instead hitting its head on a clavicle bone! My cousin is flat chested and its funny when she hold’s her sister’s kid, turns his head back and forth when she rocks him to sleep and can never settle.

          • I guess she felt insecure about her breast size but she looked fine to me.

            I’m just a poor woman looking at her life from the outside wishing I had a few thousand dollars to kick around, lol. Lord, what I could do with 25,000.00 right now, smh.

  2. Keep it across the pond, Porax. Either European or African because these American negroes can see your gold digging coming from a mile away!

  3. Go back to school child, any man that will be with you, know your ass is dumb..
    That’s just a fact

  4. With that pebble brain and bad attitude you can’t blame him.
    I ain’t from England but I’d bang her and mash too!

  5. She needs to get herself together and go back to preaching, like many reformed whores in the church.

  6. People too hard on Porsha. She’s beautiful and I believe she will recover from all the things she’s been through.

    • I’m sorry but I have no sympathy for a failed gold digger.
      Everybody and their brother knows Kordell is gay but Porsha married the man anyway because she was looking for a paycheck and now she’s back on the stroll. Hmph! She is no better than Draya and Evelyn in my book.

  7. Well no story line huh? that dude wasnt trying to help her, ha! these bytoches attacked Kenya and karma is back for they asz.

  8. Blind Item: July 14, 2014

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    Anyway, while at a gathering with her suitor, our reality star began complaining about who her new suitor was not man enough because he wasn’t also giving her cash and that she should find someone who would also take care of her financially and started hitting on the suitor’s friends in front of the suitor himself and made it perfectly clear that she would be willing to start something with one of them or all of them if they would also provide cash to go with the gifts. That was enough for the suitor to start having all the possessions he could repossessed from our reality star and shutting down lines of credit he opened for her and just making her life even worse than what it was. She also had taken out some loans from people using the name of her suitor, but now will be forced to get money from family or her new boyfriend to make good on those debts.

    Porsha Williams

    • Good Lord, Pooty Tang! Wow! Oh wow, that’s just…..I’m speechless! You done gave me whiplash, I’m shaking my head for real, my neck is about to break. Fame is a helluva drug!

  9. DUDE left a waitress a .20 cent tip.

    HE is a cheap ass. PERIOD

    Move on to the next fool, Porsha

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