Jessica White Is Smashing Dallas Austin For Tracks

Jessica White Sex 4 Beats

Model Jessica White is currently living with music producer Dallas Austin in his Atlanta home.

Dallas Austin isn’t just romantically involved with Jessica, he’s also producing her soon to be released album.

Here’s what’s reported:

“Jessica and Dallas were recently spotted in L.A. paparazzi hangout The Ivy on a double date with Evan Ross and his wife Ashlee Simpson.”


    • @Anonymous,

      THAT was what I surely was thinking…
      Dallas’ house is so OFF THE CHAIN!!!
      Good for her. I want her to enjoy her time there & savor every moment & square inch of THAT place!

      • Ms Reg The first time I was there, I was beyond flabbergasted by the design and the interiors of his estate. I realize that he had help in furnishing the home, but people with money and an interior designer often get what they would have chosen themselves-just on a grander scale. Hence, no taste folks(Master P I’m looking at you) get an expensive eyesore of a mess.
        Dallas’s home is fit for the cover of Architectural Digest, and I have to give him some of the credit since he most likely told his designer what he wanted. It looks like something David Geffen would own in the Hamptons more than a hip hop producer’s crib in the A.
        I’m sooooooo jelly!

    • Thanks. I just fell in love with the photos. Its like mixture of art nouveau, modern with minimalist affect. Nothing gaudy gold, crystals everywhere nor Ikea-ish looking. Dallas has great taste.

      I remember a show long ago that featured TC Carson from Living Single home. Modest in comparison to Austin’s but still nice. From what I recall, he used old newspaper clippings and glazed them into the tile of his hardwood floor. It was very unique and he designed or picked everything out himself.

    • He doesnt live in the “SPACESHIP HOUSE ” anymore..just rents it out.
      Last person was Justin Bieber

    • This story might be true but it’s hard to believe because he was with Chilli when it came time for them to make the album after their crazy sexy album. Chilli went to him and asked him to produce their next album, she was trying to get the coochie clearance rate for her bedroom favors. Well Austin said, I’m I would love to produce the album, but I’m gonna need 4 million to get me in the studios plus points on the sales. So if she smashing for tracks and he is taking that as payment, she must have that snappin nappy dugout.

      • Speaking of nappy, this cat needs to get a brush and assault that shit on top of his head.

        • Nothing wrong with his hair to me besides the fact that he is too old to be shaving designs besides a occasional horizontal line into his fade. That is reserved for 12-20 year olds but he wears it well. I like when he rocks the “almost an afro.” His texture reminds me of an Khoisan which is really pretty when grown out.

          Why should he brush away his curl pattern? His front teeth, like Diddys, is another story. In no society are bunny teeth coveted.

          Im shocked the HSK culture police havent badgered you, as they do me, with their nonsensical rah rah rah for this.

          • I think it’s because they know that when usually say something in this manner im normally joking. I don’t take these celebrity’s seriously unless I feel that the post is reporting on something that has a negative effect. Im just having fun, I could care less about the dudes hair and what he does to it. I have always combed my hair when I wanted to an that wasnt all the time. It was always clean and that’s what mattered to me. And if Dallas Austin came on this thread and said “man f*ck you, this is my hair”. I would reply, you are absolutely right man, that’s exactly what I expected you to say. Then say hey brother it was all in fun and offer to buy him what he is drinking. What I said wasn’t even an opinion, just talking shit that means nothing.

            • Arent most comments said in jest? Just odd that you can make jokes about his beady beads without the mau mau intervention. Perhap envy on my part for being ostracized.

      • I bet that the sex is required in order to begin the negotiations. It’s probably not considered payment by any means in Dallas’ mind. Of course, the girls find that out later.

      • I’d offer up my snappin’ turtle for a few months in Dallas’s digs. jk
        I’d oil his scalp and brush his hair too.

        • Ouch, snappin turtles have been known to take off phalanges. I’d hate to see the damage one would do to a phallus. That’s some mean coochie….lol

    • ANy woman messing with Dallas Austin should run.. People don’t care about hiv anymore

  1. Dallas is gay isn’t he? Or I guess he bi yuck anyway it’s amazing how something as simple as “sex” make this nasty filthy industry go around. It’s a pity, all you have to do to get anything going is to “f*ck” I mean really? Is that all that’s going on in the garbage ass industry? So f*ck’en for beats, f*ck’en for what ever is needed to anything? That is a nasty cesspool filled with Viper poisonous snakes.

    • Is TI gay? Is Nelly gay? Is 50 gay?

      All of them ninjas have gay rumors out the wazoo, but they also have a tribe of children. I don’t think any of those guys are straight up gay. I think they get high out their minds on E and then mess around. That’s what bisexual really means in this generation of men in the industry.
      Speaking of Nelly, he has a new show with his 3 kids starting soon on BET(I think it’s BET) It looks to be kinda cute from the previews.

  2. This is odd….. yeah I heard Dallas Austin like the man but he’s meeting up with Evan Ross who played Dallas Austin in the TLC film who also likes the man.

    • @LOL901

      They Could Of Fucked On The Low, It Makes Pefect Sense Evan Did Hang Around Dalla For Research They Could Of Also Fucked In Between
      They Both Like Men They Both Are Dating Women To Hide Their Gayness

  3. Since when did Jessica White become a singer? She’s a beautiful model by the way. I guess models dont get paid much. I’m curious to hear what she sounds like.

  4. Mandatory blow jobs are in the contract (read the fine print)

  5. Gay, Gay, and more Gay…Doesn’t matter if they have kids GaAY, Bi, and Trisexuals want kids also. He’s Gay ok Bi like the rest of them. All of them have went Gay for Pay and ended up loving it.

  6. You know you are pretty when you lack eye makeup, filled in brows and a hairbrush yet the photo is great. Does Buffalo NY have a tribe of slender never aging brown woman with excellent bone structure like Jess and Beverly Johnson? I need to move there. Or they need to bottle the water and sell it to pregnant women.

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