Nia Riley Needs a Break From Soulja Boy



Nia Riley is speaking out about her break-up with Love and Hip Hop Hollywood cast member, Soulja Boy.

Here’s what Nia Riley revealed:

“Right now, no. were not in a good space. We are not in a good space.

I’m sure you’ve seen what was on social media about two days ago. That… there’s a certain way you go about things like that. And he didn’t go about it the right way, like a man should.

I need a break now.”



    • Yeah, Kat Stacks would make for better tv, or Ratchet tv. Nia doesn’t really have anything going on, I don’t see their storyline holding up for the next season, if there will even be another season of this.

  1. she needs to drop this liability and focus on herself & her daughter. I doubt he’s hardly ready to settle down AND do the family thing. I don’t see him being mature enough to handle that type of responsibility. I don’t understand why women who are single mothers won’t just focus solely on their children, make sure you and your child are stable before you go looking for a man, and at least get to know the in’s and outs of a person before you expose them to your child, that’s why you got all these stupid ass so called mothers losing their children at the hands of these “men”, “boyfriends” abusing their kids.smh. Stop chasing & placing dick above your offspring.

  2. Well what does she expect?Soulja Boy ain’t shit, he ain’t trying to be in no one on one with her, that boy ain’t done, just like the rest of them. And didn’t this dumb girl way she thinks she’s pregnant? O my god stupid females that is not going to make him love you no more than he already do! Stop It, here We Go. And p.s. go get your teeth fixed ask teddy raily ta get that grill even up so you can talk better

  3. Okay, most of you know I’m pretty much “all knowing” as it pertains to cetrain industry information bit I also live under a rock & don’t keep up with the who’s who in rap & urban media mongers.

    So, did I miss something along the way?
    What is this about “Nia was in a lesbian relationship with Deiondra Sanders, who is the daughter of former NFL player Deion Sanders” And…WHO THE HELL EXACTLY is her daughter’s father??

    See all this^^^^? THIS is why she couldn’t live at home with her father.

      • Well, I’m really shocked…
        One of our vendors just told me “Nia’s has a baby by a cat who promotes for several high end clubs out of Atlanta & that she seriously needed to “get out of dodge” because her reputation (he didn’t say why) was so thrashed & it was all getting back to her father from all kinds of sources even people he conducts business with.

        Now it makes a little bit more sense…
        I know one thing for certain…Teddy is NOT about NONE of this kind shenanigans. He’s be through way too much with & for his family & career. Show or no damn show…Ms Nia may want to pull it together before her father revisits his will & adjust her share percentage especially since there’s been talk of her not being his child. I’m NOT going there…I got blasted yesterday for that very conversation!

        • I didn’t mean to insult you yesterday Ms Reg. I like you. I was just thinking of how some of us here would be hurt by the “B” word. I didn’t mean to cause you any anguish over it. honest 🙂

          • Hey Anonymous,

            Likewise, please accept my apology if I insulted you or made you upset…

            NO worries & NO offense taken! Yesterday was a doozy for ALL of us because we all have such diverse, vehement & extreme opinions & feelings about “The B Word” as we will affectionately call it now!

            “Feelings & opinions are NOT right or wrong…
            they just ARE!”

            Thank’s for your kindness & consideration. 😉

        • That should be an interesting reading of the will with that tribe that he has sired and he is still making babies. Gross.

          • His youngest son is by the daughter of Ollie Woodson, the last original member of The Temptations. He’s 7 or 8 now but I’m not sure if he’s had any kids with this new wife of his.

    • I’m just hearing that Ms. Nia Riley claimed to be pregnant for all of a week or two.
      My take on this news is like this flat out..

      IF this story ISN’T scripted & she was really actually pregnant by the tatted up fool whatever the hell his name is one of a few things were the case:

      A. She was pregnant but wasn’t exactly sure WHO she was pregnant by & had an abortion.

      B. She was in fact pregnant but saw the way she was being treated & realized she could get stuck with yet another baby without a husband or man & had an abortion.

      C. She spoke to her dad about being pregnant & he said “ABSOLUTELY NOT!”

      By NO MEANS do I believe this healthy young lady “suffered a miscarriage & had to endure this loss without the presence of the father but it does make for some good sounding drama for those who are into it like that!

  4. @King, u r so right and Nia had the nerve to b trying to teach coked out, molly out Souljah boi how to change her baby girl pamper on 1 episode. Smh. So when she leave her baby girl alone with him, he would know what to do. Smh

    • Men who are not fathers of the baby should not be changing diapers of a child. I’m not accusing Soulja Boy of anything-I don’t know that much about him. But what I do know is that when boys are sexually abused by elders, they are known to revisit the crime perpetrated on them. That’s how the cycle of sexual abuse goes on and on.(*see the Honey BooBoo Family.) Change your own baby’s diapers or have a nanny do it if you have no family with you.

  5. What could any intelligent woman see in child Soujaboy? He is a fool and with as many as he has been with, be afraid (STDS) He is not about to man-partying is his drug of choice. Don’t expect much change with that no matter how old he be

  6. I normally don’t post anything..but it’s just so sad to see how desperate women have become and they are getting younger..but the older ones are making dumb ass mistakes repeatedly. I don’t want to judge anyone..but when does this end already? The standards are extremely low..but the tolerance is not. Self esteem and self hate is at an all time high it’s a freaking epidemic. There are so many broken souls it’s really disheartening

  7. She looks so stupid on that show trying to make that boy move in with her slow ass,, shes just as bad as hazel e

  8. When did soulja boy become Phillip banks? Dumb Girls trying to civilized soulja boy. Lol

    • Hazel claims she came up with the Hollywood cast and concept and pitched it to Mona (though she has no co-creator credit). But she also said she helped McGruder broker a deal with Sony for Boondocks cartoon. Her Hot 97 interview is interesting didnt realize she was a well known publicist in the industry.

  9. Only person on the Love and Hip Hop Hollywood cast that’s bout that life is Moneice. She knocked Fizz’s girl Amanda out. The rest of the are a little dingy Fizz, Hazel E, Nikki, Nia, and the rest of the are super slow.

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