Cynthia Bailey Insults NeNe Leakes

Nene Leakes Shade

Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member, Cynthia Bailey, insulted NeNe Leakes by telling her she needs a decent wig and a better selection of makeup.

Here’s what Cynthia Bailey said about her former friend:

“It’s the same ol two step. Embrace the people that are with you and try to destroy the people who are not. If I’m so irrelevant and you don’t want to be my stoyline (or should I say me be yours), why spend so much energy talking about me?

That energy could of been put to better use looking for decent wig and more flattering makeup direction.”



  1. Nene’s look is a big NoNo! I find it hard to believe that a ‘rich bitch’ – such as her – has not one mirror in her house.

    She looks like an old lady in the top pic.

  2. Cynthia is all brave and new, now that they are no longer friends.. Hope that PR person was worth a friendship… Cynthia get your head out of folks butts and use your own bird brains for something besides beauty..

    • LMAO please let us be real there was never any friendship…the friendship was always based on what NENE LEAKES wants and desires so unless you kissing up to NENE she has no use for you

    • Nene’s head couldn’t be farther up her butt and she’s ugly as the day is long inside and out. I used to like her when she was real now she’s just a nasty old cow who is feeling herself WAYYY too much.

  3. Well if this is true, Cynthia is pretty and well put together. NeNe should take notes. No different from getting tutored from a guy on the Dean’s list to improve your math skills so you can get to the next level to graduate.

    • Don’t use the word HOT in that sentence. She will stop reading there and not get the message.

  4. I met Nene and she was a complete butthole! She came to Houston’s in Buckhead to get a togo order. She didn’t want to say hello to fans. One couple was so sad that she didn’t want to take a picture. Nene said that she was trying to have dinner with her family but she was at the bar getting a togo order. Everyone who has been to this restaurant knows that most people do valet parking. So why would she do that and plus bring her son and Greg in to get a togo order. She never ate anything? Messy. She and Cynthia needs to shut up. This is so 3rd grade!

    • I get NENE not wanting to be bothered whild having dinner ..I do not feel it is anyones right as a fan to infringe upon a celebrity privacy..HOWEVER I fail to se NENE as a real celebrity lmao….all I see is a loud mouth black woman who has used her loud mouth for a come up NOW do not get me wrong I am 100% in support of using the tools you have to gain more but I wish people would stop acting like these reality stars are talented at anything more than creating a scene so I just dont not get what person would be sad that they could not take a pic with NENE LEAKES

  5. Nehe is plain simple intimated by another womens beauty snd femininty. You cant do nothin wit a byotch like Nehe but keep ur distance from the negativity.

  6. Good 4 u Cynthia for dropping that zero, KneeKnee (mispelled on purpose), and getting with a hero, Kenya. Bytches like KneeKnee:, are beneath u but strive to be around soft hearted easy going people who she can bully and boss so she can feel important and better about herself. Also she enjoy belittling women who r prettier and graceful unlike herself. Thats y she hate Kenya so much cuz she cant break her spirit. U r right . Real bytches would be trying to beautify themselves instead of being petty. But what can u except from a refurbished hoodrat. Next on ur list drop Peter and get a man on your own level

  7. It sure is hard to believe that’s Nene’s surgically enhanced nose. She should’ve kept the original one.

    • THAT’S A NOSE JOB????

      She must have the same cosmetic surgeon as Hazel from LAHHLA. Dr. Beakenstein

      • It sure is. She had her nose and boobs during one of the seasons. Po thing was robbed.

      • Hey 414,
        I know you are under some heat right now but you are cool with me. I may not agree with everything you write but you are more than entitled to your opinion and I find your comments hilarious. Keep doing you honey.

        • You know what Chick 414, I use this site for anger management. Like Ms reg says, some people use this site for therapy.

          I have had a lot of shit done to me as a child and all I know how to do is fight. But let me tell you something Chick 414, I have tried to beat up the world and force them understand what I’ve been through. I learned that the hard way that you cant. I have the physical and mental scars to prove it.

          I have lost good jobs and good friends because of my temper. When I came to a cross road in my life I had to ask myself , maybe it is you. And it was me. I let the negative things in my life build up to anger. Seething black out anger that only led to regret. Anger draws negativity and nothing good comes from it. Girl I cant tell you all the bad things that I have done in anger but I can tell you this, I was paid back even fold. So don’t let it consume you.

          You have to forgive Chick 414, I did. I asked God to help let go. I started working through what happened to me as a child and who did it. It opened up a flood gate of pain, I cried and cried until I had no tears left because I had to accept that I was a child who thought as a child and didn’t do any thing wrong. I was helpless in the situation and could only accept it a as defenseless child, incapable of defending myself at that time. I was innocent and they took advantage of me. They will have to explain that on the day of judgement.

          I was given a choice, to let what they did consume me with hate to the point that it was effecting my freedom or to forgive them and let go. I chose freedom.

          One day you are going to have to face those memories and go through that fire (like fired gold) to be set free. And when you do, Baby Bye, they cant touch you with that negative shit.

        • I have been verbally attacked on this site before but you have to let that stuff roll off and never stoop to their level. There are more serious and real life issues to focus on, your time here at HSK should be enjoyable and informative.
          414 go take care of your husband and don’t let this internet stuff consume you so much that you alienate your partner. You may never be able to change the minds of some of the people around here but it doesn’t matter. It sounds like you have a good husband who loves you, my ex husband was an insecure asshole so you are blessed.

          Let me get off this site, I’m supposed to be doing homework.

  8. That’s what Andy requires all of them to do in order to remain on the show. Remember how quickly he fired DeShawn? And you know Cynthia needs all the money she can get with that broke husband of hers.

      • @414 Anytime sis! Much love to you, GBU…smooches! I know, been telling everyone I know about anon comment, my stomach is hurting!

      • Don’t let them get you out your zone, again keep doing you! Obviously you are relevant because they take the time to read and scroll down at your responses and answer it, go ahead and get you a magazine “THATCHICK414 “THE TRUMPET BLOWER”, with your face on the front, cheesing real hard and tell them to read all about you since they ridin’ your sack! If they don’t like it, keep it moving, troll elsewhere or kill yourself. They talked about Jesus and persecuted Him, but we know how that story ended. Be and stay true to yourself and know that some of us respect and honor your opinions whether we agree or not, its done tastefully. That’s how real adults have and conduct conversations, agreements and disagreements. So stop stressing out about nobody’s and keep writing on…

    • George Washington,or Donald Trump wig line,and NeNe out of pocket calln Wendy Williams WIG.cause Wendy look way better then NeNe Wigs

  9. Nene annoys the hell out of me from her wig to that god awful she has. Eurgh when they show that real housewives of craplanta on over here in the [UK] I turn it off. She reminds me of one of my old friends that I no longer speak to.

    • Haaa haa, you wrong Raheim now you see that girl is trying, I would be too the way that camera man clowned the back of her head way back in her front piece days. Now she like, shit, ummo keep it All covered up.

      I have to give it to Cynthia, she works it with her hair switch ups.

  10. I’ve never seenseen a woman try to look like a man that dresses as a woman on purpose till I saw Nene

  11. I’ve never seen a woman try to look like a man that dresses as a woman on purpose till I saw Nene

  12. The fur on NeNe’s coat and the pathetic wig/weave on her head looks exactly the same.


  14. Nene is so delusional and as you can see, she has no mirrors or real people around her to keep her grounded. She obviously cant do it herself. Greg is such a groupie thirst bucket. Hes just happy to hang up his save a hoe cape. Cynthias is right tho. Nene is and always will be busted, Do we need to run 1st season? How quickly we forget! To’ UP!! They all live in lala land.

  15. Oooh chile! Nene’s wig game is worse than Kim’s. She needs to stop rubbing that white make up all over her face. She looked crazy on Andy Cohens last week. How can black women have their icon status if they are all trying to be blonde white girls? Way to erase black girls off tv Nene. Blonde hair on brown skin looks like doodoo 99.9% of the time. Nene isn’t 0.1

  16. Dog hair on her head, and dog hair on her cheap sweater. At least the moose is consistent.

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