The Truth Behind Sherri Shepherd & Lamar Sally’s Break-up!


Co-host of The View, Sherri Shepherd recently separated from her husband of three-years, Lamar Sally. Know why? Because Sherri Shepherd found out her husband Lamar Sally was smashing chicks behind her back.

An insider is saying Sherri Shepherd is embarrassed about Sally’s extramarital affairs and she’s now using the media to print lies that her husband was sponging off her career.

Here’s what Sherri Shepherd’s PR team released to the press:

“Their whole relationship was built on a fraud and it’s finally over. She’s thrown him out of the house and he’s tried to speak with her but nothing is happening.

Lamar told Sherri that he was a big Hollywood player, with scripts being sold. But she’s tired of being married to a guy that doesn’t have a job.”


  1. She shouldn’t have married his ass. Desperation has been the downfall of many a woman. I feel bad for her because her first husband was no better.

    • You said it! I wish a lot of women could first find happiness with themselves. I knew something was off when she said she would go to sleep in wigs because her husband liked it. If she would have said I go to sleep in wigs because that’s how I get down, more power to you sister! But now she’s kinda looking like a fool that got the night sweats from keeping the wig on and her dude was cheating on her! My heart goes out to her, I just don’t know why she’s not going to tell it like it is this time when she did the first time. I respected her for that

      • She’s keeping quiet because fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me.

    • This typical chicago bish knew he had no job. They try to buy men all the time. Pathetic. Now her dumb self will pay through the nose.

      • How stupid do you sound, how many women reside in Chicago? So you’re saying ALL of the women of chicago are the same way? gtfoh!

        • well as judge Mathis likes to say, all women from Detroit will stab your ass! Have you ever heard the rap song I got a California face with a southern dick. Unfortunately everybody’s got something, I’m not saying that the Chicago woman saying is true, but enough stereo types can just make it become a phrase

      • Before you even date someone, many women have the guy checked out, if they are not well aquainted with him. How difficult is it to find out if a guy is working – or has worked – NOT AT ALL!! For someone to marry without knowing hard information is just stupid and you get what you deserve!

    • I recall a blind item implying she was hating on ans running completion with Neicy Nash to get to the alter. Something to that effect

    • Why feel bad for her? Sounds to me like she’s just plain dumb more than anything else. A woman in her position should be able to both find and choose a quality husband and the fact that she can’t says as much about her as it does about the men who’re ultimately letting her down.

    • I know Lamar – he not the type of person that cheats on anyone. That is just stuff they made up to make him look bad and her to look like a victim! Don’t fall for it!

  2. I hate to say this but at least he was cheating with other women and not men (like what happened to Terry Mc Millan, and Star Jones). It’s screwed up but the world is so messed up right now that you can almost look at it like a blessing. At any rate if he’s cheating and not providing, she’s better off. All an uneven yoke does is hold you back.

    • Cosign, she gotta stop choosing the same type of man.

      But although she gets into it, at least my girl don’t stay in it.

    • ^^kind of reminds mi of that old song??another man is beating my time, another man is loving mine…SMFH!

    • add jackee harry and alaina reed alaina’s hubby caught aids and died and those dudes botrh looked gay as hell.

      marying fags and bitching to the world cause they get caught well thats them.

      niecy nash house was’nt clean if you know what I mean.

      • Your comments are both ignorant and inaccurate (your writing sucks by the way), so stay off message boards in future if you have nothing more useful to offer than this lame effort.

    • His cheating with other women as opposed to men being an obvious positive is what you get out of these tidbits concerning her dysfunctional marriage? Let me guess, Anonymous (i.e. Coward), you struggled in school?

    • IF he was cheating it has been implied that he is gay – and for gawd sakes, what difference does it make if some cheats with same or opposite sex? It’s cheating – and disease is rampant as well as heartbreak

  3. Good 4 her. Hope she focuses on herself and career and continues to be fit. She like many others are shaking those mantras “just bc he cheats on you doesnt mean he dont love you”. Her 1st ex was pos who cried the villian in an open letter though receiving alimony after siring a love child. Since she has lost weight perhaps she will be confident enough to date on her level. Was Funny as hell 30 Rock. Time for a Whyte boy or May/Dec relationship (joke).

    • Funny Non importante – but sadly the truth is she probably will get a gray boy next time. *don’t do it Sherri*….keep hope alive.

      • F you, hypocrite. Yall BP kill me with the bull. ‘gray boy’ but dapping Kanye with his white whore and Lil Wayne with his. BM stay keeping the slave masters generations rich, follow the money, fool. Keep hope alive my ass. Run, BW run the BM is the biggest golddigger walking the brokest man on earth. He only married her for her money. BM are golddiggers.

  4. I’m sure he stayed as long as he could possibly stay.. have you ever watched Sherri on “The View “?!

    Why do these celebs even bother getting married anyways? You know its not going to last..

    Guess its all for show and career advancement. Some ppl cover their gay tracks. Some cover their slut tracks. But its never for love.

    • Never? Never, ever, ever? lol Keep your shallow observations to yourself in future, thanks.

    • I CAN’T watch her on TV – I cannot begin to imagine how difficult it would be to live with someone like her – not wanting to learn anything, thinking she has all the (god) answers! She is just not bright!

      You have a good point – but, he must of gotten an idea of how dumb she was before they married!!

      (please know, “anyways” is NOT a word, it’s “anyway”

    • Not a looker in any particular way, but a woman with her level of professional success should not be needing to be a “beggar” when it comes to finding a decent and genuinely reputable man.

  5. When a woman is desperate and any man will do just so long as she has a man to claim of her own, then she has willingly invited trouble into her life.

  6. She’s just going to find another one to marry. Sherry has issues. I was done with her when she said she had more abortions than she can remember or something like that. Can we say ISSUES.

    • Yeah, she said he self esteem was rock bottom. She admitted to giving it to any man who looked at her for more than 3 seconds.

    • The sad thing is these women with issues pick f*cked up men and when the shit backfires or doesnt work they want to run around talking about how men aint shit to anyone who’ll listen while taking NO RESPONSIBILITY for their poor decision making, continued holding of previous baggage, and misunderstanding of themselves. It becomes everyone else fault but their own.

    • Having more abortions than you can remember (presumably, as the reality is you’re likely misquoting her horribly) is much better than having more children that you either wanted or can suitably handle. Disagree if you choose, but facts are facts.

    • You mean both them fools married ugly nastee looking jamaicans and didn’t know better? LMAO They didn’t learn one thing from Lisaraye, Terry McM and about a million other black american women who married american haters. Stupid Ha Ha

      • It was quite common in Harlem, NY for most of the 20th century for ignorant, lowlife, scheming southern women to seek out a Caribbean man. Almost all were literate, sober, respectful, quiet, homeowning, work=-minded men.

        Those women wanted those “funny talkin’ niggas because their own men were: drunk, drug-addicted, unemployed, uneducated, common, low, violent, incarcerated and full of self-hate.

        Things haven’t changed much, have they?

        Go choke on your pigs feet you prejudiced cunt.

            • From a Jamaican married to a great Jamaican for over 33 years.. Thanks for that Check. Some people can be so thoughtless and heartless. Sigh

            • DivaNista I love Jamaicans!!! And I love to go there anytime I can. Sometimes I think I was meant to be a Jamaican. lol

        • Not you again….where do you get thus bullshit. You stay on here insisting there was this huge trend back in the day where millions of black American women wanted”funny talkin niggas”. ? Like, who says that? I think you are projecting. It’s either your sexual fantasy or your own personal experience. No one elses

            • Jamaican men are con artist. Educated my AZZ Most are contractors who can’t put shit together f*ck up your house or drive dollar cabs. The ones my friends have dated are only nice when want sex or money. They have NASTY sexist attitudes. Always poppin their mouths about Americans then stay your AZZ in Jamaica.

      • remember when khia dised lisa saying she did’nt get pregnant by the dude.

        black women have the worst marriages even when they date outsided the race.

        whiteguy cheated on garcelle.

        venus and serna are still singler regardless of the white guys they dated.

        and how long eve been engaged to her whiteboy.

        • You mean BLACK CELEBRITY WOMEN. Celebrity women does not equate to real life. Does not equate to ALL black women. And that’s no surprise since the industry is full of narcissists. They are never going tot chose a partner for the right reasons.

        • To address just one of the many stupid comments you offered here, I imagine Venus and Serena 100% WANT to be single.

    • You can just look at a man and ascertain whether or not he’s gay, huh? lol Probably plenty of folks on here dumb enough to swallow that laughable bit of bullshit, but not me.

  7. Update!!! Lamar Sally has filed for divorce from Sherry Shepherd. Lamar has retained Kevin Federline’s attorney.

    • Where is KFed now? He went from hunk to Michael Moore after Britneys checks starting rolling in along with Shar Jackson. Sherry better protect her neck. 🙂

      • I used to hate Kevin Federline, because he was nothing more than an opportunist. But when Britney crashed and burned, he was there to take care of his kids. That man still takes care of his kids, and he doesn’t trash talk Britney. Even though he’s trashy as hell at least he has money to pay for all of his kids and send them to college. Except one of Britney’s kids cuz they say he’s mentally not there, because she was on drugs.

        • One of Brittany’s kids is supposedly for KFed’s brother whom she was rumored to be smashing behind his back.

          • One of Britney’s kids was fathered by KFed’s brother? lol C’mon now, don’t swallow salacious bullshit like that when you read it just because you’d prefer to believe it.

      • Yeah dont worry about grammatical errors and typos. Hsk is a gossip site and not for defending a thesis 🙂

        Didnt know KFed received 60k thought is was 40ish. I remembered Brit buying Shar a half a million $ home during the marriage. I knew then that this guy had a plan and as mentioned was private. He didnt bad mouth as Eric Benet did to Halle. I bet Nick Lachey, Chris Judd and Gabriel Aubrey with rosary beaded hands, lit frosted veladoras etched of Kfeds image wearing that tinged signature italian high thread count wife beater and said a chant before heading to litigation. That was a smooth ass come up and when the non disclosure clause expire he needs to pen a book. Had the biggest crush on him until he invested in Krispy Kreme. KFed probably was tutored by rene elizondo.

        • That was for sb because he is always harassing people about typos and grammar. Kfed lost that weight on biggest loser a few years ago.

          • @ Anon 7:37 KFed dropped some but still looks like Hank Hill topless. i want him back at background dancer/model fitness. he cant make that signature tinged wifebeater look sexy at his current size hence the oversized tshirts. I have a penchant for the ‘in need of a bath’ lenny kravitz sexy look instead of the ‘i really need for you to bathe’ ala beanie sigel. (I heart Beanz)

            @crazychris in most relationships regardless of color, wifey/girlfriend usually ponies up the child support, makes accommodations for the outside child and includes it into the family, if she desires. Or funds that should stay in the household is spent by the man on his whore. This is the opposite. Infidelity would not be as tragic if a paid home and trust fund/access to a better life for the children was included. I must say that though Kfed has sired children by multiple women he is almost always pictured holding a baby, at a soccer game, pushing a stroller or grocery kart like Gluten mentioned. Sad that women of today have to protect their necks and assets in relationships since some men are ruthless. Trust No Bytch!

        • shar was too happy with brit being around she never had a problem wityh k fed marrying brit or cheating on her with brit sounds fishy.

          most black women will have a fit if any man cheats on her and impregnates another woman.
          guess shar was thinking dollars and brit was the moneymaker.

          • Hmm, Id say your analysis of Shar Jackson’s feelings about Britney Spears is, how shall I say this, highly f*cking inaccurate.

      • k fed’s with neither brit or shar.

        shar has never been married to anybody black or white.

      • Yeah he’s fat champ. His neck is as big as a house, with a waistline as big as two houses. Living off Brit’s money.

  8. Marriage Of the Bible and American Marriage are two totally different things.Most American Marriages Crash and Burn quickly because its a business.Don’t Believe Me?Vegas performs Drive Thru Weddings.I mean, really?

  9. Man, FUCK Sherri Sheppard, here is a self-proclaimed christian woman, who constantly berates and belittle people on the show “THE VIEW” and during a debate on Black Men which aired on Nightline about three years ago in which she was kind of putting down Black Men and saying how she wants a man on her economic status like she will always be paid a couple a million a year, when she is off “THE VIEW” you want see her again, I GUARANTEE YA THAT

  10. Sherry lost all that weight, got some self esteem and realized she didn’t have to take whatever came along. Ya’ll are going to get enough of being desparate

  11. Welp the fact that he says he is only 43..lyin azz..he looks every bit of 50…

    she should not have been so thirsty…

  12. Let’s all just feel sorry about “Black Love Gone Bad!”
    Pray for Sherry’s speedy recovery and healing…

    So sad because she wanted a husband who loved and cherished her…
    So sad because she wanted MARRIAGE!

    Hang Tough Girl!

  13. I dont feel sorry for the Square shaped loud mouth bitch! She is a Hi- tec mammy on the view an was mad hating on Kenya Moore Usa so with that being said….. Fuck this fat bitch! She is a Auntie Tom! An all them tacky wigs need burning! This bitch burnt up lol

  14. Lmao! @square shaped. Maybe if she didn’t mention her husband every 2 seconds she wouldn’t be so embarrassed. Whoopi is always looking at her like ” you a simple b###h”. Lol

    • Preach! An u know about them women who r always saying ‘My Husband’ , Bitch yo husband aint shit but a dog! You see fat-dra how she was an still is about her jailbird ass husband! Chile bye… Call that no good nigga by his real name an Stop holding up an dressing up niggas who aint shit! My husband my ass! Married men are worse than single dudes… Word up!

      • I know someone that does that same thing always saying “MY HUSBAND” and I feel really embarrassed for her because he is a dead beat.

  15. neicy nash had a troubled marriage.

    sherri remember when she lost that weight she wore a bakini showing it off on the view it was weird like barbara was putting her black ass on display they needed another token badly.

    still think barbara and star had an affair star was pissed cause babs brought rosier o donnell in.

    definetly some dyke chit going remember seeing star holding hands with her co host whats her name the thin blonde girl looking like lovers.

  16. I’ve watched the view and she’s not funny just annoying. Wearing all these different wigs thinking she’s cute but only looks frumpy.

  17. He filed for separation on the same ay that she received an award at the The Three Doctors Foundation Gala in NJ.

  18. Update!!! Lamar is seeking full custody of their unborn son, Lamar Sally, Jr. The baby is due on July 28th via surrogate. Sherry is officially screwed.

    • Surrogate? She fell for that. That’s his REAL wife and now she’ll have to support both of them and their child forever. DUMB! DUMB! that’s why he wasn’t sleeping with her. Believe me, if she was getting the dyck she paid for, she’d be fighting this divorce.

  19. Sherri should be dignified for a change and politely give a no comment statement if asked and call off her PR goons’ smear campaign. No blabbering on and on the View about the demise of her marriage or her quest for a third husband and third alimony payment . She was and is dry thirsty for a man and not too bright wearing those cheap looking wigs. She should rent a boy toy and keep it moving like JLo and Madonna because it’s less expensive because no sane, accomplished man would marry and remain married to her.

    • No blabbering on and on the View about the…

      That is all the view is about, LOL, a coffee clotch of hags just blabbering, except Whoopi tries to keep it real when Barbara lets her.

  20. She’s a airhead, she is the type of woman that HAS to have a man, don’t matter if he not about ish just as long as she has one smmfh…

  21. What a stress! That’s why I always tell women don’t you downgrade because the odds are not in your favour. Imagine she took up this old broke fart and he’s the one who is filing for divorce. The indignity!

  22. Looks like a cheap prom pic. Where did she find her wedding photographer? ……on the back of a grocery receipt?

  23. @Jacky

    Is Lamar Sally another Eric Benet in the making? I was checking out another blog, which says he wants spousal support and custody of the child. So, Sherri married a deadbeat who contributed nothing to the table financially. Why did she marry him if this was the ugly truth? People wonder why Kandi’s Mother is so vexed about Todd Tucker…Exhibit A! Negros wanna bring back the Gigolo nonsense in 2014…Crazy World We Live In. Sistas, if the brotha does not have a job, God is talking to you, Listen???

    • Plenty of f*cked-up people have jobs, plenty of f*cked-up people have money. Employment and money are nice, but it takes more than to create happiness and fulfillment.

  24. The Law of Attraction, applies to this and how all of keep selecting tje same kind of men.

    If you talk about what you DONT WANT…The more you speak of it, the more that same energy will keep showing up.

    I am sure that is all she talked about, and worried about.

    A man withno job who would cheat on her again.

    BAM.. He showed up

  25. Stars are paying for men…and so is the Sista with the “Good Job” at the Post Office.

    The men with Money have “Break Babies” DWade, T.I., Ludicrous

    Is anyone faithful anymore?

  26. barbara walters is laughing her ass off.

    all her token blacks had phukked up marriages star and sherri.

    a shame since babs made sure star and sherri was’nt what white men drool over star had low self esteem and both her and sherri had to lose weight to get those dollars sherri never lost weight until she crossed over and made it to mainstream.

    another reason why babs hired whoopi when whites have to hire black women they make sure they are the least desirable black women betcha babs wont hire an attractive full time token like letoya luckett, kerry washinton, amnd sanaa lathan lisa bonet or somebody all men think are attractive.

    • Thankfully Barbara will be gone very soon. I think she’s down to the final few weeks. Can’t come soon enough. I stopped watching about a year ago when it became apparent that BW was suffering from dementia and she started cutting off the other women in effort to monopolize the conversation with her own blathering opinion. She stayed about three years too long mo.

  27. black hollywood women have the worst marriages.

    hooking up with gay dudes who dont want them well in sherris case dude was broke.

    at least white women make sure their gay husbands are paid with benefits.

    this is why jada tolerates will she benefits from being married to will she enjoys her lifestyle.

    wonder why connie chong didn’t leave maury will he was caught creeping with his employees.

    • @CrazyChris

      Most blackmen in Entertainment are afraid of their own shadow. To be a blackman in the industry, means, blackness takes a back seat. It’s a hot mess for sistas in Cali and in New York as well. So, some settle for cats like Lamar Sally…Hollyweird!

  28. he lucky somebody rich or poor married his ass.

    duded couldn’t evben leave her for another actress.

    not even a flavor of love reject.

  29. He only wants custody of the child to ensure he will have checks coming in cause she will have to pay child support

  30. lol Yeah, moron, folks ALWAYS get it right when they get nosey and decide to play matchmaker, huh? Get lost!

  31. sherri jumped too quick or she too trusting or desperate and she talks too much about her pprivate business sex toys servicing her husband on her knees sshe needs to stop acting like a looser her first husband looks really hard and woorthlless and now sal i just think she needs to chill out becasue she keeps making the same exact mistake which is i n s a n e

  32. I knew when Sherri married Sal thar he was not working.I googled Sal ( I am nosey like that) and Wikipedia said that he hadn’t worked since 2001. Sherri should gave done her due reliance before marrying him. Every time you turned around Sal was always with Sherri a working man would not always be around! Sherri should also be upset with Niiecy Nash’s husband for introducing Her to Sal, Sal & Niecy’s husband are best friends! He knew that Sal was a lazy bum!
    Sherri wanted a man so bad she settled for the bottom of the barrel!
    So sad!

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