Who’s Jacky Talking About? – May 9, 2014


A few years back today’s blind item was driving on Lankershim Blvd in Studio City, California when he ran into a famous porn star.. the pair exchanged telephone numbers at the scene.

Our blind item calls himself a “King” but he’s really a queen. Know why? Because our blind item hooked up with the porn star after talking to her on the phone and when the porn star got to our blind items house, he requested she smashed him in his butt using a strap-on dildo that he pulled out from his dresser draw.

After the porn star did what our blind item requested she found out today’s blind item is not a “Baby Boy” … he’s really a baby girl.

Now, can you guess who I’m talking about?


  1. Tyrese, His punk ass always talking down on black women, no wonder,he wants to be one.

      • No Hun that’s what you see on tv. They put that in your mind so you can feel this way. Look into the light carolanne. It’s all bullshit. You can’t say all women of a race is this way.

        • LOL, that was a good one Mama.

          Where have you been, it has been a lot of folks comin’ back, which is good! Welcome back.

        • Difference is the whItes do it w a smile on their face.. they ain’t angry one bit and aren’t even portrayed as angry

        • In front of the kids at the breakfast table! Arsenic in the biscuits. Tell him bye!

    • Black men like you dont want to be a man let alone a black man. Go worry about your fat wet dog smelling becky. Your massa said he is onlygoing to tell you once.

    • You are scared as hell of the Master! To the point that you make sure that the money you make you give it back to the white community because you know the Master will back hand slap your ass, like he has did and do! Now, when the Master si not around, you want to talk like you are a strong Man, something that you have never been! Donald Sterling has pointed that out! No matter how much money you have or white women you date, you are still nobody in the white man eyes. Now, go and talk junk to him! show us your manhood!

      • I hope whoever wrote this is white because if not you are definitely sad as f*ck, very defeated, and full of self hatred.

    • Fool shut up all eyes have always been on the black woman 4real. tell ya peeps don’t burn when they tan!

  2. A lot of men that talk down and put his hands on a black woman a lot of them do wish they were a woman so bad they want make them feel like they are shit and Not worth any thing I really can’t stand that.

  3. They are all queens. All of them are Gay or Bi. All of them sucked a cock or get f*ucked in the anus. All of them.

  4. Hes not attractive in the face.

    At all.

    Shoulda stayed his ass on that bus singing bout Coke.

    • Complexion to teeth contrast on point. Looks great shirtless. That skeletal ochocinco head will send wild rams running. He cries and whines entirely too much and the ashy ready rock lips are no bueno. But if he likes to pack fudge god bless his Blistex loving heart.

  5. Jacky would ya tell me who the 5 straight black men in Hollywood are, I mean it could only be about 5 the way you talk em, so who are they?

  6. I worked on baby boy as an extra back in the day and I’m a str8 man, Tyrese kept eyeing me the whole damn day and I been telling folks his ass was gay. He would just start singing out of nowhere and then look at me to see if I was watching his burnt looking ugly ass I was in disgust

    • I believe you because others have mentioned his on set behavior. Even Taraji threw some subtle shade the other day….I don’t think a person is gay for calling him out on his shit.

    • Damn. Any more tea. Did he entertain any male friends? Or maybe you were too freaked out to observe shit like that. Lol

      • I’m just speaking facts I have no reason to lie , I use to be a movie SAG extra back in the day and seen some shit, I’ve never been approched kuz I’m an Inglewood nigga and walked around like that too , I look far from Vulnerable

        • Have you SEEN Inglewood niggas lately? They are out here looking gay as hell. Apparently, it’s cool to be gay in Inglewood.

          On another note, walked into Forever 21 in Fox Hills and saw a nigga in a lace wig. Is this Atlanta?

          • JOI!!! ROTFL. L.A. and parts in between are not what they used to be. The girls look like prostitutes and the guys look like girls.

    • actually me and yo great aunt did that’s why that old bitch paying all my f*cking bills and Happy mothers day to you faggot

    • Was he singing, “Sweet Lady” would you be mine, sweet love for a lifetime, I’ll be there when you need me, just come and receive me…lol

  7. Dre gay too I worked on training day in one of the scenes with Dre the minute I came in the room he had his 3 white bodygaurds with him,the minute i walked in the room that nigga gave me that gay eye like I want you at the time I was a fresh 19yr old dude,and was like yea the rumors are true , no real str8 man would ever eye another guy down like the way him and tyrese did to me

      • yea I’m alright baby , all I speak is the truth I’m an Inglewood nigga and look far from a vulnerable looking ass weak ass nigga

    • Damn x 2, John. They were after your young black ass, literally? You still work in the movie industry?? Spill more tea. Don’t be shy

  8. Not everyone in Hollywood that is black is on the downlow but u can def pick they ass out, the ones who are got wondering eyes always looking for new meet.

  9. Wowwwwww this is crazy lol what can you say? Baby Boy likes that ass smashed lol I said it once I’ll say it again this is a woman’s world. Tyrese jumped his baby mama beat her up i guess she has a secret she uses against him lol and he has a daughter he so cherish how will she take it when she finds out daddy likes boys in his ass this world it going to hell it’s a nasty cesspool wow

  10. Worry bout ur own lives and kids who cares if he likes his
    Ass strapped!
    Im sure u mufukkas got some freaky fetishes so stop f*ckin judgin
    If you not perfect!

  11. Anal orgasm is the ultimate most intense orgasm u can have..
    As long as he is gettin f*cked by a woman whats the problem ?

  12. Get in tune with your bodies and explore your asshole
    Ur asshole can orgasm and have u shakin like a leaf .
    That prostate stimulation will make ur dick shoot 10ft of cum
    Without even touchin your dick at all.
    Stop denying yourself pleasure and grow the f*ck up

    • That hole does not have white cells to fight infection and as a result, anal cancer is on the rise! sexual pleasure is not everything! Having sex with animals, is a popular fetish amongst Caucasian people. Are you going to experiment with that too?

      • Thank you.

        Many folks don’t realize that the large intestine is actually separate and apart from the body’s system. It keeps waste away from the body’s system. The anus has a membrane which can tear easily and waste can get in. Once waste hits the system, you can get very sick, as in sepsis.

        And bestiality causes cancer of the penis. Do you know that they now have animal brothels in certain parts of Germany? Yuck, yuck!!

  13. I was introduced to anal stimation by a woman! So stop frontin like yall
    Repulsed when there are alot of women turned on by fingerin a asshole

    • If you so proud of it why you didn’t use your name on the post. You know Big Juan turned you out in the joint.

    • I’m so disgusted. Put me off my margharita just reading that nasty shit. Vomit.

  14. The whole thug prison culture is homoerotic!
    Why would a straight dude wanna be around a bunch of niggas
    All the time?
    Niggas on the corner shirts off or in tank tops with there
    Pants saggin below there ass is some homoerotic shit!

    • Completely agree. Look at even Eminem. Whole persona/brand built on vile and extreme misogyny. The more degrading he was towards women, the more bigger he got. He was lauded for his lyricism. Not so much now, but at the height of his fame, always surrounded by men, especially BLACK men. Always.

      You know I ever heard of him talking about love once in his music. And that one time, he declared his love for DR DRE.



      Aight, hold up, hold up, stop the beat a minute
      I got somethin’ to say, Dre, I wanna tell you this shit right now
      While this f*ckin’ weed is in me
      I don’t know if I ever told you this but I love you, dog
      I got your motherf*ckin’ back, just know this shit

      These industry dudes put their shit out there. HATE for women, but LOVE for their boys.

      • You called it.

        And they are always cultivating a white fan base and white women.

        Self-hatred and a longing for a missing part of themselves.

      • Your right about mm. He can put words together, but the words he puts together are just bullshit. No respect for him.

        • I never got after all his gay rants, elton john came out and gave him a hug on stage at some award show. What was that.

        • wow. no respect huh? who is a better lyricist(living)? who uses words with the facility of Em? I get the fact that he elicits much hate, but even the haters usually give him respect for his talent.
          Rakim said that if Em were Black he would literally be viewed as a rap god. js

          • It’s not he can’t rap. He very very good at it. Subject matter. It just turns me off.

            • Fair enough. I get that. Thanks for answering in a civil way…it’s refreshing. 😉

              As a writer(wannabe) I am in awe at his capacity to use the syllables in the manner he has perfected. It’s nearly perfection.
              BUT, I completely get your point about the subject matter.
              Tho sometimes he can be very funny…particularly in the late 90’s-early 2000’s.

            • My nephew listens to him. He free style like mutha to. Wish he would make songs that I can relate to, cause he can flip shit.

  15. I would rather watch a swimsuit competion than a football game with a bunch
    Of niggas in tight pants slappin each other on the ass
    Now thats some gay shit to me

    • Lol. Football is pretty ghey. Soccer as well. At least European soccer is. Players forever feeling on each other.

  16. Wow. That mafia is out in full force trying to turn black men out. They actually on here talking about butt sex. The agenda is real Yall. I pity my friends who are still single. Damn its rough out there Yall.

    • No reason to pity single people because married people are doing the same thing! I know many! Single just have to move out of L.A.

    • What bubble are you living in?? Black men already turned all the way out right now. Either it’s the secret gay clubs they visit, while their baby mama wait at home for them. Or whether it’s sexing their cellmates in prison. Black men and their secret DL lives is the detriment of the women who deal with them.

  17. if a man will let a woman penetrate him with a strap on he might as well take the real deal up his ass.

  18. That prostate booty penetration stimulation mess. I’m not cool with it. Not about growing up but like Chris said if you take a fake one whats the difference in the real one. Like that one meme with chow… “Gaaaaaaayyyyyy”

  19. Im married and me and my wife enjoy anal play
    There is no hole thats off limits to my wife

    • its your marriage.

      but do you have fantasies of other men while shes doing you.

      you might as well take a dick and start sucking dick while you at it.

      we know you sucked that strap on and called her daddy.

      • What i do is with my wife!
        Talkin bout me and u bout got all type of vile shit on your
        Hard drive

        • I think a lot of dudes like freaky shit like this but don’t tell their boys. Remember back in the day backwards blackmen used say eating out a woman was a no go. Now they eat like they are at a buffet. I remember reading tea on LSA that The Dream (producer) liked his jump offs to finger his ass.

          Black men are the biggest sexual hypocrites, were it not so, why is it it only takes them 5 mins upon being incarcerated in jail, for them to get a prison ‘Girlfriend’ called Tyrone.

          • depends on how much time theyre doing.

            if you facing 20 years and you get no pusssy ion that long what else are you gonna do this is why blacks get longer jail sentences they want you to experiment with gay sex when you get there.

            whites are fags themselves and they want blacks to go gay which explains wqhy they lock us up we gotta pay for all the white girls we bang out opr because some white duded got pissed cause his sister or wife got phukked by a black dude.

          • FOH with that black men quick to go homo shit. White dudes are the ones who want to watch their girlfriend/wives suck our dicks and get f*cked by us. You must be a hurt woman or a gay man that wants some black cock real bad.

  20. This crusty lipped nigga,has always been gay,by the reese,have I told you I hate you!

  21. Jacky, hate to interrupt your comment count fudging time, but this blind item is wack as hell. Go go and get back to your fudging u do every night under multiple handles.

  22. Hi Jacky, guess the truth hurts. Mane, u Do what you gotta do, I ain’t mad at u.

  23. You know, I head in nursing homes, men get their prostates stimulated in the rear by workers so that hey can come and not get backed up.

    Women don’t have prostates so, this ain’t for us.

    Men: anal stimulation and heroin, once you try either, there is no turning back.

    • Yep. I remember Artie on Howard Stern telling a story about a male nurse who gave his paraplegic late father a prostate massage once a week. He teared up and said that he had much love for the nurse for doing it because as much as he loved his dad, he just couldn’t bring himself to do it.
      Yeah, good judgment for once Artie. That woulda been a little too freaky.

  24. Tyrese! ’cause(Singing) Ty’s a punk punk punk punk punk. Ty’s a punk punk punk punk punk. kmsl Jacky,bravo. Tyrese really is a punk. I replay and dance to that video all the time. Thanks!

  25. Tyrese is a member of the “Fudge Pudge Club In Hollyweird.” He must be proud of himself, sacrificing his integrity and manhood for the almighty dollar. Growing up, i knew the acting profession leaned toward the gay side, but, i had no earthly idea so many blackmen fell victim to the Sodomites that control it. These cats out themselves. Jamie Foxx pretending to be a woman on “In Living Color” and David Alan Grier doing the same. Only a few true blue brothas in the industry worth supporting, the rest are sheep. Gayness is an obsession of whitemen, but, we have been corrupted as well. God created us to be Kings…Not Queens! Negros know this, so, they can’t dispute it. This bulls**t is not relevant to our struggle. Liberal blackmen need to stop insulting our intelligence…Run Tell Dat To Casper The Ghost And His Flock!

      • Negros think sodomizing another man’s anus is a pathway to success…Think Again! Babylon Can Never Win…Never! Dre, Puffy, Jamie Foxx, and the rest may get rewarded by the corrupt Jews that control them. The people see thru them everytime.

  26. Nigga stop complaining, if you don’t like it bounce. And this is not Jacky by the way.

      • Damn, is that right? I thought Jacky was running things, had no idea he bounced. Thanks. Well, Mildred need to stop this site from refreshing so much. One luv.

  27. To each its own. Everybody has fetishes and i dont care what a person
    Does behind closed doors.
    As long as its between consenting adults and no children or animals ate
    Involved whats the big deal???

  28. Big OG homie Dre is a billionaire on yall broke loser asses!!!
    Do u think he hears what u peons have to say about him and tyrese??

  29. dre and his high ass headphones motre power to anybody that buys them.

    dont care who dre or tyrese sleeps with.

    they can tear each others asses up all day long if they want to.

    • Now THAT’S the Brains I remember with great fondness. We share a certain bent sensibility for all matters wacko conspiratorial. wink wink

  30. SB, your comment was worth reading all the comments,Illuminati trying to get your IP address and and take you into slavery,hahahaha

  31. Dre is a bottom not a top. He likes to get dug out by long penises. He told Tupac that when they got into a argument.

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