Mimi Faust Takes Shower Rod on the Road!

    Mimi's Shower Rod Tour

    Love and Hip Hop’s, Mimi Faust, takes Shower Rod on the road!

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      • An aged bird at that. If the highlight of your day is soaking your feet in a tub of epsom salts and relaxing to a Matlock marathon after a long day of triple couponing then you probably have aged out of club hosting demographic. God bless the premenopausal fixed income SSI receiving fans who cut their pressure pills in half this month in order to buy an outfit and come out and show that ‘they’ve still got it”. Place probably reeked of Bengay,J’adore and black weave glue.

        • In a way, this is sad. Mimi is having a very public nervous breakdown. She has apparently inherited her mother’s mental illness. Instead of taunting her, Stevie needs to get his baby mama some medical attention.

      • I don’t think so. Based on your flagrant disregard for proper English and your obvious stupidity, I am quite certain that I can buy and sell both you and your hero Mimi Faust at least one hundred times over. Now, go back to making license plates.

    1. I couldn’t get the video to play but I’m pretty sure whatever she said was ratchet as hell.

      • You didn’t miss much. The vid was short, choppy and barely audible. Some cautionary tale to birds young and old about the dangers DIY shower rod swinging and how B-boy Blues/Nikko supported her body weight. A couple of F-bombs and other phrases that should not be uttered by a Nana were dropped.

        The crowd cheered and then proceeded their all-night tourney of clover-leaf Bingo, yanno the one with the postage stamp on 4 corners, that your great auntie’s church buddy would scold you for when blotting outside the square with the ink dauber.

    2. So is she a victim or not? Next week she ll be playing the Vic. Fuck this ratchet hooker

    3. see how fake she is that bitch knew all along what she wanted to gone try to fake and failed didnt nobody buy that take acting classes

    4. Mimi do you think that is cute?? Right what’s makes you different from Stevie’s Shim? NONE AT ALL! Shim is much better cause she keeps it onehunded! Mimi AVA will see this! So tired of desperate sistas doin the most to stay relevant! Poor Poor Ava no chance at surviving this ratchery!!!!!!!!!!!

    5. I really cannot imagine another race supporting such f*ckery from a network without boycotting it. We deserve this ratchet shit. We really do.

    6. See how fake that crying shit was on the show? She knew what she was doing and had planned on doing what she did sooo now that she’s a slezy porn star wwith a D.L. cat how should she be addressed? Out promoting this shower rod shit letting young girls and her own child to be a slut pat yourself on the back mimi and no stevie ain’t no better he’s posse to be married to a prostitute coke wwhore he gets high with. Poor baby this isn’t funny at all

    7. All u misrable not getting f*cked an not getting paid hoez need to shut up! Gon Oluremi! Get that bread an f*ck these ugly out of shape hoez. Mimi look good , her body is nice an whether the tape was leaked purposely…. Mimi is gettin paid. Back end residuals are the best type of income! Fuck yall lol! Them haters is deadly an ridiculous! Why u nobody ass thots is hating… Mimi cashing out an half of mili paid to see her f*ck her nigga! Mimi /Nikko Won an u fat loser bum free lansing p*ssy bitches have Lost once again! Team Mimi Allday! An f*ck who dont like wat i said… Gag on 15 dicks at once! I gives no f*ck! Lol ha! BOTTOM BARREL HOEZ?

    8. Keep her baby girl out of this shit. Alot if yall are full of shit! Some of yall kids have seen u f*ckin ,smokin,fightin ,doing weed an etc! Foh wit that bullshit. Her baby future is secured i bet u that! Worry bout yo own children cuz according to Mimi webstigram page? Lil eva lives like a Princess with no worries! Bums ass hoez talkin bout mimi an yall strugglin with them deadbeats while my girl mimi kilkin da game @ 45! She gettin ova 10 grand to appear at clubs… She vip an bottles on deck for free! What yall gettin? JACKSHIT! Bitch @clubs promoting evey week gettin paid an the tape is still selling lol. Mimi doin it! You hoez f*ckin for free an been taped for Free! Take notes thots!

      • You need help. If she had any business sense she would have an endorsement deal with whom ever made That shower rod. What price is efficient for your soul. Smh

    9. Now I just saw the homemade version Videos. Yes that’s a free porn site. There are two versions. The shower scene is from Vivid Entertainment. The homemade version which “Nikko” claims somebody got a whole of the camera. Its up there. Just go to Videos and type in the search bar Mimi sex tape.

    10. She gettin paid an thats all i need to know an thats all them haters need to realize! Da Radiant 1 is in da house! Hope all is well with u lady!

      • Hi Mo! My mama threw empty soda cans at me on Mother’s Day! Had me screaming til I got laryngitis and an ear infection! LOL! Now my mama done messed me up! LOL! Anyway, gotta see what Mimi next move is.

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