French Montana Gets The Game Twisted, Digs Himself into a K-Hole!

BEEF: French Montana vs The Game

“French can’t be living in L.A. and be talking shit to Game.”

HSK Exclusive – Does Khloe Kardashian have French Montana whipped? It sure seems that way. Especially after French turned gangsta and boss’ed up to Game — from behind a smartphone/computer screen.

Just ask Lil Durk, who joined French in clownin’ Game on the DL saying, “Game is more like a mother to his kids than a father.”

Now.. Word from the streets is the Bad Boy could have caused himself some L.A. beef!

“French Montana is running around telling his boys that he stopped Khloe from hanging out with Game.”

Here’s the drop:

“When Game picks up on French’s subliminal message, he’s gonna step to dude… and it won’t be nice.”


  1. French Montana get’en mixed up with the thirsty fame whores of hollywired he must be thirsty as hell what’s the motive I wonder? Whatever it is kris Jenner is behind it 100% Montana I think your going to regret getting involved with them

  2. Game told the press he couldn’t possibly be in a relationship with Sasquatch because he use to f*ck her sister Kim. LOLOLOL fame whoring gone awry! Wrong one Kris Jenner! Find another sucker!

  3. What is it about these women that makes black men succumb to their charms? I do not see anything remotely attractive about Khloe. I am missing something? Plastic surgery, fake asses, basic looks, no talent, narcissistic and shallow. I’d make a beeline for that too – not.

  4. Please dont say black men, because nothing about any of them tickles my fancy. Just call it what it is, niggas attention whoring

  5. Two bummy rappers that the world forgot about, with the exception of Jacky Jasper and Diary of a Hollywood Street king!

  6. Everybody in that pic look very femme. The kartrashians go for weak men they can control. Look at Kanye and now French Montana.

  7. All of their male companions are suspect rt down to step daddy. They seem to be cornering that market.

  8. Yup they all look suspect in that pic. We all know Jermaine is a child molester. He molested Kriss Kross and I’m pretty sure Bow Wow. Lil Durk ur up next

  9. And that is why I keep saying there are so many mistresses, side chicks, and baby mamas because the ration of one heterosexual man and I may add a married man is 5:1. Hey, don’t get mad at me, its the truth.

  10. French Montana left his wife and child hanging….don’t see his kid. Game is a good father

  11. I agree Game adores his children unlike French Montana who bailed on his beautiful wife and son. Khloe is a homewrecker she did the same with Lamar. Aint no good going to come to those kartrashians.

  12. just what we need another hip hop beef.

    khloe must got some good head and tails.

  13. He better cop a deuce. While Lil Durk has balls and backup French does not! Act like you know fake nigga, Puffy and Rick are as soft as a wet newborn bottom. Ask Shyne Po!

  14. Bout time someone gets at that weak ass arab montana. Im tired of these fake ass rappers sayin n doin what they want with no reprecussions from others.

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