Who’s Jacky Talking About? – May 12, 2014


That six-degrees of separation theory seems to bridge a short gap between this K-squared couple and Leonardo DiCaprio. Just ask Leo’s ex-girlfriend, Bar Refaeli, the model who these newlyweds once shared during a threesome sex session… according to our source.

But Misus Kakes may not have gotten the action she signed up for. Know why? We’re told her hubby was directing all his attention South-East, at the time — said to have left his Missus in tears.

Now… can you guess the pair I’m talking about?


  1. Who in their right mind would do a thrersome with Kim’s ran-through twat and Kanye’s funky balls..?….ewwww.

  2. Watched ‘Wolf of Wallstreet’ yesterday with Leonardo and while it was long as hell (3 hours), it was a good movie. He should’ve been at least nominated for an Oscar.

    Vivica Fox tried to holla at Leonardo, but he passed.

    • I agree! There’s something strange about those two! I’m rooting for solange though…

  3. O kim see what being fake can do for you? If I were you I would get my baby and get the hell on and not speak to kris Jenner for a while years because she uses you and the rest of the family to get over a it’s making you regret all the stuff you’ve done it will come back you and Kanye were put together there isn’t any real love well on his part because you know he gay or bisexual you’ve caught him before wake up girl u are not getting any younger

  4. REGGIE BUSH CALL HER…its over with Kanye
    Faster than a melting snowcone, on a 98 degree day in Harlem

        • Her nanny is kanye aunt. That’s grandmother love. I’m sure she is doted on and adored just maybe doesn’t spend as much time with her parents as most 1 year olds. I’m sure she’s loved . I wouldn’t want to hang out with those two daily either.

  5. I feel SOOOOOO sorry for that baby because neither one of her parents will (Kanye) or can (Kim, never staands up and is too willingly controlled) stand up to KJ ( Pimp Of Infiniti).

    • You aint wrong! I read about resentment in Sociology poor Ignorme will have pyschological problems when she’s older, those two should have never pro-created a life.

  6. How much was Bar Refaeli paid to do that threesome? This is proof that even dime piece beckys will f*ck anyone if the price is right!

    • Beckys will do anything for sex, over here in shitty england they sell their undercratches for a bag of cocaine.

  7. Around 98 I was told Demi Moore contacted Leo w Bruce Willis consent to f*ck Leo. I was told Demi asked for it in her ass. he obliged haha real talk.

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