‘Dominant & Hung’ TS Escort Puts Eddie Murphy on BLAST!

“She is willing to take any lie detector test to prove that she is telling the truth.”

HSK Exclusive – We’ve exclusively uncovered the “Dominant & Hung” Backpage ad — posted about a week ago (May 6, 2014) — featuring the trans escort who’s spilling SHOCKING allegations surrounding Eddie Murphy. It’s said to be the very online space which, “He [Eddie Murphy] would contact me through.” That’s according to ‘Honeydip Ashton — the Los Angeles TS — who says Eddie Murphy first bumped her when she was just 17-years-old… allegedly sparking an eight-year-long secret smash affair between the pair.

Screen-shot-2014-05-11-at-8.09 eddie-exposed-tweet-6

The now 24-year-old Honeydip Ashton SET IT OFF on Eddie, over the weekend — turning to Twitter and Tumblr to serve it up! The set of allegations include: intimate details of Murphy’s person; apparent specifics of Mr. RAW’s crib, bearded mentions of Paige Butcher AND word that Murphy may have since “offered her a deal to keep quiet”.


This isn’t the first time Eddie Murphy’s been at the center of trans-smashing allegations. Don’t believe me… Just ask TS Octavia St. Laurent, another TS escort who was the subject of HSK’s exclusive March 2012 report surround Eddie Murphy. “Everything you do in life is like a Boomerang,” Octavia said. “When you throw it, it eventually comes back. Don’t f*ck with me.” Today, Ashton cites a broken heart, and unmet promises — revealing Murphy may have led her to believe he’d cover her “two last surgeries”, before kicking her to the curb.

Peep the message Honeydip Ashton says she sent to Eddie Murphy:

“Constant cold shoulders, Really? Honestly, I’ve never done anything wrong to you. I’m not your trash… Those two major things [two surgeries] are a part of my happiness. The only thing I’ve ever asked you for besides that was communication because you made an impact on my life. I’m not 17 no more, I feel it.”

Here’s what a source exclusively tells HSK:

“She lists very detailed descriptions of Eddie’s home, body and his cars. ALL of which are 100% TRUE, because I know Eddie and have been to his house hundreds of times. Everything she says, even down to him making her watch old stand up of his performances, etc, is exactly what I did with him as well.

…Eddie’s relationship with Paige is 100% FAKE and a cover.”

eddie-murphy-transgender-lover-exposedScreen-shot-2014-05-12-at-1.32 Screen-shot-2014-05-12-at-1.33 honey-dip-ashton-vs-eddie-murphy


  1. These transs are low down. You offer your services and if a client no longer wants your services you run him thru the mud? Thats bad business. LOL In the end, I guess when your famous people of any type will use anything about you that they can for leverage in getting whatever it is they want. Celebrity life is f*cked up. Get a lot of cash at the cost of much of your ass. SMH

    • Eddie should have paid her off. It’s common knowledge that he trolls for trannies. And usually he does what is necessary to keep his secrets. That one right there better be careful because messing with Eddie will send you to morgue.

    • No good for shim to out Eddie! These downlow men kill me! If you like men just admit it! I hope shim tells all.

  2. Hell hath no fury like that of a scored woman and hell have even more fury than that of a artificial woman who was scored by Eddie Murphy. Another dirty dick celebrity. #ShameOnTheseHollywoodNegroes

  3. Stark comparison to Johnny Gill and softer and more femme than Nicole Murphy. Ashton’s eyebrows are on point 🙂

  4. So It’s mad cuz Eddie wouldn’t pay to have it’s dick cut off. Eddie should have learned the first time around. This trans gonna come up missing.

    • R in NYC:

      In that binkini shot, it looks like its dick was cut off?

      Am I missing something.

      I’m kinda slow and uninformed on this trans shit, but Eddie seems like a pro.

        • You aroused my curiosity so I image searched ‘how do transs tuck’ . Normally Im not squeamish but was a bit shaken by the pics; especially the ones where they wrapped It in plastic and used accessories/clamps to create lips. Some wrapped the tip with rubberbands so It doesnt slip during a tuck. Sounds painful and I see why “women” with D cups who also fit Lifestyle large condoms are highly coveted. They’re majestic like unicorns. Disturbing how much work is put into removing a bulge.

    • @R in NYC
      Eddie likes his transs hung he has no use for them once the cut the dick off lol

  5. I believe Honeydip. I have been around Eddie Murphy on several occasions, and he seems very uncomfortable around pretty women. He is a strange cat.

    • I’m a guy and that has been my experience around Eddie as well. He will begin talking sports or something with the dude present when fine chicks are there

      • Thank you. I have never seen a Black man behave that way…gay or straight. Eddie does not like the ladies.

  6. Eddie o eddie come on out we know your gay or bisexual I believe gay we know all about the all boys bowling night and you and Johnny gill living together we know about you and Arsenio Hall lil romp eddie come on out is that why wifey left? Because she was tired of being your beard cover up? Well what will the kids think about their dad getting ass poked? I can’t wait until the wife or this Tranny write a tell all of you and her him and maybe others I can’t wait eddie just come out mane you all ready been outed so many times

  7. Sounds like honeydip had the impression that it was more than services rendered, more like a relationship and he/she got dumped…

  8. I read this yesterday and I’d have to admit she boy has alot of detail about Eddie.I doubt very seriously he/she’s lying.

    • yeah high level of promiscuity with bisexual black males who are disease ridden or hiv+

      • Lmao, like that’s an excuse. If hoes stop giving p*ssy out of each side of their dirty drawers, they coochies might not be polluted. That’s like saying you are a crackhead because they sell it in your neighborhood. Nobody made you smoke that shit, just like being promiscuous is a choice. Can’t blae that shit on nobody but yourself.

  9. I think we all know how Eddie swings by now. This is no big surprise. I suspect there are a lot of shims out there who could talk. He ran and hooked up with that white girl (who is a rumored pro beard) after the news about him and Johnny Gill living together became common knowledge. Johnny went and got himself some little ugly white girl and knocked her up and Eddie got with that white chick. Neither one of them is fooling anybody.

  10. Why does this person think he would pay for the extra surgeries? Wouldnt that defeat the purpose?

  11. Eddie lost his juice. Back in the day he had trannies leaping to their deaths. Times have changed how he’s gonna get outed Hollywood has no more use for him.

  12. Tried to tell ya’ll niggas LAST YEAR all this damn tea about Eddie. Making folks watch his old shit. Smoking weed. Acting high and vogueing and acting weird as f*ck. Where’s paige stupid ass now? She was on here lurking back then. Defending a nigga she doesn’t even know. Lmaoooooo. I keep tellin u fools about ALL these niggas before the shit even pops off

  13. Yep…Typical MO for gay ass Eddie, No one should be surprised by this.He has a history of this.

  14. This trans better watch his ass the last dude he got caught with died “mysteriously”

  15. I bet’cha Eddie’s breath smells like the back end of a mule. I think his ex-wife Nicole was born a man too. Eddie has strong genes and none of his sons look like him. Plus I’ve never seen Nicole when she was pregnant. Dookie drops!

    • When women start to work out as much and go in as much as Nicole, we lose fat tissues from our face. Which makes us look older and have more pronounced features. But I think Nicole is very pretty.

      • Nicole is gorgeous. I just wish she hadn’t listened to Jessica Canseco and started on that HGH shit. It has completely masculinized her. And I HAVE seen her pregnant. She isn’t even close to being a man.

        Stop the HGH Nicole. Or maybe Michael won’t let her.

  16. Nicole sitting back lauging and crying somewhere. Frome one DL to the other. Eddie needs to dip into his STFU rainy day money stash so problems like this dont happen.

    • because gay chit is happening all over the world I hate it too sometimes myself.

      damn Hollywood and their Sodom and Gomorrah lifestyles.

    • Yeap. We have beat-downs, shady husbands, crooks, fraudsters, hoes, dumb rappers and assorted degenerates

  17. His pinky finger told me a long time ago that he was questionable. NOOOO straight man drinks with his pinky sticking up. Not to mention that now deceased trans that he got caught with years ago!

    • I heard Charlie Murphy don’t f*ck wit him. Even Charlie Murphy said Eddie would turn down fine females back in the day just because they toe nail polish was jacked. I thought that was just in the movie Boomerang, but he really did that in real life.

    • Yes a fiery latino trans. Yet people say sistas have major ‘tudes. HoneyDip seems like she keeps a razor against ger cheek at all occassions.

  18. I need hair and makeup tips from these cause a see alot of that be on point looking better than real females.ladies we gotta step up our game.

    • That’s what I thought but my husband took one look at Honeydip and said _”that right there is a dude”. In all fairness he saw the first face pic on the post first, and shim does look rather hard there. But I think the body shot looks very much like a real girl. Smh. But straight men are not fooled. Anyone that picks her up is looking for a trans.

      • @ 14:14 Most straight men can pick a trans. We might have to look twice but it’s just to confirm it. We can pick gay dudes to.

      • To me, most Latinos have that androgynous look. The women, without the hair and curves resemble men and the men without muscle mass pass for women. Like Jlo, her face she can be a attractive woman or a dude if you removed the hair, same for Salma Hayek or Fat Joe would make a cute female. Omarion’s ex wife is now a cute dude(no homo)don’t know if she as that admixture or not. Maybe I sound a tad like Donald Sterling…

  19. I could care less. I’ve been done with Eddie since I heard he had Johnny as a live-in. I loved Johnny Gill for YEARS…but I’m over it and keeping my eyes on Idris.

  20. She was paid to f*ck. Not to be taken of forever. Its not like she was doing it for the vine. Tell all cause now no one will pay for your services anymore.

  21. eddie needs to come out.

    how many fags are gonna come out and blast this guy for sex.

    mister cee needs to admit hes gay nobody gets caught with dudes giving head 3 times and gets arrested and still deny it.

    arsenio needs to admit it.

    dudes love dressing in drag too much and acting out their fantasies in real life.

    add terry crews to the list

    • steve harvey was licking his tounge at ricky smiley in drag a few years back.

      miguel nunez does’nt mind playing gay in films.

      bernie mac was probaly fagging too.

      marlon and shawn crossdressing as white girls but its just comedy right.

      its cool as long as dudes getting paid is that it.

  22. wesley snipes played the gay role a little too good in too wong fu.

    seeing terry crews trying to rape kat williams was disgusting remember ice cube over the friday trilogy starting to wonder about him now cause he had a gay scene with tracy morgan in last sunday.

  23. Eddie should of made it sign a confidentiality
    Agreement like puff does..niggas would of f*cked it
    Drunk at 3 am and some sober at 3 pm.
    Nobody wants to cop to f*ckin a trannny
    But trans porn is the number 1 category in porn
    Industry and internet. So some

  24. I met Johnny Gill at a concert backstage. He was eating some chicken wigs and talking to Eddie on the phone. Mann! I went in his room and checked out those chicken wings! They looked like the brontosaurus bones on the Flintstones! hehehehe! He threw down! Those bones also looked like the bones in Eve’s Bayou that Dianne Carroll had when she was reading their palms. Hahahaha!!!

  25. It was rumored that Eddie usually pay off 15k to the shims he had relationships with. I wonder what happened here
    Also he used to attend Rick james parties back in the day. And we all know how that went down

  26. A rumour that Eddie is not real not same one that starred in Trading Places, I don’t believe it anyone else heard ridiculous rumours, I believe the trans stuff though well some of them

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