Is Apple Set on Buying Beats Audio?

Apple Buys Beats Audio

Dr. Dre may soon be in the Billionaires Boys Club if recent reports claiming Apple will be buying Beats Audio are true..

Here’s what’s been reported:

“The days of Apple limiting itself to small acquisitions may soon be over. The Financial Times is reporting from sources that Apple is close to buying Beats Electronics for $3.2 billion.

It’s not clear exactly why the company would splurge on such a deal, although there are some strong incentives — Beats Music could provide Apple with a streaming music platform more advanced than iTunes Radio, while Beats’ audio hardware could complement existing iOS and Mac devices. Apple hasn’t commented on the rumor, but the rumored deal could be official as early as next week — we’ll know the truth soon enough.”


  1. Maybe he’ll buy a basketball team now. Maybe he can lure double the amount of souls into the big SHOW. Maybe.probally not but maybe. Just maybe. I need a break.

    • Maybe he keep all that shit to his damn self, maybe he ‘ll buy property and build affordable housing , maybe feed the poor , maybe kill off the rest of his loves in a blood sacrifice …or maybe making a deal with satan to obtain all that filthy lucre , is a deal that only the devil himself won’t pass up!

      • Ahahahah! Im so sorry, but that would never happen! I actually love the thought! If he used that money to make apartments or affordable housing, that would be AWESOME! What will more likely happen is that Apple will have the right to have only their software used for the program (audio engineering? )at USC. The program that will cost thousands to attend…… that’s an idea! Use the billions to set up scholarships for underprivileged youth to attend that music program and USC! But its Dr Dre we are talking about, so it would be a very snowy day in hell before any of that would happen. Its always nice to dream.

        • He might donate another 70mil to usc which massa Jimmy kids attend right with all that money Dre is saying FUCK Compton(Tim Dogg voice)

    • Maybe he’ll spend most of it to fly more Asian boys here from Canada for some gay sex.

  2. Well…can’t say that I’m mad at him. Or surprised. We all know who gets rewarded with huge financial gains. And why. The.good low and jes down. With his tight ass shirts. I see you, Dre. How YOU doin ?

    • He should do a album with mark Cuban. Call it Tight Smedium Shirt Wearin Queens

  3. From a business perspective, it makes sense. On the flip side, Dre helped destroy something that was beautiful and pure…Hip-Hop! In this regard, he don’t deserve the money. Polluting your race and culture with violence and self-hatred for profit is evil in my eyes. The whitebois are rewarding him for good behavior.

  4. More like Jimmy Iovine is about to be a billionaire. I bet the Lee family at Monster is preparing for a ritual suicide as we type.

      • I want to see the net pay also. Its funny that Jobs(rip) rejected Iovines subscription deal after yrs of courtship. kinda wished i would have used my moms bedazzler on some ratty sony v6s, covered them in plastic and and inflated the markup. everyone one who owns a pair of beats becomes an instant audiophile when they arent even avg quality especially for mixing. Wonder what kind of drug deal was made to make Apple bite?

        • But you are absolutely right about that. Those are some of the worst, heaviest and most uncomfortable headphones I have ever seen. I put a pair on in best buy and without even realizing it, said. Oh he’ll f*ck no, out loud. But I heard that apple is interested. Because of the streaming capability. But I find that hard to believe, because I would imagine that apple has the resources and capability change the face of direct streaming. But anyone I see with those headphones, I know that individual lives to get get f*cked and with them it’s all about a name and hs nothing to do with quality.

    • I agree. Iovine is the true winner here. Dre was just a mascot. Just a very well paid one.

  5. Dr. Dre did help destroy pure Hip-hop in a sense but he was on the verge of getting dropped after the dismal sells of the 1996 album “THE AFTERMATH” which was a good album in my book, but I think it would be great to see him become a BILLIONAIRE because everywhere I look I see them headphones wrapped around someones head and ears YOUNG and OLD

  6. c’mon Dr.Dre give us one last album whether it’s titled “DETOX” or not, don’t disappoint your music admirers

    • He can’t because He has used that one beat that he made in 2000 about 82 times. You know the one I’m talking about. shit he put that last chronic album out and he took credit for everyone’s work on the beats. People sing going for that shit again. That shit sold 7 million copies and the real producers are still trying to get heir cheese.

      • Biggest beat biter in the world. But I’d still listen to a new album. Don’t u hate it when you know you shouldn’t like stuff but u still do.

  7. “i posted this on another evil website and got labeled all kinds of haters lol” great to see some folks are able to “pierce through the fog”

    I know I’m a Hater by label, but hey one billion cool, maybe he will donate another 30 mill or so to USC and another 30 cents to Compton. Most folks say, you don’t know what he gives, yet he makes a point to headline his deeds to white societies. Hey puff got 700 mill, Jay 500, 50 cent 400. Yet no distribution company or anything like: q tips, toilet paper, any commodity that we all need that they can Own that we can have as a people. Why not? Because they are still under control. They have no power and they have to wait on old massa to greenlight anything. hince jay 360 deal.

    Yet. We brag on them cuz we are broke, no wealth, and seeing a familiar skin tone makes us feel proud, yet when they look in the mirror at they skin or ours, they hate it and us which explains the nose jobs n skin bleaching. But they rich. Rich by selling us to the highest bidder. We invest our trust into they lust . but they paid though, right?
    All other races keep they wealth on the low, that way they help they community, yet they broadcast every negro exaggerated wealth so we can marvel in amazement, while they sell us out.
    A white cat stated, black people mane prob is who they trust as Leaders, they never learn, man he was right. He is rich, but from jerry heller to fields to iovine, he is they right hand coon. He and jay and etc hate themselves and Us, look at they actions. How can 50 say f the hood when he sold a fake lifestyle creating fake beefs and made millions while we were dying tryn to get rich, while he just easily sold out.
    But i feel y’all, dre the man, he gave us 50, then rap Elvis eminenm that ruined what was left of hip hop a racists that dre helped create that negroes get programmed to cosign. 50 hurt NYC, em killed hip hop like Elvis did rock n roll, all under dre. But hey he rich and I have great news, if u sell out, hate yourself, your people, u can be rich just like this. I know I’m a hater right, suge may be broke to the public, and dude will never go broke fyi, but least he got his pride and booty.

    • Good points, I was with you until you gave props to suge knight, the enforcer for YT against black talent.

      I remember when Blacks shared in the success of Black celebrities. A Black person on television represented progress, hope and confirmation (good or bad) of our talent and intelligence.

      But sadly, today, the black man’s success cannot be shared because it is usually at the expense of another black man or black community with his non-black woman at his side.

      So as we witness the extermination of Black America, we can just yawn at Dre’s billionaire status.

        • gotta law loy and put in real spiritual work plus this website started being too homo crazy exposing the same gays while not putting out the real pedophiles and thieves that matter.

          im on here demonstrating to a class how W

          • sorry i got cut off, how we respond when one slave is given a house and a carriage. check out this conversation from this website, i am in no form or fashion Promoting this hip hop site , just letting you see how some NEGROES think. i am blogging with this brother who thinks im racist for exposing dre. again i am not promoting this site at the bottom nor MYSELF, esp myself, just showing how folks act and how they have to get dealth with. ashe

            again i hate this website at the bottom, im just teaching these youngsters so they can see how to respond. if yall can check it out ashe


    • THIS is WHAT TRUTH WRITTEN looks like and when one reads this, this is what TRUTH feels like

  8. If he gave to Compton, those ghetto ass niggas would blow it on booty and lean. Always looking for hand outs.

    • I feel what your saying but those negroes your talking about are already being moved to places like Rialto and Moreno Valley for Gentrification purposes. They’re trying to turn Compton into a Soho. Just look and see what the Mayor is talking about. Check her out, her name is Aja Brown.

      • Lonn, you spit so much truth and knowledge on here.

        Sounds like Compton is becoming like Harlem. They moved all the Blacks out of Harlem to the Bronx and elsewhere, and now nuthin’ but YT gettin’ off the train at 125th Street.

        • So you know how this story is gonna end, she already has plans of Farmers Market and everything, she wants the Artsy folk in Compton, not the black and brown.

        • Yeah, in 2000, they used Bill Clinton to help turn Harlem white. He took up office space there and all the blacks thought he was coming to hang with the bothers. But Hey we’re fooled. In the words of a famous NWA song produced by none other than Dr Dre here, “surprise niggas”

  9. Imagine if we up lugged from celebrity bullshit for just one hour a day and spent the time completing one task towards living YOUR dream. How many billionaires could we create? You’re being distracted from attaining your rightful place as Kings and Queens with coons chasing material things that have no real intrinsic value and most of us cannot afford. Why can’t Johnny read? If I keep this up the refresh will come back. My bad. Open your third eye. Welcome back AncientGod.

  10. Before I read the comments my thoughts were “they rewarding this nigga for all the bullshit that he helped to create. A whole lot of destruction was caused because of this homo ass nigga. Fuck dre and his fake ass billions.

    • Thank you. Many nigs in the grave over his bullshit ‘music’ and the culture of black on black killings and hate not even talking about how much they hate bw. not all money is good money. this is blood money.

  11. Why can’t all these so called “RICH NIGGAS” put some of that money towards trying to uplift their people instead of saying ” look what I got from massa” and you all don’t have shit. They lives must be sadder than a mofo.

    • They got their riches by serving the joos. The last thing, the joos want is our people uplifted. See if we were uplifted there may be diminished worshipping of misogynistic idiotic hip hop stars, diminished worship of overpaid and egotistical sports stars and movie stars.

      That’s the last thing those joos from the synagogue of Satan want.

    • Forbes have already dragged Dre and put him in his place. They say after taxes, etc his networth will be 800 million. Pre Apple deal he was worth 550 million.

      • Oh so not quite Billionaire status then? Lol. Don’t ya just love hysterical press stories.

  12. Sit yall broke asses down and stop hatin on a blackman !!!!
    Get yo money Dre
    These clowns would be talkin shit if u deadbroke or filthy rich!
    Salute Dre

    • Fuck you, stan. Dre ain’t do shit but make poisonous contribution to dumb black men thinking they’re thugs and hood. Because you damn right there is a correlation between NWA/so called Gangsta rap and black men terrorizing their own communities with violence.

      • Preach. Dre is a coon, a shucking and jiving butler for the slave massa. hes also gay and a woman beating woman hater why do you think his own son killed himself??

        • Look at the picture of him at the top of this story. He can’t even contain the sugar in his tank.

    • You need to get off of Gay Dre’s nuts you f@g phuck. You are disgusting. All on Gay Dre’s p*ssy and she wouldn’t give your sorry ass the time of day. Have a seat bitch!!!

      • Broke ass crabs in the barrel ass nuggas
        You the same niggas that take the bass out of ur voice
        When you speakin to honkeys

        • Nuggas? Was that a typo or new slang you coined just to be down, lol. And honkeys…that’s some throwback seventies shit. You sound very inauthentic to me. Might wanna brush up on your black face routine

  13. O there’s no hating. Don’t be closed off from the truth. You really think he earned his money and “status” from hardworking and perseverance??? He’s just like any other fool bending over for earthly fame and not pulling up the next person in line. He just the face/puppet/turkey/scapegoat for the boss. And you know that boss isn’t black and don’t give a D about us

  14. F this big black queen. steroid gym queen with his white boys in west hollywood. F Miss Dre!!!

  15. Apple and Beats Electronics have something in common. Both products are extremely expensive and are made by sweatshop slaves in China.

  16. If you’re going to spend $300 dollars on headphones, buy the Bose QC-15’s. Those are the best. Dr. Dre headphones are the worst! You think I’m lying, ask any DJ, he or she will tell you.

  17. Damn I’ve never seen somebody spending another mans money like it is their own , Dre should do this , oh he should do that , who made the money you or him ? Oh yeah my mistake I remember who spends another mans money without making it themselves , a BITCH !

    • Lol. You sound poor, broke, lonely and SINGLE. Bet ya never been with a woman. Actually I guess you got something in common with your boy Dre. He hates women too. But he sure loooooves dem boys. Im betting you do too.

    • You are the same troll that always pops up just to be the voice of dissent. Shut up. You are boring.

  18. This thread certainly brought out the worst in(almost) everyone. Envy is an ugly emotion.

  19. Why do people assume if you take issue with Dre you envy him? I don’t envy him his success whatsoever because he got there by offering his ass to the devil and his agents. It’s really quite simple. Either you covet wealth and fame ….or you don’t. I dont. *shrugs.*

    • That’s celebrity brainwashing for you. You say something against a celeb, then you are automatically ‘jealous or a hater’. If you are on an urban or black blog and you aren’t drinking the kool aid, you get told off by the brainwashed for being ‘un- supportive of one of our own’. Well, Dre is not one of mine. I won’t pacify my disdain for someone just because he has the same skin colour as me.

    • as long as you don’t “pacify your disdain” then you’re okay by me.

      Now, if you DISGUISE your disdain, then all bets are off. lol

      The lack of pride in one of us doing well is precisely why we will never succeed like the Joos. Period. They celebrate ALL Jooish achievement. Same with Koreans and Vietnamese. Pretty much every group except us. We find every possible excuse for knocking one of our own when they achieve any financial milestone.

      Sell Out!!! Puppet of The Man!!! He ain’t shit!!!

      It’s as predictable as death and taxes.

  20. Here’s a real accomplishment.A Blackman by the name of BK Bruce back in the early 1800’s was the first AA to serve a full term in the US Senate.Bruce who also had a passion for learning,opened schools for underprivileged black kids and owned over 700 acres of land.During his time in the US Treasury Bruce Signature was on all US Currency until it was later changed Teach your life about this man not Dre.

  21. The whitewashed public school system won’t teach our kids about greats like BK Bruce,but BlackAnastia will.

  22. Thanks for the CoSign of a Great like BK Bruce.I’m not against See by any means,but this level of success for a Blackman in America comes at a steep,compromising price which I want no part of.Nonetheless,its a great accomplishment for Dre.

  23. Like it or not,this is a Colossal accomplishment for Dre,but his successes will always be Overshadowed in the eyes of Middle America because of his attachment to the HipHop community.

  24. I am glad to see so many folks remaining unimpressed.

    It is like holding a carrot to black folks sayin, “see anyone can make it in America, what is wrong with you?

    Well, my question is, how is he getting paid? Cash, stock, bonds, percentage of ownership?

    Until I know, I will remain unimpressed as I am with that woman beating manchild.

    They promote this because they withhold the real information from us.

    Billionaire, hmm, liquid or illiquid?

    • Agreed. People are far too easily dazzled. Unfortunately it is understandable. On this particular scale, blacks achieving like this are few and far between. Then we have the celebrity angle. Dr has been a force in hip hop for many years. On the surface, nothing wrong with the news. Scratch a little beneath the surface, then think on things a little and this don’t mean a whole lot.

  25. Ppl on this site stay complaining. Can the man get a Lil props for his massive come up? I just like to see blk ppl winning. Y don’t u?

      • would you elaborate as to what harm you feel his success will bring upon our community? TIA.

        • They have the money to PROMOTE AND ADVERTISE to our children and other gullible folks.

          They can be like Michael Jordan and invest in private prisons.

          They can ignore black self-help causes.

          They can become front men for oh, I don’t know, the NJ Nets and build a stadium that would congest traffic in Bklyn, and even displace some folks.


          • Respect. But every last item on your list can and will be done every damn day by a white man.

            I am glad to see a Black man winning. It’s just that simple.

            • Which brings us to the character of success.

              Does success mean to us that a black man can do just as much sophisticated shit to the black community as a white man?

              Is success that a black man can be an upper echelon destroyer of us?

  26. Broke niggas hate and find fault in any
    Blackmans achievement…
    Ole employeee of the month ass niggas
    Talk shit but shave there facial hair and
    Take the bass out there voice when talkin to
    Honkeys and never look a honkey in the eye

  27. Now he’ll have even more money to pay male prostitutes to blow his ass cheeks out.

  28. F that queen Miss Dre can to to hell DEE BARNES never forget the butt whipping he gave her in public he’s punk, with his white boys in Weho.

    • I remember that and he had to pay her big. Lucky his ass wasn’t put in jail.

      He was outing himself then.

      BTW, What is Weho? I am from the East Coast.

      When his son died, I was really surprised at the amount of rich white friends he had. I guess I shouldn’t have been, right?

      • West Hollywood aka WeHo. Why did Dre’s son kill himself the son of a rich mean closeted gay rapper, hmmm?

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