LAHHATL: Stevie J Taunts Mimi After Fathers Death


Hollow Threats For a SHallow Man!

Stevie J is taking the VERY low road in his ongoing battle with his LAHHATL co-star, and mother of his  daughter,  Mimi Faust.

Following the death of her father, Stevie J sent MiMi a very disparaging series of text messages threatening that, “her father won’t be the only one who ends up dead”.

Here the text message Mimi received from Stevie:


Here’s what Mimi had to say:



    • MiMI is an idiot and a desperate woman. Stevie is stupid an appears to have been a rider on the short bus! In other words they are all jacked up. Nikko looks zesty as hell. Mimi you make sistas look really bad.

    • Stevie is a punk azz sissy with no damn $ damn d list rapper/producer mad mimi & nicko made a few penny with their video lmao punk azz stevie get a live with he man

  1. He needs to shut up he is just mad because she is the new it girl in Atlanta and her sex tape was hot he was not in it and no one is talking. Are checking for that man he calls his wife.

    • You’re acting like Mimi has done something to be proud of, it girl in Atlanta?????

    • Lanette get some high morals and study women with self respect .Set your standards higher than a woman making a sex tape for the WORLD to see .The new IT girl these days are women with character and self respect ,,,please know the difference.

    • I feel bad for AVA! Two dysfunctional parents! She doesn’t stand a chance. Her mother is doing porno to send her to college. And her daddy married to a pole swinging stripper/prostitute

  2. Did a bish who just busted it wide open for the world just were the devil is a liar? Stop it hoe.

  3. Perhaps but the devil just told her opening the crack of her ass and inserting a dick on film was a good idea. Any quote but that one.

  4. I’m getting real sick of her looking for sympathy.

    Its not a good look on an older woman..

  5. Yes he is a liar and he lied to you Mimi, when he convinced you that selling snatch over at vivid was the ideal career move . Even so that was a low blow, Stebbie. Shut up and go back to sniffing lines of coke off your husband’s ass.

  6. That was so fake how mimi acted like she didn’t have no idea the tape was out whatever then she ends up signing with a Porno industry wow that was fake as hell lol so your a Porno star now dose that mean she’ll have to do more pornos? I can’t believe she went through with that and with a D.L. cat at that that’s what’s goen be funny when his he she who he has? Michelle was talk’en about comes out of the closest and tell his side lol Nikko pimped mimi out and got a nice piece of charge for it too what concerns me is the child what and how will she be able to explain this? How will it end up because she’s gonna grow up and mimi won’t be able to tell her anything that prono is what she’ll use against her she’ll throw it right in her face 8 hope mimi will understand why her daughter’s work’en the pole how can she tell her anything stevie neither he’s so called married to a X prostitute hell he got her off the pole wow this is truly sad both parents went different directions and lay’en up with ratchet significant others so to speak I guess people don’t think first just do money means more sad

  7. That was cruel to throw her father’s death in her face. Mimi is too damn old for her lifestyle. This is some young girl sh#t. At 45 you should know the score by now.

  8. Most of you Bums commenting negatively aint got Shit so shut up! Mimi is a capricorn an is All bout that bread! She gives no f*ck bout wat a tired hoe gots to say! She isnt suffering by no means an she looks good. Whether leaked or not? It doesnt matter its done! Stevie j is mad cuz he thought he cud make or break mimi an she showed his deadbeat ass otherwise. He lued an cheated on her an publicly embarassed her for a Stripper hoe that looks like a man. Mimi is a very beautiful woman minus the boobs an her body is sick! I dudnt see no stretch marks on her in that tape. Stevie j said that evil ass shit to hurt her cuz obviously he feel some type of way bout her new found fame. Pornstar or not mimi is gettin paid an f*cked good All at da same damn time lol She wins an i think nikko got a nice attitude also! Mimi seems agressive an he seems to mellow her out well. Wharever the score is ? Just cuz she 45 dont mean jack shit. She looks good an got a better body compared to a lot of younger women. Im 34 an it kills me how a mothaf*cka wanna call a middle aged woman who knows wat shecrequires an how she MUST b f*cked! Old…. lol You mothaf*ckas can kiss our asses an u aint worthy or deserving of that! Funky ass bitch! Do yo thang mimi an nikko… Bust them nutz on them hoes an trust pre sales were a half a mili so Somebody wanted to see the Toss up! Fuck Stevie j an f*ck u too! All my ladies over 30 on up we showing them young cheap tramps how to do it! Sagi an caps running it! Lol

    • Lmao! The score is if you prostitute your self you will be judged and don’t act all shocked and stupid when you are.

    • Awwww Queen Fool has no life she needs validation and responses to make the time pass.She/he has no meaning in it’s life except hiding behind the keyboard lol……We know your secret and you really don’t believe the things you type now you feel better go ahead curse me out we are on different levels my love Bwaaaaah

      • Bitch dont kill my mothaf*ckin vibe….An yo no life ass took time to address me u stoopid dumb piece of shit! Jokes on u hoe!

  9. stevie j isn’t married to mimi.

    she can do whatever she want its her life shes raising her kid oh well.

    everybody who watched the sex tape contributed to porn whether they realized it or not.

    stevie’s pissed oh well hes not married if he has a problem he can fight nikko about it.

    • He prolly had a heart attack when the nigs on his bowling team was debating and critiquing her head game at the alley last week. Stank ho

  10. This dude is a clown,f*ck em,yep karma is a bitch,this f*cking piece of shit will be buried sooner by the PTB! Wash puffys fecal matter off your lips stevie,wipe Clive’s grey hairs off your bunghole boy!

  11. I’m tired of these people putting their trashy lives on display. I’m sorry for your loss Mimi but I cant help but think what a 40 something old woman would do a sex tape and have a 4yr old daughter.

  12. You know what makes me so mad at Mimi is the fact that she should be worrying not only her daughter’s future but hers too! Social Security is approaching fast and time awaits for nobody!

  13. Regardless of what she has done, this was completely uncalled for. How can anybody mock someone in mourning at the loss of a parent at that? This dude is mentally gone. Let the woman mourn in peace, everybody deserves peace to mourn at the death of a parent..jeez

  14. In less ratchet news Philly Eagles Malcolm Jenkins Mothers day tweet prank was cute. His wife/baby mama is gorgeous, educated, and fully clothed 🙂

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