Apollo Eats His Words After Calling T.I. a Snitch


Apollo Nida was forced to eat his own words. Know why? The now thrice convicted fraudster apologized to Clifford “T.I.” Harris for insinuating the rapper snitched during his legal problems back in 2007.

An insider is saying T.I. recently ran into Apollo at the Blue Flame strip club in Atlanta and reportedly the rapper checked him by saying “Who’s the snitch now?”


Here’s the drop:

” Apollo was shook when T.I. and his crew checked him at the clubs parking lot.

T.I. told dude he needed to make a public apology and Apollo did exactly that.”


  1. Apollo know he is too pretty to be talking slick like that. Didn’t know Clifford was a “GOON”….lol

  2. Both those dudes need to stfu before Pimp C come back from the grave and expose both those tattle telling flame ons…

  3. Exactly @Truthfreedme they are all Gay or Bi. All of them have to go Gay for Pay. Apollo probably Gay also he’s in Atlanta which is def the black Gay city

  4. Don’t trust no man named Apollo, after a Greek god.

    And we know how those Greeks got down back in ancient times.

  5. I get your point but its not like he named himself. He is too pretty to be trusted tho.

  6. He looks so good I fell sorry for him because when he get to jail the are going to get his ass and I mean it just like it sounds. I hope when he when he get out he don’t change his name to Ashley. Lol

  7. He bitched up real quick. I hope T.I. told him “Look At Me!”

    Assume the position (grab the ankles)

  8. This man is the face of identity theft and I wish him all the misery in the world for all those who have suffered from having their identity compromised. Being a victim of id theft is no joke, it can feel like attempted murder.

  9. Apollo is a fool and anybody that does any
    Business with him deserves to go to jail.
    Apollo is hot as fish grease

  10. Damn that’s a good looking man! I bet he regrets his life of crime. Well he did a five year bid before so this wont be new to him unfortunately.

  11. I’m tired of these fools with this no homo BS. A man can say he respects, loves or admires another man without it being gay. It’s a shame that garbage has taken root society. What ever happened to having a hero or looking up to someone. Not some ignorant rapper or celebrity just because they have money and “fame”

  12. I wish this dude Apollo and his fake wife Phaedra would go away. No pun intended. Everytime this fool opens his mouth digs a bigger grave for himself. Just like a snitch cant keep his mouth shut.

  13. Rumors been flying for years that they lit that ass up the first time he was locked up. This pic looks like an advertisement to the boys on the cell block to me.

    • Thanks. Now I cannot get that Nasty Nate prison calendar from Dave Chappelles Half Baked out of my head.

  14. He could whip on 6′ 5 Queens but moonwalk on lil Tip, not only could tell he is a bytch boy, he talk and sound like one .. Play on player !

  15. Never thought Apollo was good looking so don’t get the hype. He is average looking because he has a weird looking mouth. When he starts talking he reveals his lack of intelligence and manners making him even less attractive. However he is just cunning enough for his criminal behavior but not shrewd enough to stay out of prison where he deserves to be for a couple of decades for his crimes that hurt so many innocent people.

    • LOL@ Apollonia! Yes that will be his new prison name when the boys get done with that “pretty” yella behind, and I bet he won’t want any selfies of that posted. Seriously, Apollo just needs to stay off social media because everytime he opens his narcissistic mouth he digs a bigger hole for himself. By the way, that “no homo” term is ridiculous, insensitive and also played out…I thought only teenagers from the 1990s and early 2000s said that crap. I can’t wait to see how this all plays out on RHOA next season!

  16. apollo is a nobody, i wouldn’t have wasted my time on someone that is already doomed. tip has all that money and still acting like he’s still in the streets smdh.

  17. Idk wat kind of voodoo kenya his put on him but I’m sure she is sitting back having a good laugh at him and Phaedra rigt now.

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