Katt Williams Gets Arrested While Trying to Get His Life Together

katt williams arrested

Katt Williams just can’t get right. Even though the comedian had good intentions, he ended up getting arrested and locked up once again.

The incident went down on Thursday when the comedian showed up to court in East Point, GA to handle a bench warrant that was issued against him from July.

According to TMZ, when he arrived, the court discovered there was a second bench warrant out for his arrest in Fulton County, so they cuffed him and arrested him right there on the spot.

Katt now faces 2nd degree criminal property damage which is a felony.

He has yet to post bond.


  1. The powers that be aren't going to stop until Katt is dead, and they can blame him for his death!..He's said too much in the beginning of his career!…They don't treat the Caucasian squealers that way, or the Mulattoes with the Caucasian mommas!

    • Katt ain't gonna stop still Katt is Dead. This Nigga is waaaay cracked out!! He needs to get off the meth, lean, crack, booze, etc.

      • @Blackopz!….I hear you!…Katt plays a big role in this bullshit, because he feeds into shit, and gives the haters exactly what they want!….However, if he was left alone to his own vices, he'd be alright…What people fail to see is, Katt is being agitated, and targeted purposely!…The devil uses your weakness against you!…His weakness is uncontrollable anger, and drugs! ✌✌

        • Wrong! N8ggah in high places with to much money are out to get katt for being decent enough to tell the truth about how black america has been screwed the last 8 years. He's a hero!

    • ghetto N8ggahs in high place with a little power R A threat to every black american. they R worse than the KKK. way worse. The KKK just wants to break you. Dirty n8ggahs in high places want to kill and genocide you, because they have a few ill gotten bucks.

      A lot of these police didMeWrong lawsuits R just a way 4 greedy old b8stards to get money. The dirty old n8ggahs of today, throw their children, to wolves 2 be killed just 2 get lawsuit bucks. BLACK CHILDREN ARE GOING TO HAVE TO PROTECT THEMSELVES.

  2. I didn't know Katt was a rapper..go figure. He looks alot better in the above picture. Maybe he really is trying to turn his life around.

  3. Poor thing, he just can't catch a damn break, hope he gets his shit together & get the fcuk outta this country before its too late!

  4. they caught the killers of dwayne wade cousin to send a msg to black killers that,

    "We dont care how many black kids and poor/middle class blacks you kill, but if you murder one of our n8ggahs with money we'll find and arrest you."

    the worse thing to happen to the black masses, is the govt giving our reparations money to a few fools, who use it for nothing but evil against the masses

  5. i don;t care if you believe it or not katt is not putting himself jail like this i mean come on hr goes to jail and get right back out no trail or anything. they are going to katt williams eventuality katt williams is so under mind control right now getting into fights and other shiti. they don;t need katt williams no more. no more thing as many tomes as katt been to jail how come he hasn't one prison sentence think about that

  6. It's obvious that he is being targeted for telling secrets he didn't know what he was signing up for, and now they are exploiting him making him look crazy, coked out, aggressive and abusive so when the headlines reads KATT WILLIAMS dead at 38 people won"the be surprised. I am going to keep him in prayer.

  7. Ever since Kat dissed Steve Harvey he caught hell we know Steve got more money and influence than he did

    Then jat dissed Kevin Hart another big player now

  8. The powers that be won't leave brother katt Williams alone until they kill him off i see f*ck fame and that Hollywood money rituals etc f*ck that shit i will never sell my soul for fame n money that will come bck to the gatekeepers real tlk peace n love

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