Lauren London & Nipsey Hussle Welcome Their New Baby

lauren london gives birth nipsey hussle

Lauren London tried to keep her pregnancy a secret, but she didn’t do a good job at it. Her ATL co-star TI let the tea spill when he said the film’s sequel was put on hold for Lauren to have her baby.

But now, Lauren has not only confirmed she was pregnant, she just revealed she gave birth to a baby boy last week… and of course Nipsey Hussle is the baby daddy (we think?)

This is Lauren’s second child. She also has a son with Lil Wayne.



  1. Aaaaaw! Nipsey seems like a sweet guy, but no more rapper baby daddy's okay Lauren! Sheesh!

    • She doesn't owe him shit. It wasn't T.I.'s place to comment on Lauren's pregnancy. He has too many gotdamned kids to worry about a woman's uterus that isn't Tiny's. I don't recall that herpes infested, backwoods, snitch ass nigga disclosing the fact that his own wife was pregnant with his 7th child, but he leaked Lauren's news. Fuck him.

  2. she just revealed she gave birth to a baby girl last week… I think you meant boy

  3. I know you aren't funking up like MediaFakeOut, she said she dropped another boy, you say girl….. #Letsgetit2gether!

  4. This girl single-handedly, ruined her own brand. She's supposed to be so bad, but none of these men want to marry her. Stop letting these bozos shoot your box up! One time is a mistake, what do you call the second time?? Get these ninjas to marry you!

  5. It's not like she wanted thugs ..she just has no better option.. She attracted what she is.

  6. I seen that interview where she said she wanted thugs..thing is she had a kid for lilwayne b4 she said she wanted thugs she has to say that to make herself feel good for being dumped by a rapper..she was used goods b4 dating nipsey.who else would date her except another so-called thug.

    Unlike the way ciara had highstatus already even though she had a kid with a supposed thug ..she had enough star status to date beyond a thug this chick london don't have that status so she got no other choice
    lol I think me and u on the same page with this.

  7. You can't help who you like but I wldve thought that she wldve been smart enough to at least get married the second time around. Two rapper baby daddies. Maybe Nipsey will do the right thing and wife her .

  8. I was done with her ass when she got knocked up by the Weezer. Hell naw. I'm good!

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