Shots Fired at Game’s Crew After Meek Mill Diss

shots fired the game meek mill

Well, this beef just got really real really fast.

Just last night, The Game showed up to his Miami performance and dissed Meek Mill. Everyone in the crowd was confused since this beef just popped up out of nowhere.

Following Game’s rant, he and his crew were at the Fountainbleau Hotel when a car drove past the valet and fired shots at a Mercedes. Game wasn’t in the car, but the vehicle belongs to someone in his camp.

No other vehicles were hit, and thankfully, no one was injured.

There’s no evidence the shooting was connected to Game’s Meek Mill diss, but the timing is quite suspect, don’t you think?


  1. This is basic, blah blah blah, duh duh duh, retarded rapper crap!…oh how riveting! ???

  2. Hmmm ⚠ warning shots fired……Game betta watch his mouth, Meek's faithful followers aren't going stand for it!

  3. Dam, Meek is already trying to get his come up after his cousins death, smh
    These ninjas aint shyt in the industry
    All smoke and mirrors

  4. game aint got nothing better to do than beef guess he decided dissing g un it was played oout since 50 aint even focusded on music like he used to swear what game and meek gonna do make a 1000 diss songs to each other.

  5. Every time these so called raper put out a dis track it always seems like a love letter going out for us to know how truly in love they are in with each other dead giveaway when him and 50 cent was going through it .

  6. Whenever there is a rap beef, the only winners are white people like Clive Davis and Jimmy Iovine!

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