Desiigner Released from Jail, Escapes Gun Charge

desiigner released jail

Rapper Desiigner was released from jail after a road rage incident in NYC.

The driver of the other vehicle claimed the rapper pointed a gun at him during the incident. When cops caught up to the rapper’s SUV, they arrested him and members of his crew after finding a large quantity of pills in the SUV’s center console…57 green pills, 78 white pills and 139 round white pills to be exact. There were also a few duffle bags containing controlled substances.

The “Panda” rapper was arraigned on Saturday morning, and released after spending 36 hours behind bars. The gun charge has been dropped because cops never found a weapon in the vehicle, despite the other driver’s claims that Desiigner waved a pistol at him.

As for the drugs, Desiigner’s legal team says they’re all anabolic steroids (Oxycontin, methadone and steroids) prescribed to the driver of the SUV.

Even though he has escaped the gun charge, Desiigner is still being charged with possession of a controlled substance and criminal menacing.


  1. To be continued!…No one really cares!…But this seems like a set up, to tarnish him, and it's also something to be used against him in he future!…

  2. This fool ain't nobody to set up he only got one hit out he's broke his label seems to have bailed him out but other than that he's the idiot that pointed the gun and was caught riding with a bunch if wannabes with drugs

  3. I'm not gonna blame illuminati Everytime somebody f*ck up and go to jail some of these fools do the crime and get locked up themselves nobody told r kelly pedophile ass to tape his sexcapades nobody told Mystikal to take that girl

  4. Maybe he's 15mins fame is up and he gotta do the usually attention seeking ish to be relevant. Dude jacked future's style. Doubt that'll take him far.

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